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  1. Annoying friend at school

    Thread should move to troubleshooting obviously.
  2. Why is it that some engines are more demanding than others? For example, if we take Crysis 3 (Cry engine) it´s much more difficult to run than Battlefield 4 (Frostbite engine) although they are both from 2013.
  3. What happened to the TITAN V!?

    What´s the point of buying this card anyway?
  4. CrystalDiskInfo

    How reliable and accurate are tools like Crystaldiskinfo for checking out health of SSD´s? Can anyone share his experience?
  5. Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1 performance?

    no difference at all
  6. Is PUBG worth playing? It supposedly has a lot of bugs but why is it so popular?
  7. Xiaomi Mi A1 any good?

    I have it as well and have nothing negative to say about it.
  8. PS3 Emulation?

    That´s true. But it also heavily depends on the console itself. For example, the gamecube is much easier to emulate compared to the ps2 although they are from the same generation and it´s even more powerful. I believe it´s the same case with n64 - ps1. So in depends on the architecture?
  9. PS3 Emulation?

    Which CPU is the best for emulators in general? 8700k?
  10. I´d like to know this as well as this CPU came out on October 2017
  11. Even if it does not increase performance, it still gives you a better feeling
  12. How much effort is put in these denuvo protections?
  13. You should not run 2 av´s simultaneously in general
  14. Far Cry 1, those were the times
  15. What´s the difference compared to the ones that can be downloaded officially from the manufacturer´s site?