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  1. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    Thanks much appreciated.
  2. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    Since Phone use WIFI broadcast Is your phone as vulnerable as WIFI modem. If WPA2 is broken. So every brand of phone or modem that is not patch at risk ?
  3. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    One more question Since windows as patched the WPA2 protocol . I should be ok when I use a laptop or IPad . The question is a public modem or School WIFI . Am I, be still vulnerable if I use a windows 10 or Ipad
  4. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    Thank you for the link
  5. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    Thanks Donut417 I sold my soul. Not a expert on networking I am just old
  6. Newbie Question on the New Rooter Hack

    Sorry I did not post correctly - Yea that was the WPA2 ack Ok so Public WIFI is a no no Private (Home ) Wifi is ok unless they are close to house or condo Anyway I just remove WIFI from moden. Don`t really use it Thanks all for the info. really appreciate it .
  7. Hi I am not sure how this new hack works. From what i can understand. 1 = You are connected to the internet via a modem with WiFI 2 = You have a couple of tablet laptop connected to the WIFI 3 = Some one finds your modem address, not sure how, but find it 4 = Using that Hack he can then enter any tablet or comp connected to the modem via the WIFI 5 = If you connect to a public WIFI at School Universite of Coffee House there a good chance that the hack will be there Can the Hack affect my computer by bypassing my firewall or modem security. If I use a network cable and not the WIFI Is this correct.
  8. Help me get back into my BIOS screen

    Hope you get it fixed. Will try my first built soon,
  9. Did you get it to work. Going to build mine soon.
  10. [Solved]MB trouble, first time builder

    What did you find.
  11. Randomly Restarting Computer

    Do you have 4X4g memory sticks. If yes try removing one at a time to see if you get more restart. I had the same thing happening. That auto restart with error messages and found that removing one of the stick, cure the restart. I am sure i have defective ram stick
  12. I lost 2 psu and a monitor to Hydro voltage spikes. Get a UPS Battery Backup surge protector. You connect your PC to the battery section, of the Uninterrupted power supply. This is way better then a surge protection bar In My Opinion .
  13. Psu doesnt have a fan cable.

    If your computer as a 5,2 bay you can get a fan controller, Look for Thermaltake Commander . Cost about 53.00$us in Newegg
  14. I7 8700k all sold out!

    The thing you can do Order the parts for the build you want a I7-8700k build Case video card Mother Board Cooler Then buy them or order on line. By the time you get all of them there is a good chance. 8700 will be available