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  1. I just got a usb 2.0 bracket that can plug into the headers on my motherboard, so using those won't share bandwidth with the usb 3.0 ports? My mobohas both usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports on it
  2. Is the usb 3.0 bus the same as the usb 2.0 bus, just a different protocol with usb 3.0? Or is the usb 2.0 bus completely separate from the usb 3.0 bus.
  3. Docretier

    Why tech is dead

    My definition of peasant is the crappy laptop with an A10 in it and integrated graphics. I think if you have anything midrange and up your fine. Even low end is fine in a lot of cases.
  4. Docretier

    LTT @ CES 2019

    Agreed, he still has plenty of time and has a lot to cover
  5. Docretier

    Hard Drive not showing up in bios or Windows 10

    That would not prevent it from showing in bios. This means that the drive is not connected to the computer, try replugging it in on both ends of the sata cable and the power cable on the hard drive. If it still doesn’t show in bios, try a different sata port. If still no then reset the cmos. If that doesn’t work then the actual controller board is broken on the drive, as even a failed drive will be reported in bios if the controller board is fine.
  6. Docretier

    Win10, how to set critical battery below 5%

    I have never seen a system have 45 minutes at 5%. Unless you have a prototype system for some incredibly power efficient computer, it will not last that long. And as was said before, voltage doesn’t decrease linearly.
  7. I've read online that the serial number can give you this information but I don't know how to determine what it is from the number. HCC0YZ035943 is the serial number
  8. Docretier

    Should I buy 8 rtx's for cryptomining :D

    YAY, then pls hit me up in a few months with the progress. By then you should have tripled investment and you could sell me the card at a discount
  9. Docretier

    Computer doesn't post and video card doesn't start

    Just because the psu is off, does not mean there isn’t a charge present within its capacitors and such. I believe it to be several components have now failed, and after such a major electrical incident as this, find it hard to recommend using any of those parts again. The reason behind it is because there was a short somewhere, and that rendered the system inoperable. If it just so happens that the part that caused the short is inserted into a new system, it could cause the same thing to happen.
  10. Dead, there are micro particles of dust in the air. There needs to be absolutely nothing between the read/write head and the platter. Since the platter is magnetic it attracts dust the moment you open it. That is why clean rooms exist, it is a room that has none or very few of those micro particles, making drive recovery and repair possible.
  11. It dead, clicking means mechanical problems with the read/write head. And opening it is automatically dead, even if it were a new drive opening it is death.
  12. Docretier

    Computer doesn't post and video card doesn't start

    The computer should POST if he took it out and that was the issue. Which he did
  13. Docretier

    Computer doesn't post and video card doesn't start

    To put it simply, it ded
  14. No, bandwidth and lanes are different, the nvme drive uses 4 pcie lanes the bandwidth is the capability of data transfer through those lanes. You can’t split a lane.
  15. Apples business practices are generally deplorable when it comes to servicing customers. I actually feel bad when I have to direct people to the apple store for an issue that we can’t fix, like software bugs and failed home buttons.