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  1. auto-restart when trying to enter safe mode

    Well, it's a prebuilt Dell T3500 System. But thanks, I'll try the 1-memory method.
  2. auto-restart when trying to enter safe mode

    Yeah, it's a clean install on a new storage device. I bought this PC used and the old Win 7 on the HDD wasn't loading anymore, so I got a new SSD and reused the DVD I had lying around from earlier this year to install Windows 10. I really do hope the Memory is fine, this one here is a Xeon w3680 with 6x2 GB and if one of them is damaged I'd really have Problems to find new working ones. Part of the reason why I bought it was the Chance to OC the cpu and the 12 gigs of Memory it had... I already used the Windows Memory test and it passed there, should I maybe also try and run memtest86+?
  3. auto-restart when trying to enter safe mode

    I have installed win 10 on a clean SSD I just put in the PC. And the only Thing I downloaded right after installing Windows 10 from a DVD was the update for Windows 10 itself. That aside, I haven't changed a single Thing or downloaded a single program. Also I tried both, with and without Network, both times the same Outcome.
  4. I have Trouble with my safe mode (also with Microsoft edge that always changes my typed words...) I want to enter it so I can use the DDU Driver uninstaller to deinstall the Driver of a quadro 5000 from my secondary PC so I that I can replace it with a 1050 TI I picked up somewhere for cheap. However once I've done restart and selected Option 4/5 (without/with Network), it loads, then I get a message that "Tipps"-App can't be loaded and the PC performs a restart and loads the regular mode of Windows 10. Before you ask: I have yet to activate the Windows 10 on this PC, I wanted to see everything working before I'd throw a license that way, so I have yet to buy a key for win10. (dunno if that is relevant for Trouble Shooting)
  5. Hey there. I am planning to build a PC with older parts. I already do own a prebuild DELL T3500 with a xenon W3680, 12 GB 6x2 ddr3 memory and a quadro 5000/1050 ti (will sell the excessive gpu). I also have a used 650W PSU (XFX XXX 650 Watt), however I might swap it out for a new psu. I do plan to get a different motherboard (currently have my eyes on a MSI X58 pro due to reasonable price) to do some minor overclocking. So now my questions: Is the MSI x58 pro a ok motherboard to do some moderate overclocking? Nothing to crazy, however I want to get a little more performance out of the CPU (will also add a 240 AIO if I can find a fitting one to get proper cooling) The motherboard does only have PCIe 2.0, while the 1050 TI I'd love to use would have PCIe 3.0, will this cause problems? (I've found a old tomshardware-thread where they said that this isn't too much of a problem.) If I'd mount a SSD as boot-drive, will it give me a similar boot-speed to my current battlestation or is it limited due to older SATA-connections? Is a SSD even smart to be used or should I simply stick with a HDD for this rig? In general, I'd appreciate any tips you could give me in this regard, maybe even recommendations for different motherboards or tips during the build/swap.
  6. Question about device-ID in gpu-z

    I made a post once already, so you can check this thread here: Problem with games
  7. Question about device-ID in gpu-z

    Well, the sticker on the box and the card matches and also the entire device ID of the card in GPU-Z are the same... I guess I'll try to reproduce the bug once again and then give them a nice call/email on monday...
  8. Question about device-ID in gpu-z

    I am just curioues if I have the same or not (will show sooner or later anyways due to the obvious graphic bugs I got from the one I sent in... For whatever reason I hid a small pink textmarker dot inside of the box because I was curious if they'd send me simply a new one or if they'd toy around a bit with it the one I did send in. Obviously I totally failed to realize there is a serial number and write it down which would've been the easiest way to check if it'S the same graphic card or not...
  9. Hey, does the ID change for every single GPU or for every model? Curious because I RMAd a 1070 and the device ID in gpu-z is the same as before.
  10. Hey there. I struggled with my 1070 and graphic issues, so I RMAd it. Now I had to install a 1050 TI while waiting for an replacement, and GPU-Z shows me a 20°C lower idle temp. (30°C compared to 50°C). Now I was wondering if this is simply caused by the "weaker" 1050 TI or if 50°C idle was high/too high for a 1070 to begin with. Does someone have similar experience and can give me a short hint what "normal" idle temps for 1050 TIs or 1070s are?
  11. Problems with games

    Ok, quick update. I removed the 1070 and will send it in. I installed a used 1050 TI I picked up for cheap. Stresstest showed that it runs 10°C cooler (65°C) than the 1070. I guess the GPU might be faulty, but also my case Pure Base 600 with tempered glass window has apparently ass-airflow....
  12. GPU Decision

    Personally I'd just scratch together 50ish bucks and buy a 1080 rather than a 1070 ti.
  13. Hey there. Is this one (http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html) still the best? I searched a bit on google and in several older threads that program was recommended, however those links were a bit older. Or is it enough to deinstall the gpu-drivers by hand?
  14. Problems with games

    Hey there. I am having once again issues with my Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070 (I guess). In games (and only in games) the picture sometimes gets bugged and bars appear (see screenshots). The weird thing is: ONLY in games. Also for example League of Legends, the bars disappear for a short time when I alt-tab and go back in the game. I ran furmark for 1-2 hours without any problems and a max temp. of 75°C. I ran 3DMark Firestrike stresstest, max. Temp also 75°C with no failures, so I guess overheating is not an issue. I am confused as I haven't found any similar problems, everyone who posted about issues or defective graphic cards had way worse issues with images, like this one here (http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/fullsizeImage.php?i=624038) that has no recognizeable picture left. Also I can't always reproduce the bug, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I did some research, apparently 1070s with micron memory might have issues, so I contacted Gigabyte if they can help me. They told me to use the driver from their homepage (384.76). I am using 388.13, so I don't know if this could solve the problem, feels weird to me to use a older driver (also: what's the best way to remove every single data of a driver?) I also made a reddit-post in pcmr and some people mentioned a dying graphic cards, but shouldn't those problems also appear when I run Firestrike or Furmark stresstests if the GPU is faulty? Would the easiest attempt for a solution be to send it back to the seller and get a new one? Or should I try and fix it on my own first? Do you guys have any suggestions I could do? Thanks for any suggestion/tip.
  15. AIO water cooling - positioning

    be quiet pure base 600 (very disappointed in that case, I might want to add.) I thought the info about "stock Ryzen 5 1600x" would be enough? Well, other than that a X370 Gaming Plus from MSI and also a 1070 gigabyte g1 gaming and a 550W PSU