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  1. gpu reccomendation

    you can using an external gpu adapter from banggood and dont tell me it doesnt work it does
  2. gpu reccomendation

    not really i have 20 on the lowest settings
  3. gpu reccomendation

    i already have a cpu its a quad core at 1.60 ghz and turbo to 2.40 a gtx 780 would be a little overkill i think its a pentium n 3700
  4. gpu reccomendation

    i am building a system and need a cheap gpu i want to play games like the new unreal tournament and paladins at 768p and at least 40 fps my max budget is 80 euros
  5. I Need a gpu

    I am just Talking about the gpu
  6. I Need a gpu

    Something like this yes But using Mini Pcie and from all the Reviews i have Seen this one doesnt
  7. Overwatch League Opinions

    It fun in my opinion and Shanghai Dragons all the way well and i like la Gladiators as well
  8. I Need a gpu

    I warnt to Use on of These Cheap externalisieren gpu adapters from Ali Express to Play Games At decent framerates on my Laptop .it has a Pentium n3700 with 4 Chores at 1,6ghz and a 2,4 Turbo im Loopings to Play the new unreal tournament and Paladins at 768p Medium to high Setting and at least 40 fPS what gpu Would you reccomend it should cost below 100€ in Germany im Wildling to Go used
  9. Is an r9 390 a good buy

    250€ is that good? And a bidding for 151€ finishing in 2 days
  10. Is an r9 390 a good buy

    I'm planning a build and locking for a gpu I wanted to get an rx 580 because I have a freesyno monitor but gpu prices are shit right now.now I want to get a r9 390 ist that a good buy I'm playing at 2560x1080 75hz I will play overwatch ark and paladins location:Germany cpu:ryzen 5 1400
  11. Fortnite is crashing

    Windows 10 integrated graphics and I found out the problem.it said you ran out of video memory exciting..
  12. Fortnite is crashing

    No graphics card Windows And I don't get an error code or similar
  13. Fortnite is crashing

    I recently downloaded fortnite Battle royale.i'm randomly crashing and I don't know what the issue is I have.seen people run on far worse specs.i have a Pentium n3700 4x1,6 GHz and it turboes to 2,4 GHz a 240gb ssd and 4gb of ram My resolution is 768x1366 can somebody please help me?
  14. What PSU would be best?

    Thank you guys the support and help is frigging awesome,