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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    ASRock B450M-Pro4-f
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    XPG Gammix D10 2x8gb 3000mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC
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    Aerocool Bolt
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    XPG SX6000 Pro 512gb
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    Corsair TX550M
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  1. So after completing Nyekundu (the budget 1080p rig), i felt an emptiness, no, more of an urge to build something else. And when my dad called me to tell me his gaming rig had finally shat itself, this was the perfect opportunity to do so. His current rig is a i5 6400, 750ti powered machine, nothing special but it got the job done for him for 768p gaming back when we first built it nearly 6 years ago now. It was time to move him into 1080p gaming, and its safe to say, this might be a bit overkill for that, but who knows maybe hell decide to invest into a 4k monitor after playing around with this for a bit. So the parts list and why i choose what i did. CPU - Ryzen 5 3600, pretty easy choice here. Originally i was going to go with a 2700x, but after realising that the only thing my dad will use this PC for is gaming, the 3600 was a no brainer. The 3600x wasnt in stock anywhere, because i would happily spent the extra cash for one of those, so a 3600 OEM with a old gen (the one that has the copper vapor chamber in the middle) wraith spire cooler was the way to go. After a few stress test runs in Cinebench15, the CPU maxed out at 72c, on the silent fan curve profile. I would say thats a win. Cost me 199USD for the CPU and 6USD for the cooler. 205USD total. MB - Aorus B450 Pro. This was a far harder choice than i first thought. As good as the linus tech tip forum tier lists are, they also complicate your life a great deal, trying to find the perfect balance of cost to features to performance. I settled on this board, simply because all the "good" MSI B450 boards were out of stock here for a good couple of months. However, im glad i did go with this board, because not only does it look fantastic, and matched perfectly with the GPU, its so feature rich that i can take the slight performance hit knowing that my dad will take advantage of the features more than he will its over clocking potential. Cost me 125USD RAM - Kingston Hyper X predator 4x8gb kit. Pretty simple, was looking for the cheapest 3000mhz kit with at least CL15 timing, that was available without having to wait for 2 months. Managed to get it to be perfectly stable at 3200mhz and still keep the CL15 timings, that and the 32gb capacity will be more than enough for dad. Cost me 185USD Memory - Silicon Power A80 1tb NVme. Another purchase done based on the LTT tier list, the capacity is more than plenty for what my dad wants to do with it, and he can always upgrade to more memory in the future, nothing else to be said here. Cost me 167USD GPU - Aorus RTX 2070 Super. The 2070 super was always the option i was going to go with, seemed like the best card when looking around this price range (yes im aware of the 5700xt, but i didnt want my dad to even have to open this PC ever, let alone deal with crappy driver issues so Nvidia was the only option). The reason i went with the Aorus card is again due to LTTs very handy tier lists, the Aorus coolers and PCBs were ranked very high so i decided to go with it instead of the gigabyte gaming oc option i had chosen originally, it also helped that it now matched the MB perfectly. The card actually benched as much and sometimes more than an RTX 2080, so really happy with that, on stock fan curves it did get toasty at 74c, however after playing around with the curve a bit, and setting the front two 140mm fans to ramp up with GPU temp, made it far more reasonable at 68c after a few runs of the TimeSpy stress test. Idles far more reasonably at 39c. Cost me 697USD PSU - Corsair TX750M. Another no brainer, have the 550 in Nyekundu, has worked flawlessly thus far, so getting one with a bit more juice and the same 80+ gold rating was an easy pick. Cost me 120USD Case - Fractal Design Meshify C. Learning from my mistakes with Nyekundu, i decided that a cheap sub 40USD case was not worth it here for the hardware i was putting into it. Beyond that the fractal was another easy choice, highly recommended case by most people, from the build quality to the airflow i am definitely not disappointing. Cost Me 100USD Total including a set of ML140 fans - 1599USD Now i am aware most people will comment and state that i should have gone for this, saved money here, saved money there. But that was not the point of this build. I wanted to build a PC for my dad that he wont have to ever worry about or have the need to even open beyond cleaning it for the next 3-4years, and for that i think its pretty much perfect.
  2. I guess ive just had a bad experience with poor airflow cases and dont like leaving anything to chance now. Ive seen that video, and i think 2 intake and 1 exhaust fan is a pretty normal standard these days, plus that $35 wont really help me anywhere else in the build, so wont hurt to have them.
  3. Than the wraith stealth? Close to 15-17deg cooler on average, thats a substantial difference, considering that in my case they cost the same. I was thinking of maybe an AIO, if cutting down on the PSU helps to save enough an AIO might be worth it here.
  4. The 3600 stock stealth cooler is average at best, and the price, at least for me of getting the 3600OEM with the wraith max separately comes to be the same price as the 3600BOX set.
  5. Worse for gaming, dad has no intentions of using the PC as a "work" machine.
  6. Ive learned the hard way that you can never had to many fans, the meshify c seems to be decent in airflow, but just in case adding two intake 140s and keeping the exhaust 120 should do the trick, and no, my dad couldnt care less what the finished PC looks like, hence why 99% of the components lack rgb and are just plain black.
  7. The best value i found for a 2 pack that comes with a controller (yes PCPP doesnt have it shown so i just picked two seperate), dont think ill need it but its a good future proof item to have in case theres a need to add more fans later on.
  8. So i think ill go with the Gaming Pro Carbon AC, 16gb of 3200mhz ram, Ryzen 5 3600 with the wraith max cooler, silicon power P34A80 1tb, TX750M, Meshify C, and the windforce oc 3x 2070 super, this is mainly because of availability, no EVGA/(good tier)MSI/Strix cards available here, so the gigabyte seems to be the best i can do for now, same goes for the MB, the best option for the price i have so far, since the X570 boards are double, and no Tomahawk boards available anywhere without a 1month wait.
  9. Yeah just saw the Gaming Pro Carbon AC is on sale here, might be the one to go with, and unfortunately i cannot find any Tomahawks in stock in my country.
  10. Or the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC is on sale at the moment, only 10$ more than the Aorus
  11. What about the Asrock B450 Steel Legend? Seems to be a good middle ground of performance and features.
  12. Right, yeah, just had a look, might look at a MSI 450 board with a few more features then, didnt realise the Aorus board was that much worse in power draw and cooling. Shame really, because the features it has for the price is top tier.
  13. Well for SSDs i used the Tier-List on this forum, the S11 pro is a Tier B, while the A80 is Tier E, unless im looking at the wrong one? PSU is more for comfort and peace of mind, since this is a PC i dont want him to worry about for a few years. Yes RAM i agree, might even go down to 16gb, since primarily he will only use it for gaming. As for the MB, im not sure but from the design and the coolers it looks like the Aorus is miles ahead, even the inclusion of a built in IO shield, coolers on the M.2 slots as well, unless theres something else im missing?