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    The Netherlands
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    Hardware, Gaming
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    Since my early teens I have been involved with computers, both professionally and privately. I like hardware, however I am not very compatible with software
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    Quality Specialist for an ISP


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    AMD Ryzen 1700
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    MSI X370 Gaming Carbon Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Hybrid Gaming
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    Antec NineHundred
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    Western Digital Black SSD PCIe 512GB, Kingston Technology SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 Drive - SSD - 120GB
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    Corsair H110i

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  1. Caennanu

    Computer freezing & unsure what for.

    You say you have basically rebuild your pc. Can you give us your specs, what mainboard, what cpu, what memory at what speeds and how many sticks? Did you re-install the OS or did you do a repair. Did you remove all your old drivers to properly accomodate the new hardware? Do you have the option to test with a new install on a different partition or drive and see if the freezing happens there? As it sounds like at this point, without the other information, its a software / driver issue.
  2. Caennanu

    Installing OS on SSD or m.2/NVMe

    In that case, if you're switching to AMD, which is stated in your OP . . . . duhh, then yes upgrading to 3600 could benefit you. And the difference between 2x 16 or 4x 8 i don't think is noticable in either speed. only give syou more upgrade path's. Might be a bit tricky to find a good set tho. I know i had troubles 2 years ago, don't know if this has changed since then.
  3. Caennanu

    Installing OS on SSD or m.2/NVMe

    asuming you're talking about your build in the signature. It's an intel build. i do not think it will benefit from higher speeds. I read elsewhere that it's somewhat limited to using 2400mhz and much above that doesn't really matter, since you're already well above it . . . i can only conclude that it won't have much effect, unless you're switching to an AMD system. Then it would be worth an upgrade. Others probably can advice better on memory speed on intel systems tho.
  4. Caennanu

    Installing OS on SSD or m.2/NVMe

    my experience, having both an nvme and ssd both on m.2 i notice little to no difference between the 2 in terms of load or boot times. (had the OS on SSD when i build the system cause the NVME wasn't delivered yet, when it was in i switched and had no noticable benefits) My advice would be, if you're an every day user, stick with the cheaper SSD speeds and spend the savings elsewhere. Ram perhaps?
  5. Caennanu

    I have 6 fans... I need help on my setup.

    it depends a little on what you want. generally overpressure is better since it will lessen the amount of dust in the system. Asuming you have filters infront of the fans. Creating overpressure is done by having more intake than outtake fans. However, as @Constantin suggested is good, but i would get a little more balance in the pressure. If there is any size differences or higher rpm's, i would do top and back exhaust at lower rpm and all 3 on front for intake. --- edit looking at the case online, it seems the top and front fans are 120mm slots, asuming you are using those. the clearance on those fans thru the frontbezel doesn't look very good, so i don't think they will pull much air in. In that case i would indeed follow constantin's advice and do everything intake but the rear and use that as exhaust.
  6. Caennanu

    GPU Not getting detected

    sounds like a power issue to me. Is your power supply still good? (is not listed on the psu tier list)
  7. Caennanu

    Should I Be Worried? (PC No Boot)

    My geuss, since it was an unexpected shutdown, is that windows was doing a file check in the back. By interrupting that, it probably thought it was completed and booted to windows the 2nd time without doing it and thus being fast. But regardless, i would check out if the outage was general (thats not clear from what you're saying) or if it was only the pc. If the latter, i'd check the power supply at the least. If the first, then i would maybe invest in a UPS if it happens frequently.
  8. Caennanu

    Xmp issues

    No not a bios issue, for me its the chipset combined with the speed. X370 is known to have some issues in that regard. X570 should natively support it, so if your memory is rated at 3200 and it doesn't run at 3200, i would RMA it,
  9. Caennanu

    Xmp issues

    it should yes, but my experience is that its a combination of mainboard and memory, not just the memory. My knowledge is not good enough to explain properly . . .
  10. Caennanu

    Xmp issues

    There is probably multiple XMP profiles, i asume you're trying to run it at 3200mhz. Have you tried running it at 3ghz? (2933) see if it will boot? I know mine won't run at 3200 but will run at 3ghz (i'm still on x370 tho so i have my explenation)
  11. Caennanu

    Upgrading my build

    in that case, i would follow the advice given by Chris, 'upgrade' to a B450 with a 3600 or 3700x. (would recommend an 8 core for your usecase) You can overclock the memory, but since memory prices are fairly low currently, i would try and get a set of 3200mhz or higher. p.s. Please don't forget to quote people so they get a notification
  12. If you have those as your options, i geuss the 2080ti would win over the 5700, as performance wise the 5700 is on par with a 2070 super. But the question is do you want/need RTX? Maybe even an 1080ti would do the trick and save you a few bucks.
  13. Caennanu

    Booting new computer error

    Startup repair is a way to go, @homeap5 gave you some good links and suggestions, but since you seem to be re-using the entire installation directely from another build, i would first try booting into save mode and removing all the drivers to re-install them. Fairly sure this will fix your issue. Even tho i would recommend to just put a new installation on the system. But as @_Syn_ said you can just couple the key to your microsoft account to prevent what you said (i think up to 3 times tho?).
  14. Caennanu

    Upgrading my build

    you say you're dropping frames, have you investigated why? I'm expecting its the cpu but is it? If it is, focus on that. but it could very well be that you need higher write / read speeds on the storage you have (which isn't listed?) please include those in your summary in the OP, so others can give you more proper advice.
  15. Caennanu

    How do I install two versions of the same app?

    I'm not entirely familiar with your phone, and entirely not familiar with minecraft. But . . . i do have whatsapp on my dual sim phone for work and private, and this requires me to run 2. I do this with parallel space. Which can either copy an existing build from your phone into its virtual environment or simply download another version. I think it can support your usecase too. If not, i'm sure there are other similar apps that offer the same. Maybe even fully free ones!