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  1. what you're suggesting is 300€ over budget
  2. Oh shit sry I didn't notice it's 750 watt
  3. Ok ty is it a good idea to get a 256gb sata ssd and take advantage of storeMI?
  4. I'm building a PC for my friend https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/rQN2QZ What gpu would you recommend with this biuld the max budget is 1000€
  5. i have issues with playing overwatch its very unstable after the new patch if it doesnt crash at start i have random freezes for a few seconds this only happens in overwatch my specs are a vega 56 a ryzen 5 1600 and 16 gb of 2800mhz the error message at crash says it has to do with the drivers and i have to update my drivers i have the newest drivers
  6. I want to start streaming on twitch or YouTube and I have questions: 1.twitch or YouTube? 2.will my PC be able to handle it?I have a ryzen 5 1600 and a Vega 56 (I'll probably be playing overwatch or csgo) 3. What program should I use? Is Radeon relive fine?
  7. full pc is better you can charge a little more because you can install a cheap windows key and you save some money
  8. LC Power LC-CC-120 i have that one for my ryzen 5 1600 and i have no complaints the motherboard does not matter
  9. An a Athlon 200ge with an a320 board and Dual Channel ram should be fine how about a 1tb or 2tb sata ssd in most application m.2 ssds don't have an advantage for a case maybe cougar qbx
  10. Maybe Corsair harpoon it has one of the best sensors on the market for 20$