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    Right behind you
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    Nerd stuff
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    Professional high fiver


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    i5 6402p
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    Kingston Value RAM
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    GV-RX480G1 (RX 480)
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    CoolerMaster Masterbox 5
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    480GB Crucial BX300 SSD and 1.5GB of HDD
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    Something Dell from 2007, 1920x1200 res
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    Razer Naga Hex
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    Windows 10

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  1. Docretier

    [HELP] New BenQ XL2546 Dead Pixel (Purchased 3 Days Ago)

    If you have any sort of out of box issues, return it immediately. New and working is better than not new and fixed. My monitor is an acer and I had a stuck pixel for a day and it fixed itself, but it is the second one I’ve had because the first had a dead pixel.
  2. Either it has failed and would need to be replaced, or disconnect and reconnect the connectors for the screen. That may also work.
  3. I work at a uBreakiFix and deal with these a lot. It sounds like your digitizer has failed, meaning you will need a new screen. You will either have to get in contact with apple to get it replaced through them, or you will need to bring it to a cellphone repair shop.
  4. Is there a software I can use that will run different scenarios to test overall battery life, I’d like it to be something i can just leave for it to work on its own instead of using pcmark 10 with a stopwatch
  5. Docretier

    is this an SSD?

    Is that a ide connector? If so then no, no ssd I know of was ever produced, or will ever be produced with ide connection
  6. Docretier

    Build for a Friend

    Where is the build info? All I see is the drives he has and the one you planned on.
  7. Docretier

    Would the switch benefit from new thermal paste?

    Lol, they are already planning the themed switch for the let’s go Pokémon games and smash ultimate
  8. Docretier

    Would the switch benefit from new thermal paste?

    I’m really loving my switch, honestly not sure how it can be improved hardware wise, really only the software that might use improvement.
  9. Docretier

    Would the switch benefit from new thermal paste?

    Same here lol, I have the nes, snes, 2 gba sp’s, a GameCube, AND a switch.
  10. Docretier

    Would the switch benefit from new thermal paste?

    Nah, just wondering if it would help get temps lower, since having it run as cool as possible would extend it’s lifespan potentially. Or is the factory supplied paste perfectly fine?
  11. Would the Nintendo switch benefit at all from new high performance thermal paste such as arctic mx4?
  12. Just got a switch and I’m loving it

  13. Docretier

    Damaged Video Card (Biscuits)

    If possible to obtain a donor, and you possess decent soldering skills, you may be able to swap the dvi port if you can’t clean that one out.
  14. Docretier

    PC wont work right with new CPU

    You don’t, only gen 6 and 7 can be exchanged, you need a board that has a gen 9 chipset.
  15. Docretier

    What gaming GPU should I buy to reduce bottleneck?

    If you want AMD I would go with a sapphire card, I love my Nitro+ RX 580