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  1. Thanks! Didn't know that's how the notifications worked. Do the cables need to be purchased from Corsair? How do I shop for a compatible cable, like how would I know if it's a compatible one? I don't wanna accidentally blow up the power supply lol.
  2. It's the SF750 that I have currently. No switch that I can see
  3. By next year, I will be living in another country (South Korea), and I know that they don't have the same type of power connector that I currently do in the US. Do I need to buy a new power supply that has the proper cable? Or can I buy a new cable that has the proper prongs? Or can I get one of those small adapters that connects to the end of the cable? Also, while on this topic, what about my monitor power cable as well? I don't know the proper terminology for these things so it's hard to know what to even look up so I thought I'd ask here.
  4. All the testing was done post-new thermal paste application before this post. I applied new thermal paste and added a little more than just a dot just to make sure there's good coverage.
  5. I am trying to overclock my 9700K but from the research I've done, mine seems to be running hotter than everyone else. I'm seeing people get 5.0-5.1 pretty normally with 1.28-1.32V Vcore with temps around 80-85C at load, while I'm at 4.9 GHz, 1.25V and hitting thermal limit. Some of the things I've tried: Reseating CPU cooler Different thermal paste/new paste application (switched from NT-H1 to GC Extreme on 5/28/2020) Adjusting tightness of cooler All the fans (case/cpu) are spinning from what I can see, both in the case and in HWInfo. Just not sure what's going on here and looking for outside input. Here are some resources I looked at when trying to overclock this CPU: My 9700k ain’t boosting to 4.9ghz (specifically the comment by Pyromonkey83) Z390 & 9th Gen CPUs Step by step, in depth overclocking guide for 9900K, 9700K, 9600K ASUS Z390 Quick Overclocking Guide | i7 - i9 | 8700K - 8086K - 9700K - 9900K i9-9900K at the Limit | OC the easy way | ROG MAXIMUS XI Overclocking Guide According to siliconlottery.com, pretty much every 9700K should be able to do 4.9GHz. Even though their table says 1.337V, I'm afraid to go that high because I'm already hitting thermal limit at 1.25V. ------------------------------------ System Specs BIOS Settings Changed From Default (after "Loading Optimized Defaults") ------------------------------------ Testing... (everything at 4.9GHz @ 1.25V) Idle temps (with normal OC) Cinebench R20 Prime95 (no AVX) Prime 95 (with AVX) ------------------------------------ Testing... (Load Optimized Defaults, no BIOS settings changed) Idle temps (no OC) Cinebench Prime95 (no AVX)