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    The Legendary Schnoz
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    Ruling over a meme hell
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    Digesting some stagnant, fermenting memes

    Also taking random crap apart
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    I probably won't type much because I'm going to upgrade my PC right now and probably mess something up and
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    Incoming Sophomore taking 5 AP's (help)


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    Rising 5 2600 @ 4.5 geggerhertz
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    Ass Rok AB350M with modded cuuling
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    16 Geggerbytes Dedearrrrr4 ramsicles (OC to 2866 MHz)
  • GPU
    Geggerbyte AORUS geetteeex 1660 teeeye (2140 MHz core, 16 GHz GDDR6)
  • Case
    Geeneericccc Feline MG110 with five fans
  • Storage
    En Vee Em Eee 256 Geggerbytes PCIe x4 with custom heatsink
  • PSU
    Coarse air see ex 500 semimodular
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    Elgee 2560 by 1080 xtra thicccc
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    Cuuler mast ar ass leekuid 240 with ark tick silvar 5
  • Keyboard
    Loyeetech mashing board and jitter combo
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    I yote it in a yeetrap
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    Shitty onboard sound (Real Tech ALC887)
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    Michaelsoft binbows 10 pro education (yeeted and pirated obviously)

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  1. Nope. You're eating out tonight. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. [not clickbait] LEAKED NUDES of LINUNS SEBASTIAN!!! 1080p HD Pornhub.com
  3. Some casino tricks and facts to coerce you into blowing your life savings and college fund there (i'm reading a lot of reddit rn, our entire family history has never had gambled but i'm still interested in the tricks casinos use):

    - The carpet is made to look "busy" and kinda ugly. This makes you want to look up.

    - The ceiling is make to look boring (most of the time). This makes you want to look down at the gambling machines.

    - Most machines use "C" notes as their primary noise. Many people think of it as a "happy" note and it makes the machines sound nice when you have a bunch of them in one area.

    - Most gambling machines are wired to give many near-wins. There are studies that show that this forces many people to play longer and spend more money.

    - Many gambling machines use a build of Linux.

    - You are usually not allowed to pocket tokens or take them out of the building (I do have a $1 token my dad got when he slept at one in Minnesota and got one as a souvenir, idk how). This is primarily to prevent replication of the tokens.

    - Roulette is fair if there were 36 spots on the wheel, but due to 0 and 00, there's 38. Every time you put in $100, you'll lose about $5.26 on average every turn.

    - Many machinese are rigged to give small cash prizes almost every time to make people think they're winning.

    - Lighting. The bright colors and neon lights attract you to the machine like moths to a lamp.

    - Much of the revenue of many casinos come from slot machines. The return rate is the same, no matter how much money you put in. Even if you put $3B into one, you're never guaranteed a win. 

    - Money signs. Everywhere. I think the psychological effect of this is kinda obvious.

    - No clocks, windows (Summoning Microsoft to fix this), or external lighting. This makes you lose sense of time. On classier ones (I've been to Vegas before), the top is painted like a sky (you couldn't tell the difference if weren't for the lighting and sprinkler heads sticking out) to make many think it's daytime. Bruh it was 6PM when we booked into our hotel.

    - If you want to eat, drink, take a piss, etc. you have to go deeper into the casino where you'll probably walk past more machines.

    - Mirrors. They're good at reflecting light and surrounding objects, making the place look bigger and brighter, and they can withstand years of smoke exposure.

    - A labyrinth design. IKEA would be a good example of this (except it's legal for amyone to walk in, and there aren't any slots). You'll have to find your way out (and probably spend more in the process).

    - Sound. Many machines often have very good sound systems (probably better than many of the ones in our rigs).


    - They try to look posh and fancy to make you think you'll get some of the spoils too.

    - Statistally, you will never win long-term at a casino. Don't do it, unless it's small amounts of money, occasionally, for fun and not out of addiction.

    - Often, the machines are connected to a central computer that adjusts financial outcomes of the system. You don't want to give away waaay too many jackpots.

    -  If you use a casino card with small amounts of money every time, you're less likely to get good promo offers.

    - It's very hard to find an exit. Trust me. I know.

    - Gambling areas are often kept cool so people will go the warmth of the machines.

    - Chairs are often very comfortable so you can sit there for extended periods of time.

    - All sidebets in most games have horrible odds.

    - Some small casinos might use trick (weighted) dice to make it impossible to win. Insist on using transparent dice.

    - Instead of using larger denomination chips, having a massive stack of $1 and $5 chips makes it look like you have more money and makes it harder for the opposing player to count.

    - Be an ass sometimes but not too often. Occasionally, if you do so, you'll get comped. Too much, and you'll get 86'd, thrown out, or get very bad dealers.

    - u/prostking: "Bartenders can see how much money you put into the video games. If you want to get the drink fast and free, sit down by yourself and put in 100 bucks without paying attention to the bartender. Pay attention to the screen and make small bets. Act like your going to be be there for awhile. Soon he/she will come around asking what you want. I usually ask for a double scotch. Pull out some cash before they return. When they give you the drink, quickly hand them the cash. 95% of the time you get the drink free. Then press the cash out button and repeat at different bars."

