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  1. In my opinion ( not and expert ) The big deal for me, is that, from what i have read, the 3900x is about 10 to 15 % more efficient. Also heat management will be easier with 3900x 2920x TDP is 180 watts 3900x TDP is 105 wats My 2 cents
  2. At 1200.00$us it's a lot of dollars. For the CPU. This is a price i saw,it may not be correct, but i suspect it's very close.
  3. Did you check if you have latest BIOS What is speed of memory. You may have a problem of compatibility. But this is just a guest
  4. Have a look in --Resource Monitor-- Could be a program running in the background.
  5. At this date 11/ 05 / 2019 the game is about 50g The 200g is more like future proof.
  6. What is your MB brand and model ?
  7. Can your friend do a Clean Install after backup. it will clear any software issue
  8. If you play games on a 4k monitor you will need a good GPU
  9. Zmax

    Skype on TV

    If it run Android I do not see any problem. What is the Make and model
  10. Sorry that cable is wrong type . You saw it before i could corrected it