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  1. Hard tubing help

    I used the same, if not a touch more compound when refitting today, while i dont have pictures of how much I applied I'm confident that I did it as best I could, I think the heat is transferring much better as the block itself is now much hotter. However the idle temperature is still sat at close to 60 degrees.
  2. Hard tubing help

    Thermal pads positioned as specified in the EKWB manual for the block
  3. Hard tubing help

    I will provide photos when I re-apply the paste on Saturday, I hope it's not to do with the thermal pad positioning as they're where the instruction manual specified.
  4. Hard tubing help

    By dry up the liquid and hope it's okay I meant overnight, it happened about 1am and I wiped it all down as best i could and left it unplugged overnight, I didn't try and turn it back on until I had disassembled, dried, and reassembled.
  5. Hard tubing help

    The next available day I'll be able to strip it all down is this coming Saturday so I'll be sure to do that then.
  6. Is the semi prolonged use at 90 degrees enough to cause this warping to the tubing? Or is there another factor I'm not considering, it is only happening at this fitting from the GPU to rad.
  7. MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G card and EK-FC980 GTX Ti TF5 block
  8. That saves me a lot of work then, easy enough to re-fit the waterblock, I'll probably change out the tubing from GPU to rad as that has warped from the heat and weight (detailed in another post)
  9. Dropped the pump down to 50% for about 15 minutes now and the GPU temp has gone up to 65 at idle while the CPU is still around 30 so that certainly lends credence to the idea that it's the block at fault.
  10. I've also considered re-routing the loop to have a rad before the GPU, would this make much difference or does the order not matter too much? I'll re-affix the block and see how it changes.
  11. D5 pump working fine it seems, changed from a DDC for a sake of a quieter pump although its running at 100% to maintain that 50 degree idle temp.
  12. Is there any outstanding reason that my GPU is running 50 degrees at idle and all the way up to 90+ under load? It is an MSI 980ti that is not overclocked. My i5 6600k overclocked to 4.5ghz maxes out at 60 degrees in the same cooling loop. There is one 360 rad at the top of the case and a 240 rad mounted to the front.
  13. Hard tubing help

    It's all EK PETG 16mm tubing, I expect it to be the heat warping it combined with the weight of the waterblock, I get GPU temperatures of around 50 at idle and all the way up to 90 after a few minutes at full load, I have no idea why it runs so hot, the GPU is not overclocked, however the CPU overclocked to 4.5ghz runs 30 at idle and a max of 60 under load.
  14. Perhaps some watercooling veterans can help me here. Not long ago I upgraded my soft tubing system to hard tubing and was rather happy with the results despite having to resort to some unconventional angles and routing. Some time passed and all was going swimmingly, as time went by I started noticing liquid pooling around the seal on the tube running from the top of the GPU to the top radiator, the best I could do with it however was to dry it off and pray that it would not carry on. Unfortunately one evening before my eyes and behind the windowed side panel i watched the GPU drop away from the tubing and liquid spray up under pressure onto the motherboard, the PC instantly shut itself off and I pulled the power on it, whipped the panel off and managed to cram the tube back into the fitting and stop the leaking. I have bought and fitted a new Motherboard, new pump, and new fans as a repair and all is working again, while replacing the tubing I noticed that the offending connection was crushed and warped unlike any of the others. The new system is currently working with improved temperatures but I am beginning to see a very similar warping on the same connection as before. What am I doing wrong here? I assume it is a combination of the GPU heat and the weight of the waterblock just loosening and warping over time but it has only been about three weeks since the replacements, is there anything i can do to remedy this? Thank you all.