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  1. I am aware of the issues with the nvidia gtx gpus and ryzen 3000 series. So I ignored it until I started checking the event viewer and saw this: When I went around to search for which device was having the issue : and things get worst, this goes for about 10 minutes, about 10 per second. : after playing around ,turning off wifi stops this bunch of whea logger and after leeaving it alone benchmarking on a loop with wifi off, I did not have an blue screens regarding uncorrectable whea error. the moment I turned the wifi on and started watching a video would leave me with a blue screen. I am using my ryzen 3600x on a b350 k4 fatal1ty from asrock with 3200mhz C16 ram, I was using before this a 1600x and never saw any of this errors on event viewer so it must be the new ryzen having issues with part of my hardware? I am basing this on matching some values from primary device name due to lack of time to sit around and debug every single thing but those were my findings. If anyone else with more knowledge about windows debugging maybe they can help me see what is causing this issue?
  2. Mytre

    Zen 2 and b350 boards

    I am on 1.35v, and was stable, 1.45 is not stable at all , several crashes . I moved from 2733mhz to 2800mhz with 1.45 and crashes everywhere, that is why I moved back to 1.35 and a bit slower speeds. I never think about getting AIOS. Love my air coolers, for a future itx build maybe as I have al ot of hard drives and would probably have issues fitting stuff into a itx case.
  3. Mytre

    Zen 2 and b350 boards

    I have an aftermarket cooler (h5 ultimate) so the cooler is no issue, and since I dont plan on doing manual overclocking I was debating between the 3600x and the 3700x more than the 3600. and I have seen some information regarding it but almost no comparison with b450, x470 or x570 so I could see what do I lose on a b350 vs those boards (besides of course newer chipset features like pcie 4 ) This is for the 3900x which of course is like the endgame but still, what about the midrange ryzens? 3700x and 3600x which are my current target. Though I am surprised on the results for the 3900x but still no comparison with other motherboards on performance and I would not dare to run also the 3900x on my b350, I dont want to kill the vrms just yet.
  4. Hello, so I have a bit of a dilemma, i am running an asrock ab350 k4 fatal1ty with a 1600x and 2x16GB ram 2400mhz o.c to 2733mhz or something along those lines. I want to upgrade to ryzen 3rd gen starting with the cpu. I have not found much benchmarks regarding zen 2 mostly about the 3600x and the 3700x on b350 boards, now you can say that I should upgrade motherboard but I am constrained by budget and a small plan to go from ATX to MATX or ITX as I need a more portable system. I am running a lot of video transcoding and other cpu intensive tasks (encoding, compiling, running some calculations or code that requires a lot of stuff) but I also play some simulation games when not doing any productivity load. Has anyone tried using their b350 boards with a 3600x or 3700x? is there much of a difference between b350 and b450 or x470 regarding cpu performance? I do plan on later upgrading to an x470 or x570 but once I find a case that can fit all my hardware on itx or matx . And even a better question, is ryzen 3rd gen affected by memory speed? I only have 2400mhz ram which I can o.c to a bit above 2700mhz on my board of course . I am budget constrained but actually having more cpu performance would help me get more money (remember those workloads I was running on my 1600x I said above? the faster I do that, the more money I can earn). I am more interested in seeing productivity and gaming benchmarks though on b350 boards as its my limitation right now .
  5. Hello, my problem is simple, I am attempting to test a media server on my LAN which is a wifi network , however the server I am testing is an old poweredge t320 that will not play nice with any wifi adapter except a cheap usb one that is not enough for the task at hand, I do not have a way to connect this directly to the router so I ended up conencting it to ethernet to my gaming pc which was the media server before, my pc has a wifi AC adapter and that should be enough for 1080p streams from the media server, However only my main pc will be able to browse the media server without problem ( I am using Emby which is like plex), Other devices on the wifi are able to see the server broadcasting but they are unable to connect to it to browse the media. This is surely just a firewall issue with windows 10 as I am able to browse to the server with no problem from the pc that is sharing the wifi, anyone here has any tip on how to make this pc be able to work with any other device on the wifi network?
  6. Mytre

