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About Schnoz

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  • Birthday 2004-02-08

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    Somewhere over the rainbow in Northern California
  • Interests
    Taking stuff apart and trying to put it back together and watching dem high-quality dank memes.
  • Biography
    I probably won't type much because I'm going to upgrade my PC right now and probably mess something up and
  • Occupation
    Full-time person (Planning to get a pilot's license or become an engineer when I can get a job)


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.5 GHZ
  • Motherboard
    Ass Rock AB350M
  • RAM
    16 GB Team T-Force DDR4-2400 (OC @ 2866 MHz)
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1060 SC 3 GB with Conductonaut (2400 MHz)
  • Case
    Cougar MG110
  • Storage
    some old WD silicondrive prototype that never got released
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 500W
  • Display(s)
    LG 2560 by 1080 Extra THICC
  • Cooling
    Masterliquid 240 with Arctic Silver 5
  • Keyboard
    random logitech keyboard + mouse combo
  • Mouse
    look up i ain't repeating myself
  • Sound
    Integrated Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro Education

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  1. 👃

    1. Schnoz


      The thing is that looks EXACTLY like a mouse.

  2. Schnoz

    Experiences with non-techies

    The 8700 stock cooler runs hot but it's fine, and using a single thread will only bottleneck its sister thread. If you really want single-threaded performance then turn Hyperthreading off in the BIOS.
  3. Schnoz

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    S E X Y. What's the huge chunk of metal on the bottom right? Also what p4 is that>
  4. Who's dumber, anti-vaxxers or flat earthers? Or someone else? Or maybe me?

    1. iLostMyXbox21


      Anti vaxxers 



      flat earthers are not killing their children. They are simply misinforming them. 

    2. ARikozuM


      Anti-vaxxers. There's a reason children need to be vaccinated against early killers. I don't mind if you want to skip the flu vaccines, but don't skip the necessary vaccines since we've nearly wiped out the diseases. 

    3. Pascal...


      Flat earthers, if you ever meet someone of these idiots then you need to show them the live feed from the ISS just to screw whith them and prove them wrong.

  5. Wait, has anyone made a heatsink that covers the entire mobo (except sockets and ports)? Are there pics?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Techstorm970


      Put any big-ass CPU cooler on an ITX mobo and you have the answer to your question. :P 

    3. Firewrath9


      they have full cover waterblocks (see aorus extreme waterforce

    4. LukeSavenije


      but that's vrm, cpu mostly


      that would be a meme

  6. I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.

    The trees spoke back in Vietnamese.


    o shit

  7. Schnoz

    Experiences with non-techies

    Back during the Wannacry attacks, I got a working copy of the ransomware. How did I know? I accidentally ran it on my laptop after downloading it. This was not on a VM. ON MY LAPTOP WITH FOUR YEARS OF INFORMATION THAT WAS NEVER BACKED UP. DOCUMENTS. RESUMES. MEMES. Weeeeellll it wasn't that bad. The huge stash of memes and trash mp4 files gave me time to open Task Manager and kill it. Although it did leave a txt file and a shortcut in every directory and that was annoying. Anyone else here been attacked by WannaCry?
  8. 2018: Fortnite players stomping over all other games like Minecraft, Overwatch, etc.

    2019: Every player of every other game teaming up to ditch Fortnite

  9. Schnoz

    Experiences with non-techies

    If anyone here has done liquid metal before, I'd like to emphasize again the importance of using some form of insulative coating on surrounding components and contact points. (Don't worry, there's another true story coming up, just keep reading). I've put liquid metal on my laptop and my desktop (4800MQ, HD 8790M, 1060) and it's friggin magic. However, I always get a bit off the die and onto the surrounding capacitors cuz I'm clumsy. The 50 little capacitors right here are just WAITING to be knocked off or be sprayed with liquid metal (the situation is the same for the GP106 in the 1060): Anyways, I use this old bottle of Bitrex nail polish that I unsuccessfully used to stop my nail biting. (It didn't work as I may have mentioned before and I still bite my nails). I have conformal coating but there are four chemical hazard diamonds on the label and it takes forever to harden. Even if it's a bit of a crude solution, nail polish works fine. A few months ago, a girl in my class decided to try it after I told her her laptop was running really hot (a Lenovo laptop, i forget the model) and I told her how to do it: "Buy a one-gram tube of Conductonaut, put nail polish on surrounding components apply a VERY TINY o-sized droplet on the die, spread it with the Q-tip, put the screws on the heatsink back on in the proper order, plug in the fan", etc. She told me the next day that her laptop was fried. She showed me a photo of the inside where there was a burnt part over the caps. There wasn't any visible liquid metal but she did use glittery nail polish, which (I think) used tiny metal particles to achieve that shine. Did you know that metal is conductive? Yeah, MAYBE, just MAYBE that was why her laptop died. She wasn't pissed because that laptop was really slow and was asking her parents for a new one. She did lose some data because she didn't back up in 3 months. Bonus story: Once I was using a laptop bag, but I forgot to zip it shut so my $2700 Dell E6540 laptop slid out and fell hard onto the concrete. It still works fine but the aluminum lid is scratched as hell. I still hate myself for doing that.
  10. When you stretching in pe but you you hear something crack
  11. Schnoz

    Experiences with non-techies

    Alright, this is from a while back from when I was still a noob at PCs. I had an old 3770 with an Asus P8P67 WS Revolution mobo (more PCI-e slots than you can count, dedicated SLI chip, heatpipe chipset and VRM cooling), all the bells and whistles that my dad brought home from work cuz Western Digital (where he worked at the time) didn't want it. Then, I started using 3D and this tiny shitty HD 5450 (still ATi branded) didn't even run Minecraft well. So, I started looking on eBay and I found a GTX 970 for $40. The heatsink looked cheap but I thought it was pretty legit. Spoiler, it wasn't: - The card had a VGA output, but the 970 does not support VGA. - The 970 has 4 GB of VRAM, not 1 GB. - The CrossFire bridge looked different. - The card I received was missing PCIe pins. Needless to say, it was a Chinese scam 550 Ti with a heatsink that gets super hot even at idle. I found this out after removing the heatsink. "GF116". Emotional trauma. The really pissy thing was that there were mounting holes for VRM heatsinks but no heatsink, so you cannot touch almost any part of that card under load. To no one's surprise, the top casing looks like aluminum but it's just powdered plastic. By that point I had realized that I had messed with my PC so many times, so last year I got a new one, with parts from actually reputable brands and a processor that actually fits its motherboard class.
  12. My friend was stung by a bee.

    Me, an Asian, was stung by an A.

  13. when she sees that loooooong haaaaard thicccccc......grafphics kard behind her: your friend that she dumped