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  1. Cuboid88

    Dualshock won't connect pls help!

    i've tried both those
  2. Hey, i recently got my ps4 after no using it for a while and i cannot seem to connect it to my ps4 whenever i turn on the controller to try and pair it blinks white once or twice and then turns it off. I tried turning off the ps4 and then turning on my controller and then it went through the whole "cycle" . where it blinked more than 8 times trying to find a ps. It's only when i try to connect it is when it blinks once/twice and then suddenly shuts off. Any help would be great thanks!
  3. Cuboid88

    How to limit data usage per device on router?

    tomorrow I'll try with the pfsense stuff and ill keep looking for other alternatives as well
  4. Cuboid88

    How to limit data usage per device on router?

    Glasswire maybe?
  5. Cuboid88

    How to limit data usage per device on router?

    I don't know that why I'm asking
  6. Cuboid88

    How to limit data usage per device on router?

    no just cut them off after they've used all of the data
  7. Hello, I'm currently using a Huawei b310 given by my provider for internet, however, I have a few other people on the same connection and I want to limit the amount that each of them can use. I'm open to using external software but no other hardware. -Thanks very much!
  8. Cuboid88

    Does mic pass through 1/4 on a dac?

    Hey, I'm pretty new to the "audiophile" scene but I was looking to upgrade the internal DAC on my motherboard that I've been using to an external one. Specifically looking at the FX Audio DAC-X6. i use a vmoda boom pro with my shp9500s plugged into the headphone and microphone jacks on the top of my case. I was wondering whether if I plugged the 3.5mm mic/audio cable from my vmoda into the FX Audio DAC-X6 using usb input whether it would work or would I have to split the audio signal into the dac/amp and the microphone signal into my motherboard thanks for any help.
  9. Cuboid88

    Are game key websites safe?

    See what i mean the first response says not to while the next to say that they're quite safe to use
  10. Hey im thinking of getting the newly released bf5 on pc and i was browsing for prices and noticed that you can get it for around 15$ cheaper on hrk keys, ive never bought a game from a key website and im not sure if it's safe or not. I've looked up threads and it seems to be split 50-50 with some people saying that its safe and then others saying my account will get blocked for ileagal keys. JUst some opinions would be helpful and even some sugestions if someone knows a verified place to get game cheaper or that sort of stuff
  11. My friend recently spilled his drink on his mac and his enter and backspace keys aren't working, i was wondering if there was a way to make a shortcut to fill in those keys
  12. Cuboid88

    Getting problem when trying to activate Discord bot

    Oh yeah that was the problem thank you very much
  13. Hey I'm a VERY simple programmer and I'm experimenting in trying to make a discord bot but am having a hard time getting online and working import discord client = discord.Client() client.run('SECRET TOKEN') I try to run this script but it gives me this error line 262, in static_login raise LoginFailure('Improper token has been passed.') from e discord.errors.LoginFailure: Improper token has been passed. ive seen a couple people having this issue because they were trying to login with their email and passwords but I'm trying this with my bot token, and help would be much appreciated
  14. Hey im moving houses and i was just wondering if it would be safe for me to take my pc in a suitcase along with some bubblewrap for protection or if not, any other way of me to take it on a plane also any advice you could give me so my move goes smoothly without my having to open my pc and see just everything broken? (btw the case is a phanteks p400 tempered glass)
  15. Cuboid88

    RAM frequency

    good idea is to get one with xmp support so you dont have to fiddle wiht any of the controls in the bios