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  1. Can i play GTA V

    Bit off topic, but aren't shadows usually GPU-bound?
  2. Hardest game to run right now

    Agreed, this game is pretty demanding.
  3. PS5?

    They will make use of 6/8 CPU cores then?
  4. batman arkham knight stutters

    Yeah that's the problem. It's actually on PUBG level from what i have read.
  5. PS3 Cell CPU

    Hello, I'm just curious what was so special about the architecture of the PS3 and why was it such a challenge to develop games for it? Consoles have the same hardware specs but why was Cell so hated?
  6. Console vs PC

    I wouldn't have thought that i would cause a PC - Console war with this question.
  7. Console vs PC

    This in turns means that they get utilized by 100% at every game right?
  8. Console vs PC

    Yeah, i know that. I just asked from a curiosity standpoint .
  9. Console vs PC

    Which PC CPU is equivalent to the PS4 8 core jaguar in terms of performance? Can anyone guess?
  10. That's pretty much it, but what about audio?
  11. What's the best way to check stability when it comes to CPU undervolting?
  12. What games can i play

    Anything you want, this is overkill for 1080p.
  13. Limited by CPU

    Even better than an overclocked 7700k?
  14. Gpu bottleneck

    What if both, CPU and GPU is at 100%? Isn't that perfect?

    Sorry, i meant in gaming, not idle.