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  1. I haven't tried Lewis, but my concern is sending to him would result in a pointless en devour with shipping costs and the parts may be easier to sell?
  2. The model I have is the Rz09-0168 i7 QHD touchscreen version. I'm pretty sure the mobo is toast and it won't boot in general. A light was on but not anymore. What should I do with this? The cost to repair is a bit high out of warrant as well. Anything I can salvage? Any place I should sell it for parts?
  3. Ahh awesome to know, wasn't there some issues with the evos at some point in time where performance degraded? I cannot remember to save my life. Also I did not know that about 1tb having a larger life. That's some great information thanks a ton
  4. Any particular reason for the power supply being 550-watt and the SSD being one terabyte? Also are the speeds really any different on the 850 compared to plea to the 840 Pro?
  5. My goal is to create an effective compact tower that will allow me to utilize my GTX 1080 and Acer XB270HU effectively. I want to try and not spend more that around $1500. I would considering moving from two 27" monitors to an ultrawide 1440p or 4k ips monitor and bump up my budget. My current build consists of these main components outside the monitors: 3770k EVGA GTX 1080 (not TI) z77 asus saberooth samsung sm841n (essentially 840pro) 512gb corsair ddr3 @ 1600 (16gb) corsair h100 (original since around 2012) With this in mind I do want to either get an i7 8700k or something that allows me to utilize multiple cores for the times I need to do some content creation. I will likely need a new cost effective ssd with 512gb or higher. No rgb needed in the build. Suggestions below and thanks to anyone who offers some pointers or great build ideas. The case/ram/ssd are major concerns for the goals of something compact and cool.