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  1. do you have Vsync on, or are artificially limiting FPS over geforce experience?
  2. @AlexGoesHigh disagrees. unless he is secretly a woman You just gotta be in real deap shit, and terry aint... sorry terry
  3. How about someone who tries to spread knowledge to other forum users
  4. Well idk the SoC guys are doing pretty great keeping the performance high enough to be able to support this high level language. So why move from it. Yes its ugly, Yes its slow, but developers know it well by now, so its really useless to try and change it. Also, if youre writing an android game in Java youre doing it wrong. C++ is the way for that
  5. Given my lack of SSD on the workstation this would be really handy to reduce the waiting times on them programs :3
  6. i have too much of both, while at the same time not having enough of either.
  7. ARE YOU COMPLAINING? dont forget alex gaskhart and patrick stump :3
  8. poppunk isnt a phase its a way of life
  9. This is amazing. The reverse is also cool #poppunkmasterrace
  10. Everyone actually knows why the AMD chips "run cooler". They measure the temp at the junction (pins), not inside the cores, and then send that number into some equation. the actual temps of the silicon are very similar between intel and AMD, no matter the process.
  11. whoops, yeah its that. makes sense yeah...
  12. ive got her on W10TP and its fine. well its 540p... i do agree that a SD400 series should be practically a minimum these days, if the price for this is right, i wont complain
  13. im pretty sure my moms 530 has a SD200 and its not laggy at all
  14. its obviously not for enthusiasts... its a phone for people like my mother... playing "connect the bubbles" and shit like that, and calling
  15. just so we have somewhere private to talk ffs
  16. i like that little bit of stubble during the winter. in the summer i use the other part that shaves completly
  17. Idk ive started using a trimmer but to me, a razor is good for about a month. also shaved with no cream or aftershave. could probably live just fine with that 1blade
  18. what about me you uncultured cevapi not eating fuck!
  19. but are they massive firms with enormous marketing departments calling their service almost the same as a competing service?
  20. nope, thats completly separate from the fact there are superpositions due to the uncertainty
  21. https://www.gilletteshaveclub.com/ I mean seriously, high quality razors, for a few dollars a month delievered right to your door. where have i heard that before. also atleast fucking change the name of the service for fucks sake @LinusTech They arent exactly cheap though still comes in at 17$ per shipment/month
  22. LukaP

    1 = .999?

    i did that, i did the philosophical "divide the interval to 10 pieces infinite times" one, and i did one with the limit of 1/10n when n goes to infinity, which is the one that is actually legit undisputable, unless someone doesnt believe in supremums and series in general. also if one doesnt believe in algebra, how am i supposed to prove anything in maths to him? unless is show him proofs for everything in algebra, which he can again deny, like he denies the algebraic proof of .9999 = 1....