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  1. Paddi01

    44-49 on idle?

    What's wrong about it?
  2. I guess this always changes with a new consle generation. I mean, games only really started using quad cores like in 2013, the same year the PS4/ Xbone came out. Or is this just an coincidence?
  3. Paddi01

    Best life of a pc

    I would believe it's more healthy for your PC to leave it on. Also depends on power consumption whether or not it makes sense.
  4. Paddi01

    Is my SSD dying?

    How reliable is this tool? I mean if there are only blue lights, it really means that your HDD is without issue?
  5. Topic. Also give a reason why it is like that. No matter the platform. For me it's Watch Dogs 2 because of it's immersive and varying city.
  6. Paddi01

    Xbox One X achieving 120hz on Agon AG271QG help

    They are.
  7. Paddi01

    Favorite game you played in 2018?

    I play it with my DualShock 4 controller . There is no comparison i can make but it's okay to play with joycons.
  8. Paddi01

    Favorite game you played in 2018?

    Zelda BOTW on the Switch for sure.
  9. Paddi01

    Moderators on the forum

    How many mods are there on this forum?
  10. Paddi01

    Monitor or tv?

    Is there a difference between 'PC' and 'game' mode? Or are they basically the same?
  11. Paddi01

    Games today

    I agree as well, the difference is back then games were released complete. Now we have Patches, dlc's and micro-transaction which wasn't a thing with last gen consoles.
  12. Paddi01

    Switch games

    I agree. This game is so fun in multiplayer. It also makes good use of the joy-cons.
  13. Paddi01

    PS4 Games like Horizon Zero Dawn/Borderlands?

    FF15 and far cry 4.
  14. Most people will tell you 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. It's only necessary when there's a problem that actually affects you.
  15. What benefit would this give? I have DDR3-1600.