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  1. Boot issues in Windows 10

    I would try clearing the Cmos and see if anything good happen. It' s possible you Bios was change via the Cmos.
  2. Mini atx Mobo for it 4690

    Hi Try this site . PCPartpicker and look for the CPU and if you look at bottom left corner you will find a link to the MB that are compatible. In the right corner, you can have prices and availability by country and currency .
  3. Mic doesn't work on the Windows Surface Pro

    hi From Microsoft Hope this help
  4. Cant hear audio !!!

    Glad to help.
  5. Cant hear audio !!!

    Try to look in --> sound <-- and see if your setting for headphones ( speakers ) as changes Go start ( icon on keyboard ) Type -> sound There are several options after you type -->sound You can choose volume ect ..
  6. Good Luck
  7. Is this GPU fake?

    I would not buy .
  8. Are you certain, that your cooling fan is connected to a PWM connection on the MB.
  9. Can i move operating system to new SSD

    Hi -- You can use software to create a clone of your old drive Macrium is one of those, they have a free version. https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree
  10. You are correct in assuming that the computer from the store will not allow you to transfer the Windows 10 key ( OEM ).
  11. There are many partition software around . You can try one and see. If by any chance, it does not work, you may have to do a clean install of Windows and delete all partition during installation.
  12. Need help with partition

    You can do a clean install of Window. Disconnect all drive except C and install Windows, It will put all Windows stuff on one drive. Just to be safe I would format all drives, then disconnect, and install. No fun to do, but it may fix what is bothering you But you may not want that because of stuff on the drives.
  13. Need help with partition

    Don't change anything. This is part of Windows.
  14. Or you can try Try clearing the Cmos ( bios changes ) Look in owner manual Page 12 give the location of the jumper Page 17 give the procedure What StressMaster said is very possible