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  1. Computer not displaying video

    Try removing the RAM you just installed and reboot. Does the computer function normally then? If yes, then your new RAM module is bad and you need to seek a refund/RMA. If the computer still does not switch on properly with the new RAM removed, then it's possible that you've bumped a cable loose while installing it. Make sure all cables are firmly inserted and that the power switch on the back of the PSU is switched on.
  2. Pls help me choose a case by voting!

    You may be able to edit your post to include the poll. Without knowing what hardware you are intending on using, such as GPU sizes, motherboard size, cooler types, how many SSD or HDD caddies you need, etc, it's hard to recommend which case as one may be compatible with your hardware while the other may not. Please list what hardware you are going to be putting in the case.
  3. Internet speed cap

    Not sure how it works where you are, but it's possible that the ISP only services/owns the lines up until the apartment building, and then the lines beyond that are owned/managed by the apartment. It's unlikely that the ISP owns/services a direct line to each individual apartment. Fibre will be delivered to the apartment complex, and then it's up to the apartment complex to distribute that to each individual apartment. Depending on what hardware the apartment is using and how many premises/services that need to be connected, that could be the reason for the limitation. You may need to speak to the people in charge of managing your apartment building to find out more information. If this is the case then there's not much you can do about it. Best thing to do would be contacting your provider and inquiring if they have a 100mbps plan that is cheaper than the 1gbps plan you're on now since you won't receive those speeds anyway.
  4. 4k youtube bottleneck

    Going off the reference specs for your two cards it looks as the HD5450 doesn't have the output bandwidth required to support 4k resolutions, while the Nvidia GTX 650 will support output only for 4k@30. Your specific card may vary from the reference specs, so without knowing looking up the exact models you have of each I can't say for sure what display outputs they have, but I doubt they would vary that much from the reference. Probably wouldn't be any better. The i3 550 is still 8 years old and is only a dual core CPU. To get smooth 4k playback you could be looking at a CPU upgrade, new motherboard to support the new CPU, new DDR4 RAM as you won't be able to re-use the DDR3, GPU upgrade that supports HDMI2.0/DP1.2, and by the sounds of it a PSU upgrade to power the new system. Wouldn't be worth it when you're going to be watching it on a 1080p screen in the end anyway. You'd probably be better off spending your money on a 4k smart TV and watching directly on the youtube app for the TV. Edit: If the display connected is only 1080p, then the GPU will only be outputting at 1920x1080 resolution so the display output won't be an issue.
  5. 4k youtube bottleneck

    I don't think the HD5450 supports 4k playback. 4k@60 requires HDMI 2.0 or higher, or DisplayPort 1.2 or higher. The GTX650 might support 4k@30 though. Check what HDMI and DisplayPort revisions are on your models of cards. CPU is almost 9 years old (2009 release) so it's probably struggling pretty hard to keep up.
  6. New Yahoo ToS

    If anyone is concerned about other people reading their emails, they shouldn't use Yahoo Mail. If you've had the account for 14 years it has definitely been compromised at least once. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/find-out-if-your-yahoo-account-was-hacked/
  7. New Yahoo ToS

    Someone is still using Yahoo Mail?
  8. gaming/streaming pc

    Make sure you add an SSD for your OS to your build. It will make a huge difference.
  9. Left ear hates IEM's

    You can get replacement rubber caps for in ear headphones that often come in sets of different sizes and shapes. If the Jaybirds have replaceable caps, you can switch the left one out for one that is a better fit for your ear.
  10. The fans suck air towards the PCB; they don't push it away. This means they're sucking air from the bottom of the case and it will be pushed out to the sides or pushed out the rear of the GPU shroud (blower style). You can get cases that allows for an inverted motherboard tray where the GPU would be facing the top of the case and the CPU would be towards the bottom. Whether or not they provide better or worse cooling performance I'm not sure and I'm sure it will vary greatly depending on each individual case.
  11. Doesn't Apple themselves offer up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for someone who finds a security flaw in their devices under a bug bounty scheme? Shouldn't this code that can brute force their phones be valuable to Apple under this scheme? Surely worth more to Apple than 2BTC.
  12. Seagate Ironwolfs making noise

    I've found the problem! The issue is caused by AIDA64 running in the background and when it attempts to retrieve sensor information from the hard drive in order to report it. My guess is the drives are in a lower power state but AIDA64 is trying to wake the drive every 20 seconds when it attempts to gather the sensor information for the temperature readings. This is definitely the cause of the issue,as when I closed AIDA64 the noise stopped, and when I changed the value from 20 to 10 seconds, the noise occurred every 10 seconds. To change or disable this feature in AIDA64, select File > Preferences > "Hardware Monitoring" and either uncheck the disk temperature box or change the value of the update frequency. Thanks to those who helped and provided suggestions for things to test. @R3ep3r
  13. Seagate Ironwolfs making noise

    This is definitely a possibility. Just installed an old (15+ years old) hitachi 80GB HDD and it lets me adjust the APM settings in both CrystalDiskInfo and HDSentinel, though for some reason the WD Green 2TB I tried didn't let me adjust it. I'll try a couple of different versions of Seagate 3TBs I have lying around and see if they can adjust it or not. Update: My ST3000DM001's and ST3000DM0008's (Seagate 3TBs) all allow Advanced Power Management, but they don't allow Advanced Acoustic Management. Seems like it's something with the Ironwolf drives that prevents you from adjusting AAM/APM settings; either not supported or blocked. Still no idea whether or not this is actually related to the cause of my issue. This isn't even my NAS. I'd hate to think how much I've spent on hard drives.
  14. Seagate Ironwolfs making noise

    I just tried replacing the SATA data cables with brand new, never used still packaged cables. Still the same problem. Also tried replacing the SATA power cable from the PSU (modular) and still the same problem on a new power cable. Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the trial version but it seems the icon you're referring to "Manage Disk Features" is greyed out (similar to in HDTunePro and CrystalDiskInfo where the settings are greyed out), which leads me to believe that adjusting these settings could be blocked by the drives firmware?
  15. Seagate Ironwolfs making noise

    Recording (8).m4a Made an audio recording of the noise in the hopes that it might help someone identify what the issue is. The sound is of all 3 drives making the same noise simultaneously. I did my best to unplug as many case fans as I could but I needed quite a bit of mic boost to pick it up so there's a bit of background static. You can hear it at around the 4 second mark and every 20 seconds there after. Also, the HDD activity light on the case turns on every time it happens if that helps at all.