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Steven Porter

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    San Diego, California, USA
  • Interests
    video, music, cars, computers
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    Filmmaker, musician, car guy, and maker. I DIY just about everything and love learning from my mistakes.
  • Occupation
    Owner, UDA Media


  • CPU
    Intel i7 7820x (4.8GHz all core OC)
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime X299-A
  • RAM
    32GB Vengeance LPX 3200MHz
  • GPU
    Asus 1070 Dual 8GB
  • Case
    custom wall mount
  • Storage
    14TB RAID, 250GB SSD, 1TB scratch disk
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    TCL 43S405, Samsung 21" 1080p mystery monitor
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K800
  • Mouse
    Wacom Intuos 4 Medium
  • Sound
    U-phoria 404 HD, KRK RP5 G2, Monoprice 10" Studio Sub, Behringer 3102 EQ/Crossover, Tascam M164FX mixing console, etc...
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. My friend and I are driving from San Diego. If you want to join forces and split the cost let me know!
  2. Steven Porter

    Every folder on my system is suddenly "Read Only"

    The problem has been fixed thanks to good ol' trial and error. After moving the drive to a different USB port, it's now copying fast and reliably as it did before. This doesn't really make sense to me, unless the other port or hub is failing, but I have other drives on that same hub that are still working fine which leads me to believe that the hub is ok. Oddly, all of the folders still say "Read Only" but other than that it seems things are back to normal.
  3. Steven Porter

    Every folder on my system is suddenly "Read Only"

    3DDude, thanks for clarifying, and yes your description of the drives is correct. Neither drive is slow on their own (around 500MB/s on the SSD, and 300MB/S on the RAID) but the transfer speed when moving large files from the SSD to the RAID is slow and intermittent. In the past, it has always transferred around 250MB/s and now it only hits 200MB/s for a few seconds before dropping to 5-10. Read speeds are still great, and other operations (like encoding/exporting video) run perfectly. Both indicators on the OWC RAID are green indicating that the drives are healthy, and there have been no clicking noises etc. associated with drive failure. (And don't worry, I do have at least 2 backups of all important data just in case!)
  4. Last week, I was suddenly unable to copy video footage from my cameras SSD to my editing drive on a Windows 10 Pro computer. I'm copying BRAW files (URsa Mini Pro raw codec) from a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo docked in a Neewer Voyager Q to an OWC Mercury Electra Pro Dual with 2x HGST 3TB NAS drives in RAID 0. Both drives are connected to the system via USB 3.0. I can browse media already on the RAID no problem, and everything seems perfectly fine until I try to copy media onto the RAID from any other drive. It starts around 200MB/s for a few seconds then plumits to 5-10MB/s and stops. Often, Explorer will freeze and both drives will be unresponsive. This system has been working for over a year and suddenly developed this issue last week. Small files appear to copy just fine, but the large video files consistently freeze and fail. Using other methods to transfer the footage like Red Giant Offload are hardly better. It usually works eventually, but stalls of ten and is extremely slow. (Before this issue it would be at least as fast as using Explorer.) I have tried ensuring that my account (the only account on the system) has full admin privileges and access to the drive, but it says that every folder on every drive on the whole system is read only. No matter how many times or what methods I try to remove the "read only" setting, I just can't seem to restore my permission to save data to any drive, although smaller files (under a few GB) seem to work fine. Timely replies are much appreciated, as I rely on this computer for my business and am stuck using much slower drives to hold me over until this is fixed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Steven Porter

    why does my microphone make this humming sond?

    Judging by the recording, it doesn't sound like a grounding issue to me. Can you please post details of how your audio system is wired in order of how they're connected? (for example: SM58 mic, XLR cable, Behringer Q802 mixer....)
  6. Steven Porter

    FLAC vs MP3 320Kbps

    High quality MP3 compression mostly affects the high frequencies. Distortion and noise can be heard in things like bright cymbals or "s" sounds in vocals. Most studio monitors (I have KRK RP5G2's) with good tweeters will be able to reveal it, and headphones that cover up to 22KHz or so generally can as well (I have vintage Sony MDR V6 that really show it, but the newer versions have a darker tone that may make it more difficult to hear.)
  7. Steven Porter

    Help - Best IEM's for Under $150 USD???

    If you want noise isolation, look into getting aftermarket ear tips from Comply. I have their isolation tips on my Klipsch R6 and it's incredible how little outside sound gets through, not to mention how much more comfortable they are. I noticed there's quite a bit more bass after changing from the included silicon tips (they were definitely lacking before and now they sound a little more bass heavy than I'd prefer) so keep in mind they may change the sound of your IEMs, but I'm very impressed with the isolation they provide.
  8. Steven Porter

