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  1. Today is September 11, the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


    Usually, I either post memes or just screaming into the void, but this post is not my usual content. Every year, we should pay our respects for the people who died in this attack. Except the terrorists, of course.


    On an early Tuesday morning, four American Airlines jets were hijacked by nineteen hijackers. Two crashed into the World Trade Center, which were reduced to rubble in less than two hours. Immediately after the attacks, many first responders fought against traffic and rushed into the collapsing building. Many of these brave people were never seen again. There exists a haunting recording of a fireman who was trapped in one of the towers right before it collapsed. 343 firefighters and 72 cops were killed during 9/11. We pay our respects for them.


    Airplane number 3 was crashed into the Pentagon, which is the headquarters of the Department of Defense. The West Side of the building partially collapsed.


    The last airliner was directed on quite literally a crash course for a location in Washington, DC. This plane was probably directed towards the White House in order to kill President Bush, or for the Capitol to cripple the meetings of Congress. However, the passengers bravely fought their way into the cabin and wrestled control from the hijackers, who crashed the plane into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


    2,977 people were slaughtered. 6000 were injured. Billions upon billions of dollars of damage and destruction were dealt. The United States's activity ground to a halt. The aviation industry was dealt a blow to perceived safety that would take years to recover from. Thank you. Thank you, to all 2,977 people, who lay down their lives.


    We've rebuilt. I know, on account on a trip to New York around two years back. The new One World Trade Center, completed in 2013, stands at exactly 1776 meters tall and its unique shape makes ghostly noises in the wind. This wail can be heard for miles for every night there is wind. Two deep infinity pools mark the sites of the original World Trade Center. It is lined with bronze, with letters cut out spelling out the names of the people who perished. Today, on September 11, these names are stuffed full of flowers. The infinity pool glows gold each night. We're not completely there yet, but we're making fast progress.


    Normal broadcasts will be resumed in the next status update. Thank you for taking a moment with me to remember this tragedy in American history.

    1. Kaloob


      Btw I think one of the jets was United. 

      Anyways, rest in peace everybody killed in the 9/11 attacks (except for the terrorists). Hopefully a tragedy like this never happens again.

    2. will4623


      Big Boss Salute | Know Your Meme
    3. Gegger



      i've seen 3 people die, i can't imagine what it's like to see 9/11 though.


      i hate idiots from the bottom of my heart


      thank you to all the people that died for murica