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    AZ, USA


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    Asus z170 pro gaming
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    16gb ddr4
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    gtx 960
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    corsair obsidian 700d airflow something or other
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    256gb samsung nvme
    500gb wd blue sata ssd
    2tb WD black hdd
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    corsair non-modular 750w
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    1080p tn panel
    1440x900 old panel for 2nd display
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    corsair aio watercooler
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    corsair strafe
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    corsair m65
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    Windows 10
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    Asus i7 w/ 960m and 16gb ram
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    lg g7 thinq
  1. I think this is the most important takeaway from this thread. Even if gen 4 is a significant difference, it probably still won't be necessary for gamers. And gen 4 is fairly price prohibitive so it will likely be a long time before widespread adoption. I mean I still know people gaming off of HDDs so.. And to further press the point, until it exists it's all just speculation. Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it!
  2. Preface: My Question: If building a PC from scratch with a large budget, is GPUDirect Storage something that should be considered when parting out the system? If so, will PCIe Gen 4 NVMe see worthwhile performance bumps (or even possibly being required) compared to Gen 3 NVMe or even SATA SSD? --- I understand that we may just not have enough information to say right now. I'm not sure if GPUDirect Storage is even available, and I'm fairly certain no games are utilizing it right now. But even if there isn't enough information, do you think it'd be worth getting PCIe Gen 4 now, in a not so literal sense, to future proof a pc when building from scratch. I guess my main concern is that someday PCIe gen 3 will not be fast enough for GPUDirect Storage. I know it will take some time for games to be developed with GPUDirect Storage in mind, but seeing as it's a selling point of PS5 and Xbox Series X, I feel like it will doubtlessly gain relevance in the foreseeable future. With that said, PCIe Gen 4 is much more price prohibitive than Gen 3, and it's hard to tell right now if it's justifiable for a build from the ground up.