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  1. case with external bays

    If you want you can try -- PCPARTPICKER -- The color may be a problem, I have found this one. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/BW4NnQ/thermaltake-versa-n21-snow-atx-mid-tower-case-ca-1d9-00m6wn-00 Price in US$ dollar
  2. Buying present for my friend

    I would go with the gift card. If you buy a game he may have played it.
  3. Looking For A New Game - Help Please

    If you like exploration and puzzle. The last Tomb Raider in the series -- Shadow of the Tomb Raider -- is awesome, it's the best so far. Have a look in YouTube and see if the walkthroughs are your style
  4. If warranty is a problem, go with the external solution. You can always use it as a back up option, if you change your mind later. or you can also put games on it. Just do a clean install of Windows and format all drives during installation.
  5. New Ryzen build doesn't post

    You are correct. BIOS may not be latest one.
  6. New Ryzen build doesn't post

    If you have a Ryzen 5 2600 the MB does support it https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AX370M-DS3H-rev-1x#support-cpu Did you make sure all the power plugs are solid. You may have,forgotten to plug one connector
  7. removing Tile view on start.

    Cool, learning is asking questions . NP
  8. removing Tile view on start.

    Not sure I follow . But there is and option if you want to only show the apps by icon, After removing the tiles , go to -- setting --personalization-- start--Show app list in start menu --
  9. removing Tile view on start.

    Hi You have to unpin every tile from the start menu. Once all are remove you should see nothing but the apps Go Start Mouse over a tile Right click and --unpin from start --
  10. Probelm With Chrome

    I had the same problem. I moved to Firefox
  11. Looking for some way to keep my PC always on.

    You also need . Not to have password to go to desktop. Make sure the bot is in the start menu, since it may will shut down during power loss. This, I am not sure, it may restart on it's on ( task manager ) Do you have a Batteries backup. You should have one, some are good for several hours. To be sure you can do some tests. Power lost .....
  12. GTX 970 detection issues