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    Ruling over a meme hell
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    Digesting some stagnant, fermenting memes

    Also taking random crap apart
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    I'm that one giant nose on the forum who makes people's notification boxes burst, is trying to crash the forum, and is constantly drinccing too much caffeine.
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    Dead Sophomore


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    Rising 5 2600 @ 4.5 geggerhertz
  • Motherboard
    Ass Rok AB350M with modded cuuling
  • RAM
    16 Geggerbytes Dedearrrrr4 ramsicles (OC to 2866 MHz)
  • GPU
    Geggerbyte AORUS geetteeex 1660 teeeye (2140 MHz core, 16 GHz GDDR6)
  • Case
    Geeneericccc Feline MG110 with five fans
  • Storage
    En Vee Em Eee 256 Geggerbytes PCIe x4 with custom heatsink
  • PSU
    Coarse air see ex 500 semimodular
  • Display(s)
    Elgee 2560 by 1080 xtra thicccc
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    Cuuler mast ar ass leekuid 240 with ark tick silvar 5
  • Keyboard
    Loyeetech mashing board and jitter combo
  • Mouse
    I yote it in a yeetrap
  • Sound
    Shitty onboard sound (Real Tech ALC887)
  • Operating System
    Michaelsoft binbows 10 pro education (yeeted and pirated obviously)

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    Just curious: Throughout history, do you believe Christianity was ultimately good or bad for humanity? Don't worry about offending me. I don't worship anything. Except my PC.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Levent


      I am yet to see a "good" religion. 

    3. floofer


      Yes of course its good. Christendom made many people more ethically sound, and objectively more civilized. You could say that perhaps Aetheism would do that better, but Christianity has spread much wider, its much more easier for people to accept. 

    4. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      I've had too many negative experiences towards religion for me to not hold a bias.


      My abusive father was Jewish, my abusive grandfather from my mother's side was Mormon, just about everyone who I've met that was highly religious was a nutcase in some way or another. 


      I don't think that I need to explain where my opinions lie.