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    The Netherlands
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    Since my early teens I have been involved with computers, both professionally and privately. I like hardware, however I am not very compatible with software
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    Quality Specialist for an ISP


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    AMD Ryzen 1700
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    MSI X370 Gaming Carbon Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Hybrid Gaming
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    Antec NineHundred
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    Western Digital Black SSD PCIe 512GB, Kingston Technology SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 Drive - SSD - 120GB
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    Corsair H110i

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  1. if i remember correctly, bluetooth works in the same frequency range as the 5ghz band from wifi. So if you are using 5ghz wifi bands, it could cause interference. If your mouse has its own dongle, but also works on bluetooth, it means it will interfere with other bluetooth appliances if using the same frequencies. Same goes for your cellphone(s), if they have bluetooth on and are broadcasting, regardless if they have something connected or not, they will cause interference. You can compare it to an highway. If you're in traffic it doesn't matter how many red or blue cars there are, it matters how many cars there are if you are stuck in traffic or if that its flowing.
  2. 3000mhz is 2933mhz thats what your memory is rated for. however, you could set them to 2999 i geuss. Shouldn't need to change the voltages or anything if setting them to 2933. especially if they are in an xmp profile. it should load the alternate settings automatically (doesn't always work tho).
  3. not just that. They are supporting 3000 series out of the box (with a few exceptions). From what i can tell, the OP doesn't have a ryzen cpu available so could pose a problem if he chose a non MAX version and has to update.
  4. yes, better ipc at same clock speeds. longer and more sustained boost speeds. at a lower price point
  5. not only that, you will want the MAX version for increase bios size.
  6. I've had both SLI and Crossfire in the past. Not because i could, but because i needed the extra power and couldn't afford an proper card upgrade, so it was a budget thing to me. Running 2 R9's in crossfire was also very nice heating in winter
  7. Personally i don't care either way. But since i have pets i have mine in cases. Not so much for dust collection but more in relation to savety, you never know when one might decide to put their feet in the fan or start chomping on random cables. i'd hate turning on my pc finding out i got a short because of this.
  8. Totally understand, no issues. CAn you take a picture from the side, so you can actually see the fans from the back (inside the case). It looks like it can take it, but it depends on how far the psu tunnel reaches. Also it wouldn't hurt turning on a light to make it more visible
  9. Like Plouffe said, it looks like it will fit without issues. You may have some clearance issues on the inside, but hard to tell without actually knowing what case it is.
  10. It is compatible and it will work just fine, you might just miss out on the sync of frames that is all. You can force it via the nvidia drivers, but if your monitor is not 'g sync compatible' it may not work.
  11. Thanks for the headsup. reason i have the beta on it, was because of the agesa update at the time. It's probably been pulled for a reason, but don't want to get ahead of myself while 'troubleshooting' a sporadic issue. One thing at a time. If it doesn't come back with memory at 2666, i can always up / downgrade the bios to a stable version, test that out and from there crank up the speeds again.
  12. Have just checked my bios, appearantly i have a non existing version installed. 7A32v1NT (not listed on msi website anymore. with a release date of september 10th 2019) Before i do multiple actions at once, i've first downclocked the memory to 2666mhz. See what happens the comming couple of days (its of sporadic nature) If i still get it, ill update the bios to the newest beta version 7A32v1NU. If the issue then still persists, ill downgrade to 7A32v1L or 7A32v1K or J.
  13. Not entirely sure what my thoughts should be but . . . I've been using my M.2 SSD for OS and M.2 NVME for my games. have had OS installed on the NVME before and didn't notice much difference switching it back to the SSD. So i would suggest getting size on the SSD as its cheaper and you can get more space for your money.
  14. Its set to 2933 via the build in profile. I can always go lower and check ofcourse. But its been running fine for 2 years . . .
  15. Hi all! Not eniterly sure what is happening lately. But i have run into an issue and hope any1 can shed some light on it. In the recent days while gaming my pc just shuts down, sort off... What happens is that sometimes my pc will turn off almost completely. It will stop giving signal to my screens, USB ports turn off (no more power as lights on keyboard go off), nolonger responds to any input of any kind. Fans spin as normale, no error codes on the mainboard or anything. Nothing in the Windows logs either. Thermals have been monitored and are within proper levels (40 to 45c on cpu, package around 36c under load) so it shouldnt be a thermal issue. If any1 has any ideas what it could be. Please post below. Specs: MSI carbon x370 (latest bios) Ryzen 1700 @3600 (fixed) Corsair vengeance 2*16gb @2900 Evga ftw hybrid 1080 Corsair h110i G110 keyboard Ironclaw RGB wireless mouse Aten 2 port usb3 switch (powered)