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  1. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    yeah you are probably right, i decided to not pay attention to surround in my choice. the noise canceling on the pxc 550 can be adjusted and they seem like a great choice all around so i think im gonna give those a try. thank you for your help
  2. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    the b and o h4 looks really good, but it doesnt have surround sound. the pxc 550 has noise canceling, dont know if this can be disabled or how strong it is. i cant find a wireless version of the momentum 2, afaik there are only wired models
  3. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    I think you can only disable the noise canceling when using them with the 3.5mm cable, not on bluetooth. Those are on-ear headsets except for the h7, which costs 300€
  4. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    Thanks for your suggestions, the qc35 look really good, its just that i dont want noise canceling to that degree, i still need to know whats going on around me. As far as i can tell, the AE2 SoundLink only have 7h of battery life, thats not enough for longer "sessions" on the weekend.
  5. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    From what i can see, it doesnt have bluetooth
  6. 0xzz

    Wireless headset advice

    Budget is around 200-250€
  7. Hi, im currently looking for a new headset but there is just so much stuff out there and i dont want to go through the process of ordering a bunch just to test them and send them back, so i thought i could get some advice here. Im currently using a Sennheiser PC 363D and im very happy with the sound but its starting to fall apart. I will mainly use it for watching movies/tv shows on my pc and some gaming, plus i would like to listen to music on my phone. My budget is around 200-250€. What im looking for is: A microphone (quality is not important, only using it a couple times per year) Wireless (Bluetooth so i can also use it on my phone) Some form of surround sound Over-ear style Im happy for any suggestions. Edit: should probably mention that im not an audiophile, just your average consumer