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  1. words i figured its something wrong with the link, since i copied from fb
  2. This cover never fails to give me the chills
  3. Damnit @colonel_mortis its all fucked @virtualTune <3
  4. OH YES! (btw there used to be auto embed, how do i embed now)
  5. Do you have patafix, or something along the lines of it. just a really strong glue. otherwise, nails are always an option
  6. disturbing lack of good music here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q7O2E7m-9I
  7. CPUBoss is a really superficial way to compare hardware... in many ways its better to ask around and get qualitative answers than relying on cpuboss
  8. indeed Exactly. Cant wait to see what they can do with denver+ in a more relaxed TDP environment.
  9. They didnt say no more Tegra. they said no more mobile SoCs. IIRC this was said in context with the Tegra/Pascal chips for automotive. NV will keep making Tegras, but will not restrict them to 5W, but rather make them better, and use them in stuff like Shields, car systems, etc.
  10. @jameshumphries47 your original code was good, you just forgot to enclose egg in quotes, as you want a string, not an object
  11. its not nice to just give out the whole solution, doesnt help him learn. but yes, that is how one would do that. a nice oneliner would be return word[:len(word)//2 - 1] + "egg" + word[len(word)//2:] if len(word) % 2 == 0 else word[:len(word)//2] + "ga" + word[len(word)//2:len(word)//2 + 1] + "ga" + word[len(word)//2 + 1:]
  12. Ive said all i had to say anyway, just replied to @Sintezza
  13. Pretty sure it would struggle with it on stock, if you put some lasting load on
  14. welp its above me then. usually when powerline doesnt work its because its on 2 different circuits.
  15. word[:int(len(word)/2)] would be the syntax
  16. ok now im cofused. try wrapping the slice indeces in the int() function or using the integer division //
  17. Try " + egg + word[(len(word)/2) + 1:]" i dont remember how python does maths priority, but it may be trying to resolve that into len/3 which would result in a double, not an int
  18. not necessarily, usually it does nevertheless. but its better to google something like [your cpu] + [mobo you want] and see if people had any problems
  19. oh no, definitely not. Imagine it like having a slighltly slower i5, like for example the 4570 or what the entry haswell i5 was. still perfectly capable of gaming fine. Also with the xeon, its good to check whether the mobo youre buying will support it. some need bios updates, and some dont support at all. (and do make sure its working before you buy it)
  20. yes but the difference between prices is 80$. if he has to buy a mobo in any case, the E5 will be a better bet. @OP if you will only game, get the i5. if you do any other compute intensive things, get the Xeon
  21. if len(word) % 2 == 0: return word[:len(word)/2] + egg + word[len(word)/2+1:] else: #figure this out yourself :P basically python strings are very nice to work with, and slicing them is super nice. read up on substrings Here is a nice summary of how slicing in python works, also has a link to the extensive documentation
  22. that would mean replacing mobo and ram as well. 500£ wont do @OP your best course of action is either getting a 4790k, or saving up a bit, and going for the 5820k, but im almost certain it wont provide a tangible benefit over a 4790k. Or you could first overclock your i5, if its at stock
  23. Would a 212 Evo even manage to cool the 140W the 5820k chucks out?