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  1. Monitor just blew, any suggestions on a new one?

    $100-200, preferably closer to $100
  2. My old Dell monitor blew and now I need a new one. My GPU is an RX 480. I'm looking for a 1080p with at least 60hz (144hx if you think my card could handle it and cost is good) and possibly freesync as my card should support it. Any suggestions?
  3. Unprompted bios self flash Asus FX504

    It just randomly booted into ez flash and began "bios upgrade is processing." Idk whether i should leave it or shut it down(it says not to), but it is a new computer and didn't do this the first time it boot up. Also I did not install anything for the flash, it just unprompted came up and says its updating, but it doesn't seem to be progressing at all.
  4. Where to buy windows 10 keys?

    I don't want to pay $90 for a key, is there a way to purchase legitimate keys for activation on windows or would I have to pay the premium. Like on eBay or something?
  5. Exactly as the title says, will it void warranty if I work on the computer myself. It would be an Asus laptop btw.
  6. I might get an old computer from my school that was going to be thrown away for the sake of making a personal cloud server at home. What is the best method of doing this? What software/OS is the best for this kind of thing?
  7. 16gb vs 8gb of ram

    I am pretty sure I haven’t experienced any ram bottlenecks, and I currently run an 8 gig set. But if the current realm of gaming is moving into the 16 gig field I will go with it, I thought the standard for a decent rig was still at 8 so that was why I considered 16 a bit of a future proof. And with the uses I want with video editing and streaming it seems like I should go for 16.
  8. Which should I buy when I get the money, a 16gb dual channel or an 8gb dual channel. I know ram prices are pretty bad now, but would it be worth it to buy a 16gb set over an 8gb set for future proofing? I plan on upgrading to ryzen in the summer and want to know which size I should opt for, as I’m going to buy ram that’s clocked at least to 3000mhz. I also plan on streaming and light video editing, I know that eats ram. So should I just buy an 8gb set, or bite the bullet and go for 16.
  9. Is this graphic card safe to buy

    Definitely not, there is no way someone is selling it for $70 unless it’s broken or not an actual 1050 it.
  10. Failing harddrive

    Backup all files you want to keep on that drive. Reallocated sectors are sectors of the drive where there has been a reading/writing error and that sector cannot be written to. While not necessarily meaning that the drive is failing completely, it is a sign that you should prepare to replace it. Once a hard drive shows signs of failing, that means it’s typically on a downhill slope from there. I personally would replace it with a new drive, as that is the only way to keep your data safe. You can continue using this one as a scratch drive though, meaning unimportant files or files that can be replaced easily. Seeing that this is a secondary drive already, are you currently storing any important files on it? Because if not you can continue using it as normal and monitor the reallocated sector count to see if it continues to rise.
  11. overclocking monitor limit?

    im trying to up the refresh rate of my monitor using AMD Radeon settings, and i have reached a point where everything goes fuzzy (like its lowering the resolution), but the screen doesn't black out like i read it should. does this mean i reached the limit of my monitor, or should i push until black to see if the picture becomes clear? i was able to get it up to 63 hz from 60, after that it just gets fuzzy
  12. CPU Spikes after clearing CMOS

    Cpu paste is for thermals, your paste is fine as long as you are below the max temp. It would seem as though the max temp for 66°c, so you should be fine.
  13. CPU Spikes after clearing CMOS

    I’m no professional, so take what is say with a grain of salt, but I think the problem isn’t with the cpu. Those spikes are normal afaik, as it has different loads at different times. But it isn’t reaching 100%, so I don’t think that’s the issue. If it were the power supply you would be experiencing other problems aside from lost performance in game. I think the problem lies somewhere in the realm of the gpu. Have you updated your drivers recently?
  14. CPU Spikes after clearing CMOS

    Those temps aren’t bad, so thermal throttling isn’t an issue. Reseating a piece of hardware is when you take it out of the system and put it back in. This ensures that if any contact pins were somehow moved and not making contact, they are put back into position. While I’m thinking that’s not the issue, it might be worth it to try.
  15. CPU Spikes after clearing CMOS

    Reseat the ram, as the dram led was lit. That might help, but we would need to know if this also happens on bios 2, as this might just mean the first bios chip is faulty or the bios on it is corrupt.