    Recomendation for pci-e wifi adapter

    my router does give up the most of the speed on the N band. my main issue is that it gets kinda hot after 1 week or more of uptime but I blame that on directv, the directv boxes reserve 10 i.ps each day, and they dont delete the old entry so the netgear router shows between 20 and -100 devices connected (yes with a minus before), I called directv about this and they tell me that the main box just reserves i.p for the other boxes because it acts like a w ifi hotspot , and then gives those o.ps to the router we have. Never get directv btw, everything but live tv actually uses internet . My router is now a year old almost and so far no issues besides that one which can be fixed easily by a time reboot once a week. However the netgear modem is starting to cuct speed by half after 2 weeks Thanks, I think I will get this one on a deal . thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Hello, I have been using this pce n53 from asus for a while, but lately it barely reaches 73mbps on my wifi network, my download speed is about 250Mbps, my router is a netgear ac3200 r8000. It supports AC wifi, I want to upgrade my wifi card to a btter one that also doesnt overheats as my gaming pc serves as a media server when not being used. Wired is not an option and the wiring in my house, even though its new I cant use a powerline adapter (beats me why , but Maybe because there seems to be 2 main breakers on the house ?) . My first idea was the ac56, but no idea if someone can tell me their download speed on a 200mbps+ network on their house.
  8. and the gaming rig : Using dem cores, I no longer run my 4ghz overclock due to my fan control just going crazy, look at those 50% rpms , even though is set up to cool at more speed at that temperatures
  9. Is this global? Know some people from brazil with nice cpus .
  10. A new review on the windows mixed reality headsets (Hp, acer, and sucH) now that they are under 250$ . Also a review of a desk for computers (like those with cable management and other choices?) I believe at this point a computer desk even if its an ikea one, are a must have if you want to have your computer cables in a place. or something haha.
  11. So, I am curious, I have a small room and barely no space to move from my pc just push the chair back. And I want to play VR, but I never find if a vr game can be played on desk only. I have seen videos of Onward and other games and I want to get on VR but want games and a budget headset I can use from my chair without having to stand up and stuff. My questions are, is a Mixed Reality Headset a good deal at 160$ refurbished? Is there any game that allows for movement using the joysticks on the controllers so you dont have to stand up or risk hitting your monitors or desk ? My computer should be able to run VR games so I am not concerned about my pc performance, but I do want to know what advantages or stuff does a windows mixed reality headset brings to using your windows pc that I cant get with 2 monitors. edit: and also, now that the headsets with bundles are under 250$ , shouldn't LTT do a updated review now that they are kinda "budget" ?
  12. Mytre

    EVGA g2 650w vga cables

    I managed to solve this issue, after contacting evga support, they will sell me 2 8 pin vga (pci) connectors individually. all I want is to connect both 8 pin connectors of my gpu and they offered me that choice, is still cheaper than getting any other unit with similar specs so I went with it . I dont know why the unit comes with 2 6+8 connector instead of a dual 8 pin one, or at least 2 8 pin connectors. But managed to buy 2 8 pin connectors from evga, still using both vga ports on the psu but at least I wont have some 6 pin connectors dangling on my case.
  13. Mytre

    EVGA g2 650w vga cables

    I have a 1070. Anyway im considering returning my g2 . cablemod 20$ flat shipping rate kills the deal where I bought it, I would be paying about 94$ in total just for my psu? I can try and use it like it is right now, I just dont like how it only cames with 6+8(6+2) pin cables and forces me to use 2 of those cables just to use my gpu.
  14. Mytre

    EVGA g2 650w vga cables

    I like this idea, my main question though is that when I go to cable mod cable configurator, there is an option for a dual 8 pin cable. which is one end a psu cable, and on the other end 2 8 pin connectors, is this legit possible on my psu even when by default it comes with only a 6+8? I am using the configurator and specifying that I have a g2 650w. I dont know if anyone else has bought this type of cbale for their psu that only hada 6+2 cable.
  15. Mytre

    EVGA g2 650w vga cables

    Basically. And the fact I'm using vga1 and vga2 on the PSU. For a single gpu. Don't know if it's normal to use both vga connectors for a single gpu system The manual comes with 2 6+8 VGA cable. My question though is besides that one above if it's normal to do that. If it's possible to buy a single 8 pin cable for this PSU,. At least both of them. If I can avoid having 2 6 pin dangling on my case it would be nice.