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Everything posted by LukaP

  1. Nope, youre probably way to retarded for me to even allow you to approach me. Thanks ^^ maybe one day
  2. No, i dont like insulting people. Keeping you as a name only is better.
  3. @Nit3Rid3R @virtualTune @tmcclelland455 @Slick @nicklmg @TaranGetAnAccount
  4. Yes! if you have an hour or two to sink into something, and dont want to really think, jsut take it. if you have a wheel, that much better. its amazing for just turning yourself off
  5. What about not strictly PC related tech? like maybe a RaspPi kit, or a custom case mod for the winner or something like that?
  6. LukaP

    WYR Day 84

    hes just retarded in the head
  7. LukaP

    WYR Day 84

    umm. Im already skinny when standing but have a bierbauch when sitting and i dont mind
  8. Aww you didnt include me in the thanks (i dontmind) Reason: because i wont care about its VRAM and because i like you on here Also that is a really cool giveaway
  9. Oh p-leeeeaseeeee. Have you even seen the original original trilogy? its obvious that Han shot first. Plus its Han, OF COURSE he shot first! Also, Revan and Malak are amazing <3
  10. And you are the retard still arguing about it even though its noted IN THE FUCKING OP
  11. I always insult that moronic eel sucking retard its only fair he does the same to me
  12. @Misanthrope perhaps you should hand over your user title
  13. Well ive seen Stevie talk about it TODAY, and its from a TECH company... So it can be (through very liberal glasses) considered tech news. So shut up you retarded goat