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  1. if the ROM is clogged with useless stuff and u ran a Benchmark ,it will be less.so a little variation might be there>Based on OS it can increase or decrease
  2. a DVR can also do that with a online connection
  3. a site like mediafire uploads downloads and ads and finally payment to uploader from revenue generated by ads
  4. Hi we want to star some file sharing site and i would like to go on Refurbished hardware.so i would like to know what is the minimum score that a server processor should have? i know its so stupid as it depends on Activity ,ram installed, isp speed and all. But its real bad If we wasted money on useless grade servers for this. have a look at this https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Xeon+X5650+%40+2.67GHz Is it worth for being a File sharing server since we are new and expecting maximum 100 clients at a time
  5. can we use android as file hosting server using cluster to maximize its performance?
  6. Hello there, noob here. I just want to know whether we can use old laptops (say i7) as cluster server for file sharing site or social networking site since the power consumption is low in laptops and they do got enough cores. i know thread count matters,but we are making cluster server ,so i Dont think it will effect that.
  7. X5xxx processors at home across 3 servers which purpose are u using those for?
  8. i want to buy a used server and start with ,but i dont know how to configure those.so i wanted to learn these stuff.
  9. ohh i think i need to edit post
  10. hello there, i want to start FIle HOsting server and mange it on my own,i dont know how to do that. means i Design my website i host files i place ads if Server fails,i fix it if a intruder try to get in i will kick him out like that since i am planning to do it on my own , what courses should i learn to start this,i have completed Diploma in EEE and i know its not useful to that