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  1. As long as I can play gta v with low settings 720p with around 45fps. What would be the cheapest solution with that without used because sometimes you end up paying more with used because... In this country buying used is just buying broken stuff.
  2. I'm not going for over the budget, I want as cheap as possible. And... GPU? Why would I need a new case and PSU?
  3. And by the way, for your information. I find new 2015.
  4. ... Cheapest as possible, max 200 euros or 227 usd. I do not want "spend a little more" or "save a little more" nor "just buy second hand" because I'm not a gamer, I just play games now and then. I don't even need a 1050 or whatever. Nor a i7, i5 really is enough for me, I play games like payday2, insurgency, rsg. And I can play these fine with my computer right now, just not the best fps but I don't need more than 75.
  5. I do not intend on buying second hand. And I won't be playing the modern modern games, just games that are still being played. I know no games that have been made less than 2 years ago that I even like.
  6. I'm sick of not being able to play the new multiplayer games. I barely can play any games with other people because they're all very old, and I don't have friends. I'd like a i5 and a graphics card that is good enough to run gta v at low settings with about 50 fps. I know this will be good enough as I don't play games much (because I don't have many at the moment probably). When I do get more games it would be nothing even close to as heavy as gta v, so I don't need something very great. Here are my current specs. Mobo: AsRock FM2A68M-DG3+ Processor: AMD A6-7400k Radeon R5 GPU: AMD Radeon R& 200 series These are the only things you need, right? Well if it depends on if I'd like to keep my ram, it's ddr3, two 4GB sticks. I'd really appreciate help, lots of you out there are just so much better at this. I'd just like it as cheap as possible, at least under 200 euros, 227 usd. We don't have much money and well, I've just bought a new keyboard, bass guitar, pool table, monitor and a speaker-set. So my wallet is dying. Thank you for reading this, have an amazing day or night.
  7. I'm not really asking anything, I just want to share this. So a little bit ago I asked for help. I have gotten a hard-drive and somehow am able to login cause it has windows on it, while my computer hasn't got a activated windows. I forgot my password, so I asked people if I was able to remove files from it, then boot it up as my main and be able to log in to have a activated windows with full customisability and of course, no water-mark. I pretty much came to the conclusion it would be too much work for something that might not work and decided to try and delete everything on it. I tried to get all perms and deleted perms from other stuff to be able to remove windows from it. It kept saying I need perms from something so I gave up and put the hard-drive away. Now I've been on my computer for hours and still no watermark. I was like, alright. Let's just check this out. And there it was, my version of windows on my hard-drive that always had a non-activated windows was suddenly activated. I did absolutely nothing. This secondary hard-drive came from a stock Dell computer, people told me windows would be stuck on the motherboard. Then they said it probably wouldn't work if I tried it on my computer cause it would be freaking out over seeing a new motherboard. And now without getting the key or anything, I have activated windows. Although it's supposed to be a one time use windows which also is supposed to be stuck on the motherboard as people have told me. How did this happen? This is really confusing the crap out of me. Well, at least I got what I wanted. I'm now going to enjoy the customisability and the lack of watermarks.
  8. I am so confused right now. I've tried to delete everything from the secondary hd but I can't unfortunately. But I realised that even after hours I wouldn't get a watermark now. I checked and somehow putting that hd in my pc and taking it out gave me the key and activated it by it's self. How?? Just, I am so confused, how does this work!? Well, I got what I wanted I guess?
  9. I'm just going to clean the disk entirely and ignore the watermark like I always do. It's actually rarely there.
  10. Thank you. But I'd prefer to not have to download stuff and do all kinds of things.
  11. I wanted to do that til I figured out I can use it for full windows, all I have to do is login but I don't remember the password I put in. And I didn't really go into personal info, just info of what's up so there's not 20 extra posts of just asking what happened and where I got it from.
  12. The problem is that I don't have the key and I can't use her computer to try and figure it out since I sold the rest of it.
  13. //ATTENTION\\ Help is no longer needed. I moved away from my mother to my father for personal reasons and more freedom cause of a HUGE room I've got at my father. So I had to get a new PC, didn't want to spend money on Windows so I decided to just live with the watermark. But now, my mother got a new PC and she gave me hers cause I said I could do something with it. People told me that Windows would be installed on the motherboard because it's a Dell computer and that I could not get windows onto my computer. I've put the hard-drive in my computer, my computer saw it at a secondary hard-drive of course. I deleted every thing like Steam for example on it so I could use it for storage. Then the next day I turn my computer on and surprise surprise. It's loading the secondary hard-drive as it's main, and I have to login with the user that that computer had. But I forgot the password and I don't have that special USB windows wants me to use to reset it. I've had to plug the hard-drive out before turning my PC on so it wouldn't boot up with that one, then when I plug it back in I can see it in file explorer again. So my question here is, how do I remove the password or user in it's self to be able to use it for the fact that a paid windows is on there without watermark? Which is really annoying sometimes. This is the stuff that's in the secondary hard-drive.