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  1. Recommended ram for ryzen 5 1600?

    I don’t actually have the processor yet, I’m actually on an i5 gen 6 right now and want to upgrade. I’m gonna hold out until the gen 2 ryzen is released because I want to see its performance compared to the gen 1. Memory compatibility will definitely be a factor for me now.
  2. Recommended ram for ryzen 5 1600?

    What’s limiting you to 2933? MoBo doesn’t allow it? Just doesn’t work?
  3. What is a good speed and which series should I go with? The trident z series looks pretty good, but so does the dominator platinum. What are your recommendations on good ram? I’ve been told that ryzen LOVES high clock speeds, but what does that entail exactly? Just runs better at higher clocks?
  4. Best HDD for gaming?

    From what I’ve researched, seagate doesn’t have the best quality drives. I would go with a WD drive, as I can back their quality. I have dropped one of their internal drives 5 times before it stopped working, one of those times I threw it across the room(none of these were intended, it was from a really only laptop and I used it as an external drive.) I abused it and it worked fine the first four drops.
  5. I’d say use a different psu, that way you don’t risk breaking a different computer.
  6. Need a little advice

    Screen protectors are always appreciated no matter how good the durability gets. Having any line of protection is better than relying on manufactured strength
  7. Windows shows a different value for the same amount of information. Companies sell storage systems based on the assumption that 1 TB = 1000 MB, when computers read it as 1TB = 1024 MB
  8. Best Case Ever

    I just found the azza csaz-310, while idk the quality behind azza (hopefully someone will because I’m not familiar with them), it seems like a good case. Has nice aesthetics and tempered glass side, as well as the two front fans and lights on the case being RGB.
  9. Linus Must Try

    That’s a good point, and I doubt he would buy them for a video unless he had other plans for those cards
  10. Linus Must Try

    Fair enough, but I think it would still make an interesting video.
  11. Best Case Ever

    What kind of aesthetics would you go for? Smooth and sleek or something else that I can’t think of a descriptive word for.
  12. Linus Must Try

    I’m sure Linus would be able to figure out some way to create a pseudo-SLI setup, like it kinda functions like SLI but it isn’t really.
  13. Best Case Ever

    Depends on what you think is best. Do you value aesthetics or airflow? Room for upgrade? Easy to work with? What are you preferences
  14. Igpu on die?

    The igpu is the big black square or the small black square a cpu. I would imagine the gpu is the big one since it has so many cores. Not asking for any reason other than just wanting to know.
  15. Ryzen 2400g + Gtx 1050ti

    That’s why I thought it! Alright, this clears up my confusion.