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  1. Windows 10 corrupt?

    Good, one cable at local store, and you are good to go. 2.99$ ca , good solution
  2. Where should i store pc parts until fusion?

  3. Windows 10 corrupt?

    You can get a second HDD and use it as new clean Windows 10 install , then get the info on main drive, Cost of a cheap HDD is around 30.00$ can You can keep it a backup drive for important info in the future. Once you clean the main drive. Or you can buy a external drive, that will be use as backup in the future. a 2TB WD is about 79.00$ can Keep about 60 g of free space for future windows install , just in case
  4. Your license is not on the drive, if you have windows 10. Your licence is part of you Microsoft account. So don`t worry about it. If you do not have any thing important I would connect both drives, then do a clean install on the SSD . After I would delete the Windows on the HDD. There are many video on YouTube on this very subject
  5. Seagate drives any good?

    Found this , not sure if accurate, but may give and idea on quality http://www.techradar.com/news/10-best-internal-desktop-and-laptop-hard-disk-drives-2016 I would go with Seagate Iron Wolf.
  6. Two version of Windows

    Sorry, found it in the Update & Security then recovery. My Bad. lol
  7. Two version of Windows

    I agree on the MSConfig Best way in my opinion Go Start Type -- MSConfig there is no need to find a place to type Go Boot Delete the one you don`t want I have only one Win 10, I hope this work if you have 2
  8. I tend to agree on the support. One thing you can do is Email support at Asus and see.
  9. Petabyte Storage

    One Seagate Wolf 10 Tb is about 600.00$us. I am sure you can all make the count
  10. Help pls

    Is your old system and OEM . If yes, your old key won`t work on the new system. I would also go with clean install of windows with a fresh install from Microsoft web site
  11. Recommendation for cheap decibel meter?

    https://www.noisemeters.com/rental/slm/cel240/ Not sure of the brand
  12. Recommendation for cheap decibel meter?

    Found a rental place. But prices are way out there. 200.00$ us for one week. You might as well buy cheap one. https://www.noisemeters.com/rental/
  13. Recommendation for cheap decibel meter?

    How about renting one . I am sure you could rent good one
  14. Have you tried properties. of the folder. You may need admin status to do that.
  15. I never tried also. New to me, thanks for info guys