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  1. Hello everyone. Weird issue here. I've got alexa connected to a Samsung soundbar, it says connected, and seems to be functioning. As soon as I ask her to play something, she will speak. Through the soundbar, as intended, but as soon as the media plays, there is nothing. Silence. The dots around the house are connected through WiFi and continue to play as normal, the echo is silent, as soon as I then disconnect from the Samsung soundbar, the echo resumes playing the audio. What's weird, is she speaks through the soundbar, so I know it's connected correctly, but as soon as the media plays, it doesn't play anything through the soundbar. It's a unique issue I haven't come across before.
  2. Hi guys, running to a weird issue. I have moonlight installed on my note 8 and it works flawlessly for streaming my games from home. The issue I've ran into, is fo some games I need middle click, however android is taking that input to mean I want to go to the home screen. And closes moonlight. Beyond frustrating. Any ideas? Can't seem to find anything in android settings except swapping left and right click (and sensitivity) and no app that I can find. Thanks in advance.
  3. Depends on the demand. But yes, they do generally re stock items.
  4. I remember a while ago on WAN show, that a virtual ticket for floatplane members was going to be a thing, and Linus mentioned that Luke was going to provide details? Has that been a thing? Is anything happening?
  5. I never thought of that! That seems the most likely culprit. Not enough Vram
  6. First thing i did was DDU, and ran the Intel Driver utility.
  7. Okay, Bit of a weird one. My GPU is out for RMA, And I used to be able to play some basic games with the iGPU (8700k) However, for some reason, (all drivers up to date) I keep getting blue screens when launching a game in fullscreen. And it's always a different error. Memory Managment, Driver, NonPaged area, etc. The RAM is fine, It was RMA'd last year with a brand new kit from Corsair. All the other components are new. Is it simply a case of it just, not coping?
  8. Also, Not just wattage, be weary of impedance.
  9. Could be a few things. Has your Phantom Power supply got a Ground Lift switch? You could try that. I would get a decent preamp, looking at your gain structure, you don't seem to have one. So it's using the motherboard's built in DAC / AMP and it just isn't up to snuff. The signal to noise ratio is awful, and that would be down to the quality of the Amp. A cheap mixer would resolve that, and it would also take out the USB phantom power supply from the chain (A mixer would have it's own)
  10. I thought that was the whole point, us helping to report bugs. Else you'd have no idea! Thanks for the great work. Floatplane is awesome.
  11. This is on the floatplane website
  12. I've been having a strange issue, where on the previous version of android, it was fine because I could set the navigation bar to hide. (by double tapping the little dot) however, since the new version, on Android 9, full screen in floatplane doesn't hide the navigation bar. If needed can provide more details.
  13. PC, And yep, Signed into google, But it knows my "current location" And Ethernet to my router.
  14. So, this may seem like a really stupid question . I'm new to VPN's, Bought one today (Using the LMG link of course!) due to my ISP emailing me, making sure I knew, that they knew, what i was doing, and how much i was "downloading" (I stream twitch a lot, youtube etc) And it's in the hundreds of gigabytes. Now, if i search my ip, or a whois, the VPN is working perfectly. However, If i go into google maps, and do a gps search from "my location" It knows exactly where I am. How can this be?