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  1. My 1080 gets me playable (>30fps) results in newer AAA games at 4K high settings. Unless you're wanting high refresh (120+) at max settings, I imagine the 1080 has at least another 2-3 years left in it.
  2. Just watched the "RTX 3090 8K Gaming - FIRST in the WORLD" video and the 3090 seems very promising. Does anyone have any info on 8K with the 3090 in Flight Sim 2020? I have a 3x 4K monitor setup and really want to run at full res in FS2020. Currently I can get ~20-30 fps at 3x 1080 at Med/High and 2-3fps at 3x 4K with my now vintage GTX 1080. I haven't been able to fly much in the last year and rely on Flight Sims to keep somewhat current. I'm also looking forward to VR in FS2020. Planning on standing in line for one. But it would be nice to know ahead of time if it will satisfy my needs. I've seen some decent 8K results with a Titan RTX, so I'm hoping that the 24GB vram will make the 3090 a viable option for me. Any Thoughts?