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  1. Jesus man, this is a painful cop out...
  2. Could be several things. First things first, disconnect the mouse and try it in a different USB port, preferably a blue one for USB 3.0. Make sure the wire is fully connected into the mouse itself. Clean off the bottom of it with some isopropyl alcohol. Get yourself a solid mousepad, a single sheet of standard printer paper works great if you have nothing else.
  3. Please follow the advice of the sane on here and wipe it out completely with a fresh windows install. Who knows what else they could have slipped onto the PC that your grandpa might not even had noticed.
  4. I understand the desire here, but unless you're running multiple 4k monitors... what is your goal here? Your set up, while perhaps lacking in a cheap solution such as adding additional RAM, is pretty damn solid and I can't imagine there's much out there you can't max out? In my opinion, your CPU and Motherboard are very nice.
  5. Everything should run on high with -okay- frame rates. The only thing to worry about is GTA. You might need to stick to medium settings to get a reasonable frame rate. If you are using your integrated GPU you won't be able to run any games basically, which is what you've learned already. The 4gb of dedicated VRAM on that GPU should help out tremendously.
  6. Sounds like your display drivers crashed momentarily. Or, with Chrome's known RAM eating habit, it finally crashed from that. Just restart your entire PC and you'll be okay!
  7. Definitely sounds like your power supply is barely keeping up with the system load.
  8. Yeah, you can very easily activate windows online. If you're connected through a wired internet connection while you're installing windows you'll have the opportunity to activate it at the start of you installing windows.
  9. I'm trying to get this... hmm. I think I understand the question? If you're replacing the motherboard, go ahead and do a fresh install of windows if you have nothing major to save that isn't backed up. It will save you any future potential hassle. Everything your new motherboard and CPU need are going to be there. Just worry about getting Windows installed and then when you're done just grab your drivers, such as your graphics card driver.
  10. The easiest way I've found is with the smart phone app that lets you view wifi networks. The one I use it simply called Wifi Analyzer and it pulls up a list of everything on my network in real time including all of their information.
  11. If you reset the router it isn't going to accept your old password, since you reset it. Some routers come with a password already assigned by default to the Wifi. If yours is one of these, it can be found under the router on a sticker. If it isn't a router with a preinstalled password, the wifi network will just be open for anyone to connect to.
  12. Keep in mind you'll also need a brand new motherboard supporting the 300 series 1151 socket and those aren't cheap either. I wouldn't return it if you're forced to go down to a 1050, even the 1050ti. If anything, invest into a water cooler if you don't have one and overclock the 1600x.