    - There can be wire mesh in the walls, otherwise known as a Faraday cage, to block phone signals. It's illegal because it blocks emergency communications.

    - Once you win some money (or lose a bit), GTFO of there before you lose it all.

    - In one of the biggest casinos in Austrailia, some of the walls in the bathroom lead to an in-house morgue due to potential suicides.

    - In Super Mario 64 DS, there is a gambling minigame called Picture Poker, featuring Luigi. Gambling is severly looked down upon in Japan, so it is replaced by a game of skill, not chance.

    - In many casinos, there's piss. Everywhere. Supposedly so gamblers can claim their "lucky" machines.

    - It pays (literally) to be careful.

    1. Gegger


      welp i don't plan on going to a casino anytime soon...

    2. Schnoz


      @Gegger yeah me neither, those places look cool but they somehow make money disappear like a thanos snap

  4. Congrats Intel. You managed to raise the base clock by 300 MHz and do nothing to the boost clock while charging $5500 extra for it:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Schnoz


      @will4623 Yep. That thing costs around 5 times the price of my rig, factoring in the cost of the new fans and graphics card.

    3. will4623


      and your rig probably costs 5x as much as mine!

    4. Schnoz


      @will4623o of


      Seriously though, I don't even know why you'd pay $5500 extra for a 300 MHz increase in base clock and a decreased maximum operating temp.

  5. I once DM'd @TopHatProductions115 and said I assumed that he was a tophat on a roomba


    not trying to offend anyone, just making jokes with a weird sense of humor

  6. This is. The best meme. I have seen in a long time.


    1. will4623



    2. Kaloob




  7. I just realized you were "LOOK OVER HERE" and used to try to make mega threads and tier lists that existed already for years lol.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Do as you please.

    3. Schnoz


      @Den-Fi Actually, hold on a minute. I'm looking at weird stuff on Reddit, like "offensive crayons". Search at your own risk.

    4. Den-Fi


      Yeah, no thanks.

  8. I can see Linus's "orange screwdriver". he also has really short legs.
  9. The math final went well. Mostly just sequences and series, but also some other stuff spiced in there as well. The teacher went really easy on us.


    @Kaloob After the final, I decided to relax on my laptop with a round of Mario Kart Wii. Here's what happened, in sequential order:

    - Fell off the edge, but everyone else was shocked when I was picked up, so that's my first-ever shockdodge (I think) in MKWii.

    - In 1st, blue shell came to get me. However, I went on the place in the pic below and it missed.

    Image result for mario kart wii rainbow road

    -Second blue shell hit me on the figure-8 thing, knocked me to second.

    - Blooper tried to attack on the same place in the last lap, but also missed.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kaloob


      @Schnoz I've played like, one second of Wii.

    3. Schnoz


      @Kaloob DM me if you'd like the emulator and ISO.

    4. Kaloob


      @Schnoz I'll be able to play my cousins copy soon, but after that I may consider emulation. Thanks for the offer.

  10. My math final is tomorrow, wish me luck! :)

    1. Gegger


      gud luk


      i can't even math

    2. floofer


      hope its stats and not calc

    3. will4623


      I would fail you should not.

  11. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to drincc the cool-AIDS?


    Like seriously, the same liquid in a different container would look like Kool-Aid.


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      your parents must have you on their surveillance watch 24/7.

  12. @Pascal... @LukeSavenije Hello! Just making sure, I'll have to bring an adapter on the way from the US to Europe, correct?

    1. Pascal...


      Yes. UK and France have different outlets.

    2. Schnoz


      @Pascal... Grabbed a few. The Google campus where I sometimes visit as a guest (my parents work there) has them for free.

    3. LukeSavenije


      part of Belgium as well


      just get a europlug, and make sure it all supports 230v

  13. Schnoz

    Your anti-vaxxer stories

    Thanks for all the insight and stories, guys! I've personally never met an anti-vaxxer before, and this is all really intriguing to hear.
  14. Well, to be fair, many games were incapable of running on the original 3DS (the original used a dual-core setup from 2005). Emulated games on Citra usually show higher CPU and GPU usage if they're built for the new 3DS. But yea, some games were exclusive as a short-sighted cash grab.
  15. Hi all,


    I'm going to be gone for the next two weeks because I'll be in Europe (London/Paris) on a trip. First time I've left the country in years. I'll try to find a computer ther so I can keep posting, but no guarantees, since my Huawei M8 Nein took an unexpected dive.


    I'll try to upload as many pics as possible.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. LukeSavenije


      @Gegger I'm on holiday as well tho

    3. Pascal...


      @Schnoz No that's the Grossmünster in Zurich, it is a famous church from the 12th Century. The Notre Dame is in Paris and it is a cathedral from the 13th Century.

    4. will4623


      sorry @Schnoz and @Gegger I researve my memes for when people leave.