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    Hardware and Software, coding and gaming!
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    Who cares about me, i'm a student!
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    MIT....yeah....sure...."Milano Institute of Things"


  • CPU
    FX-8320E @4.5GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
  • RAM
    16GB Corsairs vengeance DDR3
  • GPU
    RTX 2080 ti gaming x trio & GTX 750 ti gainward
  • Case
    Deepcool genome 2
  • Storage
    256GB samsung 850 PRO
  • PSU
    850W nobodyknowswhatisthis
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    AOC AGON AG241QG - 23.8" 2560X1440
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    case-included AIO with 360mm radiator
  • Keyboard
    deepsea ITK822 (sucks)
  • Mouse
    Mionix castor
  • Sound
    Turtlebeach stealth 450
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 ultimate
  1. I apologize, my first post was quite uncorrect, since it was in theory overclocked at 4GHz, but the frequency was increased via multiplier, and that was not influencing the NB, so the overall performance was nearly constrained to the stock 3.6GHz...my bad!
  2. That was not magic, it’s stock clock is 3.6GHz, so it’s around a +1GHz, that’s quite legit ahah
  3. Just an update after a full afternoon of tweakings: now the good old FX-8320E is up to 4.5GHz (20.0 on the multiplier and 215 on the base), with 2700MHz on the north bridge, 1766MHz on the RAM all supported by 1.325V on the CPU and 1.35V on the NB...it’s perfectly stable at 72^C under full load and ~50^C in games! Now I can reach 70FPS with everything Ultra in BF1 for example, around 80 in destiny 2 and so on, everything got a +100% in average! Now i’ll definitely be able to wait for the third gen ryzen! Thank you for all the help, if someone of you have more experience than me at overclocking, pleas, let me now if i’m missing some details that may improve even more the overall performance or simply reduce maybe the now stunning 170W tdp?...
  4. I’ll do the upgrade as soon as possible...I haven’t done it yet because...i’m honestly waiting for Ryzen 3 ahahah, that’s all it’s holding me back from upgrading now ahah
  5. Thanks for the answers, I know that the FX was going to reduce my FPS, however the usage I was mentioning was on the main 4 cores, the others where around 60%, it’s fine to know that may be the CPU because as I said it’ll get an upgrade in a few months, so that’s fine, meanwhile I still have the option to overclock, since as it’s now, under full load it reaches 50 degrees @3.8GHz, so I may be able to go up until...I don’t know, does someone of you have experience overclocking this kind of CPU, at which voltage level should I stop?
  6. Hi, i just bought a MSI 2080 ti gaming X trio, and after setting all up for it, overclocking my 1440p monitor at 160Hz, making it detect by the OS and the NVidia control panel and everything...when i fire up BF1, Destiny 2, BF4, FarCry 4 and 5 (those are the titles I tested) the FPS counter never crosses 50 or so, staying always around 35 and 40, with all the above listed games. I have already tried all the different settings in every game, i turned on and off G-sync, both in the display itself and the software, i scaled resolution, i removed FPS caps, and even reinstalled some games...but nothing. I have to say that i have a FX-8320E as CPU, and i know it's a bit old, but it's overclocked at 4GHz without problems and while in game never gets used more than 80%, so i think it can't be the bottleneck...i don't know a ton about the work that te motherboard (is a M5A97 EVO R2.0 by ASUS) is supposed to do in order to feed with data the GPU, may that be the problem, cause the motherboard is 5 years old like the CPU too! There is one more thing to add, i still have windows 7...and i know, before someone criticise me that i had to upgrade all the pc and not only investing 1400$ on the GPU, but that has sense to me because the whole machine will get and upgrade in some months, and i really needed a new GPU cause i'm working with tensorflow and the 2080 ti was really appealing to me cause of it's tensorcores...those are the only things right now which seems to work fine, since the GPU is eating data perfectly...but still i can't game in my spear time! If you need more data let me know! HELP PLEAS...i'm getting mad looking at 30FPS in "2K"!
  7. ah....i missed your comment....you were saying the exact same thing as i did in the last comment ahahahh, sorry!
  8. I have thought at it a lot, and I think that the situation is quite different, they cost a lot cause only a few of the potential buyers are getting them, cause of a shortage of different nature than high price -> low demand, and the cause of this shortage i think is to search at a manufacturing level... Obviusly mine and yours are all assumptions...so the debate may still be open untill official news!
  9. I'm trying to buy an RTX 2080 ti (being more specific the MSI gaming x trio), but i can't find one...before you say "go to the shop ---" I must say that i'm from Italy, so my only trusted sellers are "AK informatica", which is out of stock since MSI launched the card, and amazon.it, cause .com need 1k damn EUR in order to pay dutys and other things which....you know...are useless non the less. Back on topic, i'm wondering why there is no chance to get a 2080 ti even now that them has been presented 6 months ago, and why preorder prices where lower than the ones we are looking at now! That's strange to me, just like the market wasn't ready to supply them all and got busted with prices incresing rapidly under the heavy demand for the RTX cards...do you think, via some kind of opinion or analysis, that there is any chance I'll have my hands on a 2080 ti, maybe factory OC like the gaming x trio one, in a shot (a month?) amount of time?