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  1. I want a new razer blade 14 cause I want to play on the toilet
  2. Username: BowTies28 Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY Share links! https://twitter.com/BowTiesAreCoolN/status/580509340928458752 https://www.facebook.com/TuntWantsToBeAnActor/posts/962701083741995
  3. I remember finding linus when I was going to build a computer and I was looking on what graphics cards I wanted. Then I kept watching all the unboxings. ALL THE UNBOXINGS.
  4. I like the phone's waterproofness and I liked Dbrands skins because i can make custom skins!
  5. From Jay's Channel From The TechQuickie Channel
  6. So this was the Photoshopped photo on the steam today
  7. So I found out that my delete button on the numpad is linked to the backlight settings on my keyboard
  8. My keyboard has been bugging out recently. Two keys share one key. When I press the I key on my keyboard it activates both the I and ALT at the same time, this also happens vice versa. For my R key it will activate R and 1, same case with the I and ALT key, the L key which uses the L and Menu key This also happens with ENTER and -/_ . I have tried this on other computers and the problem persists. I have reinstalled drivers multiple times. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit The keyboard I'm using is a Logitech G105
  9. I really loved this game. Honestly when I first saw it I didn't pay much attention to it cause I was like "eh". When I played the beta I was amazed and I was happy with the game. Even if I do play time to time I still feel like I got my 60 dollars worth. My pros are Maps FEEL huge due to how many little nooks and crannies there are especially with the verticality of the game. The guns feel balanced. I don't if it's just me or not but all the guns seem balanced. I don't see people running around with one weapon all the time. I myself switch weapons constantly just to keep me on my toes. The Titans don't feel over powered most of the time. Sure you're a giant with a giant gun walking around but then you can get easily killed by a pilot. I've died multiple times as a titan because of a pilot. You also have your own titan. That you can drop on other titans which feels very satisfying. The parkour feels BUTTERY SMOOTH. It's almost feels like Mirror's Edge parkour but smooth. Jumping on walls and then landing but jumping ahead to keep my momentum to get on another wall just feels like I'm gliding on butter. The game feels like multiple games at once. The Titans feel like a small map in Call of Duty. The pilots however are another story. It feels like a mix of Mirrors Edge, Call of Duty, and just a dash of TF2. My cons are Always online. Let's be honest no one really likes this. I at least wanted to play by myself with bots but apparently that's not coming. Mod support would be nice. It'd be awesome if I could make my Titan a huge Linus or maybe a Ronald Mc Donald. Just saying... Dedicated servers. Imagine player made servers that will increase the size to 80 people. Overall I enjoyed this game. It just feels so smooth and awesome to play it.
  10. The first thing I'll do if I win the keyboard is put Linus's face on it then fart on it.
  11. First time I played the game I was spawn camped to the balls, then again it was early beta
  12. I'm not sure if it's the time I play this game or if it's just me but, this game is really empty. Maybe if you guys want to play sometime?
  13. I only like the car driving mode. It is the funniest thing I have ever played.
  14. I'll check it out I guess EDIT: So I actually like this game. The driving is really smooth and it's gorgeous. Can't give much of an opinion right now but the single player is really nice. Wish there was a first person view, the worse view.
  15. I can never find a skin I'm satisfied with, I'm trying out metro again
  16. Funny thing is, I ordered a Watch_Dogs poster from gamestop from their power ups system and what nots, the day I got it, was the day Watch_Dogs got delayed. I think I may have done something...
  17. 12 because I wanted better booster pack chances for free money
  18. I actually have a Galaxy Mega on me. I am loving the HUGE size and I cannot use a iphone or anything drastically smaller anymore. It feels like i'm holding a funsize candy in my hand instead of a full one.
  19. They probably put more of the graphical power into the breaking buildings, water physics, and what nots.