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  1. Budget "gaming" PC

    Instead of buying the Ryzen 3 1200, grab the 2200G instead. Costs the same and comes with built in graphics. Get faster memory as well. Try and get a 3000mhz kit. It will only cost a few dollars more than the 2133MHz kit, but your CPU will benefit from it. Edit: Do you already have a case and storage device? You should grab a 250GB/500GB SSD to put in it as well for the OS.
  2. Power supply is fine. Might want to look at getting another memory stick though.
  3. Suspicious housemate

    Wow you took that to a much darker place. I just figured his housemate was just waiting for OP to go to his bedroom so that the housemate could have some privacy to masturbate. That would explain the banging noises. He's masturbating.
  4. Suspicious housemate

    Perhaps you should ask him if he is okay. Talk to him and say that you noticed he seemed to be upset and ask if there's anything you can do to help.
  5. Suspicious housemate

    OP is in his bedroom. He can hear his housemate walking around the house. 20 minutes later he hears his housemate plugging something in to a wall socket. Thinks that the housemate is remotely hacking in to his PC through the ethernet in the walls or perhaps wifi. The housemate is probably just plugging in his phone charger or something similar.
  6. Would you buy TVs made by Apple?

    Nope - but mainly just because I don't have an apple ecosystem. If I was using an apple laptop, apple phone, etc then I would consider it to keep things on compatible platforms. Right now I'm happy with my Samsung TV hooked up to a plex nas.
  7. are these ok to buy

    I would look for an open style cooler instead of a blower cooler. Are you planning on putting a GTX 1070 in the Dell Inspiron 620 you are googling? The existing power supply in that system might not be suitable.
  8. Just an alternate theory and something to rule out before going out and buying a new PSU, but what are your CPU temps when you are playing games? If it is powering off when you are playing games or putting a load on a system, it may be the CPU shutting down if it is getting too hot. Games and benchmarks do put a significant load on the GPU, but they also put a heavy load on the CPU as well. Typically you will notice performance degrade before this happens as it thermal throttles, but if it is heating up very quickly (ie no thermal paste between CPU and heatsink/incorrectly installed cooler) then it may shut down before you notice it throttling. You can install a program like HWInfo64 to monitor your temperatures. https://www.hwinfo.com/download.php
  9. Anyone know where I could find this?

    As far as I know, GTA V doesn't have native support for racing wheels. You will probably need to use a gamepad emulator and map the racing wheel controls to that. Another option is if you have an xbox controller you use that and map the accelerator and brake to the thumbsticks so you can control it that way.
  10. HDD vs SSD temps + power consumption?

    While it is a good point that SSDs can work faster and therefore able to spend less time in an active state, it's not necessarily the reason why they use less power. The main reason mechanical HDDs consume more power while in idle states is that the HDD still needs to spin the discs/platters even when it is not actively reading or writing data. It's the motor that is driving the spinning platters that is using the power. It maintains its rotation speed so that when a request to read/write data is made, it can do so relatively quickly. Drives can spin down if they are not in use through power management, which will further lower the amount of power the drive is consuming. Depending on the model of drive, it could be around 0.2W that it uses in this state (still more than most SSDs, but a lot less than normal spinning idling). However, it will take a few seconds for the drive to spin back up to speed to be able to read/write once a request is made. When you try to open the drive or access a file on it, the drive will hang for a second or two and you will be able to hear it start to spin up before it will open. This wouldn't be practical for an OS drive that is constantly accessing OS and program files, but can be useful for a drive that isn't being accessed often, such as a backup drive or movie drive.
  11. HDD vs SSD temps + power consumption?

    The power usage for the devices should be listed in the specifications sheet for the product provided by the manufacturer. Check the manufacturers website with the device model to check how much power each device uses. Power usage will vary slightly between models, particularly between NVME vs Sata SSDs vs HDDs, as well as 7200RPM vs 5400RPM drives. It can even vary between different capacity models of the same series. As an example, here's a spec sheet for some Seagate Barracuda HDDs that have peak power usage listed between 3W-8W depending on the model. Idle (spinning but not reading/writing data) is around 2-5W. Standby/sleep (not spinning) power usage is less than 1W. https://www.seagate.com/www-content/datasheets/pdfs/3-5-barracudaDS1900-10-1802GB-en_AU.pdf As an example of NVME drives, here's the Samsung 960 evo specs. Approximately 5W-6W while in use depending on the model, and 0.04W while idle. https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/960evo/ As an example of SATA drives (2.5") here is the Samsung 860 Evo specs. Between 2-4W while in use depending on the model, and 0.05W while idle. https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/860evo/
  12. I don't accept that as a valid distinction. Google only gained that market share within the last decade. What you're suggesting is that it would be okay for a company to bundle their software with their OS if they didn't have majority market share, but you're completely ignoring what would happen to that company if they do end up earning a higher market share. You can't say "It's okay for Apple to do it because they have only 30% market share", because if Apple continues doing it then who knows, maybe in 2 or 3 years time Apple/iOS becomes the dominant phone/OS. You can't then turn around and say "Oh, woops. We only allowed you to operate the way you did because we thought you weren't successful in the marketplace. Now that you are successful, everything you've done is illegal and here's a 5 billion euro fine." Considering that 10 years ago Googles/Androids marketshare in the phone industry was 0%, who knows what the market will be like in another 10 years time. You can't have an industry with one set of laws that one company must follow and a completely different set of laws that another company must follow. That is anti-competitive. If "Bundling a web browser with an OS" is anti-competitive, then it should apply to all companies in the market place. A lot of the concern was around the way Google provided Android OS to other 3rd party manufacturers to use in their phones - A practice that Apple does not allow with iOS. This does provide a distinction between the two companies. Google allowed the other companies to use the Android OS for free, and allowed manufacturers to modify the OS, however with restrictions. Google would only provide the device access to the Google Play store (app store), a service provided by Google, as long as the device/OS trying to access that service met Google's requirements, including that it had the chrome browser installed. In contrast, Apple has full control over its iOS and its phones, and there are no 3rd party manufacturers who could make an authorised iOS device that doesn't contain the Safari web browser, therefore a situation has never arisen where Apple has needed to deny access to certain services if a 3rd party manufacturer doesn't comply with Apple's terms. However, in the end Apple still forces all iOS phones to have Safari web browser installed and all iPhones come with it preinstalled, and it is unable to be removed/uninstalled (same as Chrome on Android). If requiring a device running your OS to have your web browser installed is anti-competitive, then both Apple and Google are doing it. The only difference between the two is Apple has complete control over iOS (and therefore doesn't need to set rules for other manufacturers to follow) while Google permits other phone manufacturers to use it (providing the companies abide by Googles terms). Maybe when you start up an Android or iOS device for the first time, one of the set up questions it asks should be "Choose your default web browser" with a picture of the respective Chrome/Safari icon, and then next to it an icon that opens the respective App stores to browse for a third party browser. If this is something that the EU wants to regulate through laws, then the law needs to apply to all [phone] OS developers. You can't apply such limitation on just one of the companies. If it applies to one, then it needs to apply to all.
  13. You won't be able to overclock it, but it will work. You will get 4.0GHz with turboboost of 4.2GHz on one of the cores.
  14. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    Australian Dollarydoos.
  15. Post LTX 2018 Intel Giveaway!

    Well, except those people with 8700ks who bought the fake 1050tis for $100 on ebay. @CPotter thanks for allowing the contest worldwide. Us Australian's appreciate a chance to win something every now and then