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    Stuttgart - Germany
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    It was just awesome, there was a big bang with lights and effects exploding all the time but then we ended up here omg ...

    Shortest description would be he's 1337 ...

    -Intel i7 3930k @ 4,8 ghz
    -ASUS Rampage IV Formla
    -16 gb Corsair Dominator GT @ 2400 mhz
    -GTX 680 Hydro Copper
    -Samsung 830 256 GB
    -Corsair AX 650
    -Lian Li PC-V700WX casemod in progress // wooden selfmade benchtable
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  1. Would use it in a pc for my dad, I am very happy with my 3930k.
  2. Thank you for all the videos, Damn I remind your channel with 200k subs. You've come far. B)
  3. Battlefield 4 will be in the Never Settle Forever bundle - but not at release.
  4. @LegendKillerRG you got my point, less power consumtion - less moving parts. No - the functionality isn't the same and it looks like a cheap plasticy case.
  5. Hey guys, I planed to buy a Corsair Voyager Air, but I want the ruggedness of a solid state drive. So I would like to swap the internal drive for a SSD but it's incredibly hard to find pictures of the interior, knows anybody if that's even possible?
  6. Don't think so application is almost full done just need some little tipps.
  7. Hey guys, I search a expierienced c# programmer who can help me solve some problems in my actual project, pls just contact me. thanks
  8. I know that, but they are out of the reach, if I close wmp they will work with the browser anyway .. got it running in some games over a plug in ..
  9. I just want to give up F4-F8 while running wmp and be able to use them that way .. no extra combinations etc.
  10. Mhm .. sad that there is no working implementation .. :(
  11. Yeah mayby I'll do that .. just trough the filco into the rubish ..