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  • Motherboard
    asus z87-a
  • RAM
    8gb team elite dark 1600mHz
  • GPU
    R9 290x
  • Case
    nzxt source 210 elite
  • Storage
    random hdd I found
  • PSU
    thunder v2 735w
  • Display(s)
    legacy 1440x900
  • Cooling
    enermax t40
  • Keyboard
    generic poop keyboard
  • Mouse
    poop mouse
  • Sound
    turtle beach px22
  1. Whenever I try to launch a game such as DOTA 2, DayZ, or any game in my Steam library, they just launch and instantly close/crash. I have re-installed steam and a few games, and none of them work. This is just a problem with steam as I can still play BF4 and Minecraft just fine. I haven't changed anything with my computer recently so I'm not sure what is causing this. Any help will be appreciated. running Windows 8.1 Pro
  2. I was hoping they were going to release a new updated ipod touch....
  3. My school runs Macs from 2007 and they are slow as balls. However the tech center I go to in the morning has some decent setups. Everybody uses 2x 1024x1280 monitors with computers that run ivy bridge core i5s. If you do good enough in the class our teacher buys you a sweat case to build a pc off of. I'll try and show some picks in the morning.
  4. IPhone 4s. It was great for while it but ios was too locked down for me.
  5. nexus 5 Only gripe is the battery life but hopefully the next version of android will improve that.
  6. I picked up a windows 8 tablet recently and was wondering if there were any styluses that offered advanced functionality like the ones Microsoft includes with there surface pro 2/pro3. Also is the surface pen only compatible with the surface pro?
  7. finaly figured out all i had to do was put the 290 on top
  8. It only shows one r9 200 series. I know this card works because I pulled it out of my friends crossfire system.
  9. I have my hands on a second r9 290 and I already have a 290x. I've installed both the cards in my system and uninstalled/reinstalled catalyst control center. However I still don't get the option for crossfirex in ccc. I've double checked my psu connections and made sure both cards are seated in the pci-e slots. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Does one card have to be seated above the other?
  10. +1 for black cause of the soft plastic
  11. it looks like they just discovered their genitals for the first time.
  12. Company: dunken doughnuts Hardware: long john 4200+ Why: its tasty and comes with sprinkles Jk Company:amd Hardware: radeon Why: I can usually find a product that's within 50 of my budget
  13. Well you need a reference card for the stock fan and fan prophile it comes with.
  14. my cpu. i flipped shit when that thing arrived 3 days early before christmas.