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  1. Quite an interesting history, TEIN Flex Z (and then above that MCA Blues, though they're an Aussie business) coilovers is what I see a lot of people suggesting when it comes to upgrading suspension. Bought mine a couple months ago from a dealership in South Australia, which is over 2,500km from me, sight unseen, only went off pictures from carsales. As such, I didn't get much of it's history, dealership didn't care even though they run a fairly niche JDM dealership, so don't know about anything that's been replaced that isn't regularly replaced, or obvious. It has got an engine dampener, and a K&N air filter, and once I get my open license in less than a years time the plan is to pop a supercharger on top.
  2. Cheers mate, as far as I'm aware it's its factory match, there's like 2 marks on the very back of it on the left, and chip just above the rear window, not sure how I'll flatten them out and make it look nice but right now it looks perfect from 2 metres or so. I assume from your profile pic you've got an SE? Was very much planning on getting one myself, but just ended up getting a stock NB8B.
  3. There's a damb good reason for it too. They're fun as. Edit: At least they're not as common as a WRX or Lancer.
  4. I wouldn't have him fade from the public entirely, I am quite fond of Elon because of his innovation, but this was entirely uncalled for. He acted in the same way that a 16 year old girl would where she posts on Facebook calling Brittany a slut after Brittany got the spot of cheerleader squad captain instead of her.
  5. All of the points about making the decision between having 4x8GB or 2x16GB setups has been listed, but to summarise. If you're going to get 4 modules of 8GB and are buying the same RAM, you really shouldn't have any compatibility issues. It also subjectively looks a lot nicer to have all 4 slots occupied, but cancels out your option to upgrade to 64GB of RAM, though I doubt you'll ever need that much even before you decide to totally upgrade your RAM anyway. And 4 is more than 2, which means you have effectively double the chance to have a RAM stick die, but RAM is incredibly reliable, and very rarely dies.
  6. Sometimes Elon really is a bloody idiot, just far too vocal about stuff that has no well intentioned thought behind it.
  7. Yeezus I need to change my member title. 

    It's currently "Interweb expert, gaming elite, and anime master.", I intended it to be satire, but after over 6 years it's not quite fitting anymore imo.

  8. Hey guys, finally decided to pop in here and announce myself and my car. Had her for a little over 3 weeks now, but the last time I came into this thread I hadn't got any good pictures of her. She's a 2001 Mazda MX-5, second gen and basically entirely stock. I definitely intend on getting better looking wheels, I don't like the look of them at all. Also a new head unit is on it's way, the FM radio is dodgy (have yet to fiddle with the antenna though) and there's not even an AUX in the standard head unit. Haven't got any interior pics, but it's the black and red leather combo. And yes that picture is unedited, I've disabled the master AI feature on my P20 Pro.
  9. @alby800 Isn't the only one with an MX-5 now. 

    1. Salty


      bro you gotta turbo it otherwise you'll just be known as the bloke with the hairdressers car

  10. First thing I bought off Massdrop was a watch actually, been looking into more and more EDC and as that same watch isn't what I really like I'll probably wait for another unique looking watch that isn't 500 bucks and buy it.
  11. Ever so more I've been realising that Massdrop's "drops" are very disappointing. Only real use for Massdrop is its community and easy of use to get stuff other people want. But you have to wait so damn long in most cases. Still good though.
  12. Hey guys, looking to buy a replacement back cover for my P20 Pro as I dropped it within the first week of buying it, and as it was the first it was the last. It still works 100%, but at such a price I'm not keen on keeping it in it's current condition. I've seen plenty of 'OEM' and 'Original' back covers listed online from around 20 USD to 30 Libyan Dinar, but they clearly aren't factory spec with most of the text on the cover not being present. I'd be fine with doing the repair myself, but does anyone know where I would find a genuine back cover, or are the ones advertised as 'OEM' just as good? Cheers.
  13. I'd think the 10M fine would be an additional sum they'd need to pay out on top of the total amount that was incorrectly charged to users, but if Telstra is doing it on an inquiry-only basis than they won't have to pay nearly as much as what they reaped through this.
  14. You mean like, following the thread? Whenever someone posts in a thread you've followed you get a notification.
  15. DIV1D3

    shadow of war

    They respawn so to speak, kinda weird how after you chop some dude's head off, he comes back saying that you small like a molerat.
  16. Just an FYI, don't buy the ATH-M50Xs, buy the M40Xs if anything, and for the love of God if you get the M40Xs get some new earpads. The stock pads are fucking torture. 

    1. minervx


      The M50x are good in my experience.  The earpads do wear out.  Wipe them with rubbing alcohol pads (used on glasses) once a week to extend their life, but you probably should replace the pads every year or two.  

    2. DIV1D3



      I already bought some ZMF pads, but they aren't shipping until Sunday. I'm currently using the stock HyperX Cloud pads and they're bearable in this config. 

  17. You've been able to do so since the introduction of polls, but seeing as my thread was basically deleted, and my poll along with it, I can't do anything now. It's a tick box you can toggle on and off, I certainly didn't plan on revealing the voters, I just wanted to create some tension and risk. Cheers mods, I appreciate the lack of DM or any other sort of communication before or after my thread was merged with this one. My thread was not intended to be educational or informative, rather I wanted to interact with the currently active forum members, with a bit of spice. Edit: Just tried looking up the CoC, and turns out there's a new 'Community Standards', which doesn't even include anything about necro'ing... So are necro'ing threads no longer a problem? I've always thought to make a new thread if the latest reply on the old thread is over a month old (and this thread doesn't even have the same intent as mine did).
  18. Wait, anyone can see these via just the home page. Oh......

  19. And so it begins... In case I know of you becoming ill and requiring an organ transplant, you can rely on me and my rusted cement mixer to get you up and going again. Not sure what I'm supposed to do in the same case with you. New Zealand seems like a fitting location for you then.
  20. That's exactly the thing, getting into Cryptocurrencies before you know what you're doing is a really big hassle. Like anything, do some good research into what you can expect with what you have, and plan for any additional problems.
  21. DIV1D3

    What way?

    Whichever way you think is most secure, or easy for yourself to deal with. If you have a non-modular PSU, it'd probably be wise to set the fans to Push as cables wouldn't have the chance to get caught in them.
  22. Thought I'd do something that would re-connect me to the LTT community. Also just encountered the first ever time where I've thought to put the word 'female' before 'male', as it would be in alphabetical order that way. Hmmm. Keep in mind, I can change the votes to be public whenever I want.
  23. You won't be getting it in whole coins, rather you get a fraction of a coin depending on how much you contributed to the pools progress (a group of miners). I mean, you could mine a crypto by yourself, but that's silly as it's the same amount of money/power but just more infrequent. Dunno about how quickly you can get it up and running, from what it seems nowadays it's really quick and as simple as downloading the miner and launching it.
  24. If I was upgrading my components, I'd look to sell my old hardware. No use in keeping a 280X if you've just bought a GTX 1070 and have no other computer setups. As I mentioned, it's good for buyers, in some cases, but you'll have the off chance of buying a brutally used GPU that hasn't got a break since it was unboxed. For sellers, there's absolutely no upside, more competition which advertise for far less than average drastically reduces your returns.