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  1. I like the Matias Clicks. They're nice and crisp. Motherboards with them seem to be either expensive, or tend to be 60% or less.
  2. So, I absolutely love the Box Navy's click, by I can't find an RGB motherboard with those switches preassembled. And I don't exactly have enough/any experience to build my own.
  3. It's not so much the feel I'm worried about. I've tried quite a few clicky switches, and I haven't really found any I don't like the feel of. I like the satisfying click, but I don't like the thunk of key caps hitting a backplate. Ideally I'd have the incredible click of the Ornata Chroma, with RGB backlighting, but a nice, tactile clicky mechanical switch instead of membrane. Hence why I posted about the sound I'm looking for, not the feel.
  4. So for a while, I've been playing and typing with a Rosewill Apollo with a red backlight and clicky tactile switches. So I ran across an ASMR video where the ASMRtist was typing on a few different keyboards, and the Razer Ornata Chroma was one of them. I fell in love with the sound, but I'm wondering if there is a mechanical equivalent in sound. RGB is a bonus, because I'm trying an Orange AORUS theme in my rig. I'll take any suggestions. And if anyone owns the keyboard they recommend, I'd love to get an audio clip of some typing on the switches. Thanks in advance!
  5. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    Funny, that's actually why I replaced my previous unit with this one I bought new a year ago. At that point in time, I had an R9 Fury. I have since had no such problems with it, but who knows. This is true. At least the molex power cables aren't permanently attached like the last one I had.
  6. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    How do you figure? Is 1000w not enough? Or are we worried about efficiency?
  7. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    So I wonder, would I then be able to get as much use out of a Vega FE? Also 16GB, as powerful as a Vega 64, roughly the same price.
  8. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    And you'd be correct. 12 is still more than 8, though. XD Your thought process is quite logical. Exactly as mine started out. I'm probably gonna backtrack on my choice later and just pick up the 1080 ti when the price drops a little more. I remember when it was regarded as the only option for 4k60 gameplay. Also, Titan V is absolutely out of the question. For 2k, I may as well buy a Miata.
  9. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    While the Xp and 2080 are comparable in performance, the 50% extra VRAM will be quite helpful in higher resolution applications. I do occasionally find myself wanting to run maxed out 4k just because I can. I have thought about Vega refresh, by the time I both have the money for it, as well as an in stock source for the VII, Navi will probably be available. I may see what comes of that. And just for the record, who doesn't want to tell their friend they own a Titan? XD It's a CMX1000. 80+ Bronze. Semi-modular. Nothing special, but quite capable.
  10. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    Specifically, wattage is no issue because I'm running a Cougar 1000w PSU. I agree with you on the Titan being generally overpriced, but eBay has some very nice deals on used Xp's. (Figure selling between 750-900 bucks.) I have considered Vega. Here is my thought process up to this point: 1. This 2700x is great! My 1060 is struggling here, though... Maybe it's time to upgrade graphics too. 2. How cool would an all AMD build be! I'm gonna save up for a Vega 64. 3. But 1080 tends to be a little quicker for similar money. 4. And then, used 1080 ti's aren't really that much more expensive... 5. Rabbit hole 6. Wrong turn at Albuquerque 7. Lost the map; also my mind 8. I now am legitimately considering purchasing a used Titan Xp for 800 plus...
  11. ShredAgain

    R7 2700x and a 1080ti. Any thoughts on this?

    That's the general idea. Seems you can get a whole lotta card now for between $5-700 used on eBay. I'm thinking the extra VRAM on the Titan Xp might be useful at 4k and 1440p high refresh.
  12. https://thebottlenecker.com/calculator?d=41-6-1-64-64-5bce1f13&m=eb1eI've never really built a system this high end before, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. Wattage is no issue, I'm just not sure what graphics card to pick. Am I going too powerful with a 1080 ti? Am I selling my processor short by not getting a Titan Xp? I'm on a GTX 1060 right now, and my 2700x is doing little more than lounging around lazily while waiting for my GPU to catch up. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  13. No stupid questions here. It's plugged into DP on the GPU. Also I feel it important to mention that it isn't booting into Windows. Just power cycling over and over.
  14. Okay, so I just finished my system upgrade to Ryzen+ and I've been playing around with my system for a couple hours. I decided to run a couple benchmarks and do some "gentle" overclocking on my 1060 6gb. I had it running well with 120% extra power limit at +150 core, +300 memory. And then I got cocky. I set it to +200 core, +350 memory, and started up Unigine Valley, only for it to instantaneously crash. So now my system won't post, and I have no video, as well as a VGA error light on. I have already attempted the following in troubleshooting: Hard reset by holding power button, turning off power supply, unplugging cable from PSU, and holding power button again to drain the pent up electricity. Clear CMOS by shorting CMOS header. Clear CMOS by removing CMOS battery. Forgot to check for a CMOS battery charge. Clear CMOS by doing both aforementioned methods at the same time. Removed and reseated GPU. Removed and reseated GPU in 8x slot instead of x16 slot. Placed GPU in another system where it booted without problem and immediately started displaying 4k. I seem to remember having a problem with this GPU in the past not liking ErP, which is turned on in the BIOS right now, but I can't get a post or picture in order to shut it off. Please help! I can't use my system I just spent 520 bucks upgrading. CPU: RYZEN 7 2700X MOBO: GIGABYTE AORUS X470 GAMING ULTRA REV1.0 RAM: V-COLOR SKYWALKER PRISM RGB DDR4-3000 2X8GB GPU: EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 6GB SSC PSU: COUGAR 1000W 80+BRONZE DISKS: 240GB SANDISK SSD, 2X HITACHI DESKSTAR 1TB, SEAGATE BARRACUDA 2TB