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  1. I know my current cpu (i5 4690k) is definetly not cut out for streaming. But what would be a good cpu for streaming(plan to stream at around 720p 60fps as to not create too much buffer for twitch)? I also use a 1440p 144hz monitor
  2. BlockedTheShot

    What is the better game to buy, stellaris or endless space 2?

    imo, trailers can be decieving(i.e. trailers make a game like ac unity look epic while in reality it's a buggy mess). I'd usually much rather recieve an opinion from a real person that is not involved in the making of that game
  3. BlockedTheShot

    How many of you use third-party antivirus?

    i forgot to account for that(edited the title). imo, not really
  4. BlockedTheShot

    What is the better game to buy, stellaris or endless space 2?

    im looking for an opinion because i'm looking for what to buy. I don't know what the game is like before trying it
  5. I don't use antivirus on any of my pcs(not even on my windows xp laptop, i don't use it that often though).
  6. BlockedTheShot

    GeForce 1050 Ti

    you shouldn't always nessciarily buy the cheapest one. Some graphics cards might be quieter,have better cooling, last longer, or have a better warranty. I personally think one should do their research when buying a specific model of a graphics card. for example a card might have a bigger heatsink or more fans than another model resulting in better cooling and/or aucostics. I learned this by buying a gtx 970 acx 2.0 that sounded like an airplane(thinking this was normal for pc gaming) and then switching to a gigabyte rtx 2070 that sounded so much quieter.
  7. I am asking this as both of these games look interesting and stellaris is on sale on humble bundle in a pack for 9 dollars while endless space 2 is on sale for 13.59 by itself.
  8. How long until i can go back in time to prevent lebron getting injured on christmas?
  9. i'd personally like a 144fps mode for the halo games, since i have a 144hz monitor. But it may or may not happen,
  10. This is for real, https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/ With this game coming out for pc. I am super excited for it and really want to play it. In fact, the lack of halo on xbox one(back in 2014) and other good exclusives was the reason why I moved to pc. I that too much to ask for? I mean i know it requires xbox live, but still. *Crosses fingers it doesn't go to epic store*
  11. I have a rtx 2070 and i5 4690k at 1440p 144hz and while its fine at most games. Games like battlefield 5 do bottleneck in heavy areas. Would it be good to just wait for ryzen 3000 or jump straight to 2000
  12. BlockedTheShot

    Where to find gta5 online for free?

    The only way i can think of getting gta 5 with online on console is going on another forum and start begging until they ban you(4chan /b/ might be a good bet, there's lots of beggars there)
  13. BlockedTheShot

    What would be the best way to get sims 2?

    I'm interested in getting the sims 2. However, i'm debating how i should get it. It's no longer on oirign and origin stopped handing out copies of the game through customer support. So my only chances are buying an account off ebay or buying a physical copy(i have a blu ray drive in my rig but I don't like the inconvenience of physical copies) I found this dealer on ebay selling an account with sims 2: https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Sims-2-Full-Collection-Digital-Download-Account-PC-Windows-MULTILANGUAGE/113241735990?hash=item1a5dbbc336:g:Ea4AAOSw3qRbuNFb. But I don't know if it's legit. Should i take a chance? Otherwise i'll probably just get a physical copy
  14. BlockedTheShot

    Is my gtx 1080 being bottlenecked?

    most definetly
  15. Do we literally still use windows 10 in the year 2065?