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  1. Okay so i'm fairly new to RGB and don't really "get it" I have the MSI z370 Tomahawk with Mystic light, and I have my case LED all plugged into the motherboard, (I have seperate front and inside RGB but they are both, somehow, can't remember, plugged into the "extend" option on the motherboard) Eventually, I may seperate them, so the front can be different to the inside, (Mystic light, from what i can tell, sucks) My question is this, Is there any software, that would sync (using my existing hardware) to "whatever is on screen" So if i'm watching a movie, it picks out the most predominant colour? I THINK Sony had a similar function on their tv's.
  2. GrandFatMan

    YouTube Outage

  3. GrandFatMan

    Game server using old hardware

    Hi guys. So, I have a dedicated server for "The Forest" set up on my main PC, and I don't really want to leave it running 24/7 (especially when im not home as it's watercooled, if it leaks when i'm not here, i'd be furious) Sod's law and all.... My question is, Is there anyway i can transfer the server and all the saves from the individual players to a new machine? I have some old Dell office PC's laying around that I could probably convert into a server. Would it still need to be the same OS? (WIN 10) Or could i run something like linux? As It was getting to a point where I was just playing with people, but now they may want access to it while i'm unavailable, so keeping it live constantly would be ideal. Also, does the PC need to be "decent" I mean, it's a Dell office pc, ddr2 integrated GPU, ram capacity can be upgraded. Hdd, Core 2duo I believe in one of them. New to this server malarkey so if anything is a noobish basic question please forgive me. Thanks
  4. GrandFatMan

    Blue Switches

    And I have "Tried" I'm a Sound Engineer by trade, and have soldered hundreds of xlr cables, power cables etc in my years. Frankly, if i never saw solder again in my life, i wouldn't be disappointed. .
  5. GrandFatMan

    Blue Switches

    For the price of the keyboard, and my time invested in soldering new switches, i'd rather just buy a new keyboard.
  6. GrandFatMan

    Blue Switches

    Hmm, i guess i should also have specified, i'd be looking at a new budget keyboard, rather than switches themselves.
  7. GrandFatMan

    Blue Switches

    I tried the feel of some browns in my local shop, they were steelseries, it was the only mechanical keyboard they had in, and they were super smooth with no tactile feedback. I didn't really like it and preferred the blue switches that i have, Maybe it was just the steelseries version?
  8. GrandFatMan

    Blue Switches

    So, I really like my blue switches in my keyboard, the sound and the feel is great, but, i didn't think they were that loud, until my 3 year old said "Daddy Stop Pressing Buttons" when he was trying to watch Netflix, yeah, first world problems, My 3 year old doesn't like mechanical keyboards, go figure. My question is, What offers the same FEEL as blues, but without the noise? (They aren't cherry, it's an Aukey)
  9. GrandFatMan

    this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    Well, Yes, especially if someone hasn't seen it before. I'd say less than a week, is recent events.
  10. GrandFatMan

    this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    Yeah, but it wasn't in the news section, I think it's a really interesting topic, considering the size of the publication.
  11. GrandFatMan

    this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    I can't find a topic about this in the news section, so thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately, the original video on YouTube from The Verge has since been deleted, (Mainly due to people reporting it for false information as it was labelled as a guide) It has, however, made it to Reddit, The written article, remains, with an explanation, sorta, How this video got past a team of people and sponsors is beyond me, and the Tech Community seem to have roasted the verge on all social media. Not to mention they seem to have lost a lot of credibility. I think this just reinforces the fact that, the tech community online, is pretty tight nit, and when you have your information, so wrong, be prepared for a wide backlash. There have been numerous response videos too. From some reputable (An opinion) Tech YouTubers. (GamersNexus even threw some shade in a recent video) I mean, the part that got me, was the Thermal Paste on top of Thermal Paste! And the "Yes, We got one" The way he said that in regards to the CPU, made me chuckle. I mean, I got one too! https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/13/17828092/gaming-pc-build-custom-how-to-asus-intel-geforce-cost BUT WAIT! There's More! It seems this guy actually streams, and rather than taking the criticism, some of it constructive, a lot of it "YouTube Comments" [Nuff Said] He seemed to Alienate everyone and dismiss everyone with his seemingly arrogant views on the people he was delivering the video for. He Says "Some Very angry nerds, are angry with how I built the computer" https://clips.twitch.tv/SassyCovertAnteaterBudStar
  12. GrandFatMan

    Sound Recording

    I second Reaper, I've used many DAW's in studios, Including Reaper (I've actually used Reaper in a live setting for DSP and recording) and it's insanely flexible. the 2i2 is great for starter stuff, i'm personally a fan of MOTU preamps. But the Focusrite stuff comes a very, very close second, if not on equal par.
  13. GrandFatMan

    Weird usb audio noise spikes

    it could be "dirty power"
  14. GrandFatMan

    I found Linus' socks!

    Well, title says it all really.
  15. GrandFatMan

    Floatplane Forum / Discord

    I meant on the Discord, apologies