    Need to buy speakers for around 40-70€

    It's hard to recommend without hearing them, but Logitech certainly has a good reputation with (relatively) low cost per speakers. From looking at the website, it's clear that this system was built for bass. If that's what you want, go for it! It's worth knowing that the tweeters (small speakers that make high frequency sounds) are fake on these. To quote from the site, "Small driver (tweeter) on satellite speakers is decorative and non-operational" Based on this, I wouldn't expect them to be particularly clear and detailed sounding, but I bet the average person wouldn't complain about it. That being said, this Logitech is probably about the best you'll get in this price range for a new system. Here's a rather extreme example of a used system in my area. I know this is far more than you're looking for, but it shows how far you can go in the used market. $25 for a pair of speakers. I'm guessing on the sizes from the photo and listed dimensions, but each speaker has around a 1" tweeter, 3" and 5" mid-range drivers, and a 12" subwoofer. (Total of 8 drivers between the two speaker boxes) all you'd need is an amp ($20 or so) and some speaker wire for $5 and you'll have a totally insane audio system for cheaper than the little Logitech. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/ele/d/la-mesa-mitsubishi-s5370-speaker-set-2/6846670434.html In my area, audio systems like these are really cheap and readily available. Smaller systems can be even cheaper, and almost all will sound far better than any normal PC speakers I've heard. Feel free to send me any used systems you find and I'll let you know what I think!
  9. In that case, given your budget and limited space and the speaker you're upgrading from, you'll probably be totally happy with them! Going back to flat vs colored sound, it's probably worth mentioning that even studio monitors can sound quite different from one another. There isn't really a specific quality that is exclusive to monitors vs other speakers. At the end of the day, they're all just drivers in a box, and aside from their pro-grade connectors and tendency to be more flat than others, there's nothing magic about them. They are all colored to some extent, they just tend to be less extreme. If there's a music store near you, see if they have them on display so you can hear for yourself. The Guitar Center near me has a whole room full of monitors and you can plug in a phone and switch between them to compare. Now that my random tangent is over, I would recommend these speakers based on your needs. Just to reiterate, they will almost certainly have very little bass, but I would expect that mids and highs will be very smooth and clear from my past experience with the brand. Hope this was helpful!
  10. Steven Porter

    Everyones hifi setups?

    They're not all strictly hi-fI's, but maybe worth sharing anyway since I find each piece of gear excellent in a specific area for my needs. Speakers/Amps: Studio monitors (KRK RP5G2, Monoprice 10" studio sub, Behringer 3102 EQ/Crossover getting it within +/- 2db from 32Hz to 24KHz) Bose 301 Series V with Fisher amp from early 70s (no model number to be seen, but I LOVE it. I'm super biased toward this system because it was my grandfathers.) Polk R30 with DIY mosfet amp because I got bored one day. Headphones: AKG K7XX (my everyday listening headphones) AKG K44 (cheap, but surprisingly ok. They live on the drum kit now for recording) Sony MDR V6 (from the early 90s, before they turned to plastic garbage. Mainly used for recording vocals and guitars) Klipsch R6 with Comply foam (for super loud location sound recording) Misc. Audio Goodies: Teac TN200 phonograph LG V20 (My proud daily driver, still among the best phones available for audiophiles) Behringer UMC 404 HD (an unbelievable deal) Tascam US-800 Tascam M164FX mixer
  11. Steven Porter

    Need to buy speakers for around 40-70€

    Don't be afraid of used speakers too! I don't know what the market is like for you, but I see super cheap used speakers online all the time, and many of them sound shockingly good.
  12. Steven Porter

    Headphones that let sound through

    Most over-ear headphones will cut a fair amount of noise. On ear headphones (while less comfortable to me at least) will let in a bit more ambient sound. Ideally, you'd have open back headphones. I have AKG K7XX which let me hear things around me shockingly clearly despite being big over-ear headphones. I haven't really tried any wireless headphones recently, but looking for an open back design may be the way to go.
  13. Steven Porter

    Ongoing audio crackling

    Could you post a recording of the sound? It could by any one of a number of issues, and being able to hear it could help diagnose the problem. If it is tied to CPU usage, it's likely a buffer size issue. Here are some things to try which may help if the issue is performance related. Clean the connector. You can use a contact cleaner (Deoxit D5 is the best IMO) or isopropanol on the cable end, then while it is slightly wet repeatedly insert and unplug the connector to clean the inside of the jack. Obviously this should be done with the system off using as little fluid as possible, and give it a minute to evaporate before powering back on. Increase the audio buffer size if your hardware has the option. Usually, only USB/Thunderbolt/PCI devices let you change this. Decrease the sample rate and/or bit depth (in most cases, anything better than 48KHz 16-bit is indistinguishable.) This can be done in the Sound Control Panel > Properties > Advanced
  14. It's an acquired taste, but I really enjoy it. I've been listening casually on studio's reference monitors for years and find it much more engaging than my previous listening speakers (Bose 301 Series V with a vintage Fisher hi-fi amp) due to the huge boost in clarity and depth. However, keep in mind that what you're looking at are (relatively speaking) very low-end monitors with tiny drivers. I hate to sound like a snob, but given their small size, limited response, and low powered amps, I'd hardly consider them studio monitors. (Most common entry-level monitors are closer to ($100-150 per speaker, and even they are best used with a correctly tuned subwoofer to get the full range.) In their defense, I've heard a few other PreSonus models before and have been impressed with their clarity and definition, but do NOT expect any bass out of these. If you're looking for larger speakers for normal listening, I'd highly recommend looking in the used market for old hi-fi speakers. You can find tons of 5-8" speakers for very cheap on Craigslist and amplifiers are really inexpensive brand new. I have several Lepy 2020 series amps and they're totally sufficient for listening. Going this route will almost certainly be less expensive and give you a much better listening experience.
  15. My friend and I (25y dudes) are driving up to LTX from San Diego and looking for others to meet up with and/or ride with along the way! We'll be making a 2 week road trip out of it by stopping at many cool places which we will determine eventually (one week each way, so two weeks round trip.) If you're somewhere along the west coast and interested in coming along for all or part of the journey, message me and we'll go over some plans. Thanks!