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  1. OpenGL vs DirectX

    I'm wondering why there are only very few DX12 games? Would it require too much effort? It exists since 2015.
  2. IF you could, what Console would you like to bring back?

    An up to date Wii with it's motion plus feature, that would be awesome.
  3. Why is there no screen tearing on consoles?

    I was referring to the current gen consoles, can't say anything about PS3 but i believe you
  4. How is this not an issue for them although consoles are basically PC's as well?
  5. Antivirus software in 2018?

    I used Eset Nod32 for a while but not anymore. I just stick to windows defender.
  6. Community Standards

    What's the reason that it's okay now? Is it legal by itself?
  7. Does anyone know how much VRAM a Xbox One X and PS4 Pro has?

    It has 9GB free for games but i really wonder if devs make full use of it.
  8. GeForce GTX 1070, 100% load.. Risk?

    What temperature could damage the card? or is this actually GPU dependent?
  9. Why is there barley any Windows Vista builds?

    I*m wondering about the successor of windows 10... is there anything known about it?
  10. games that use 6/8 cores

    I've used this site for a while https://www.dsogaming.com/pc-performance-analyses/yakuza-0-pc-performance-analysis/2/ What do you think about it?
  11. Do cpu speeds matter?

    It's not just for gaming but for general purpose, so yes.
  12. games that use 6/8 cores

    The modern consoles have 8 cores but how is it not an issue for them? Is it the low clock speed? I know they probably use 6-7 but nevertheless.
  13. Is there actually any point where lithography process can't get better?
  14. Looking at purchasing a PS4 Pro over Xbox One X

    Yes, it basically prevents frame drops and will make FPS more consistent in some games (locked frame rate).
  15. Xbox One X VS $500 Gaming Desktop

    these kinds of questions make the most entertainment on the forum.