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  1. Hey, still running in the problem. From time to time when starting the PC, the OC does not apply. Whenever I restart and go in bios, the overclock is still there, but the previous start did not apply it. When I then save & reboot, the OC is applied. I even tried to lower it to 3800 mhz, but I seem to keep running in the same issues. Someone has an idea why this keeps happening? Thanks.
  2. Hey, I did a OC on my 1600x to 3.9GHz with 1.375 Core voltage. Those settings are still in the Bios, but once I am in windows and check with any monitoring program, the frequency is at 3.6GHz. BIOS and driver are all up to date (I'll recheck this to make sure this is not an issue) It did work initially, I just noticed that it changed now because I wanted to figure out if a upgrade to a 3600(x) or 3700x would be beneficial for my ingame experience in EFT. (Side note: the 300MHz OC did work wonders on the performance for EFT, so if anyone plays this game, make sure to squeeze out as much as possible out of your CPU)
  3. The problem is I have to draw diagrams as well from time to time or extend existing ones, that's why I am trying to find a tablet with fairly large screen. I am also deciding if it is worth it in the end or not, but so far I only really consider either the iPad or the surface, so I was hoping to get other tablets to try out an take into consideration.
  4. Ok, first: i am asking for recommendations, so I would love to get some input or suggestions for tablets up to 600ish € that have a responsive pen for writing. Secondly: it is not my first year, but I realized that it always goes like this: I print out the handout, write some notes on it. Then I copy it and port them in a pdf/word file and condense it and print it out to learn. With a tablet to write I immediately have them in a digital form. Plus I am fairly chaotic when taking notes, so the ability to cut out part of my notes and put them in the right spot seems pretty helpful to me.
  5. Hey there. I am currently looking for a fairly big tablet I can write on. I have considered several options, but as a student my budget is limited. Right now I am kinda thinking about getting myself my first Apple product, the new iPad. With student discounts, it'll be roughly 300€ for me plus the pen. That's 400€ in total. The alternative I've been thinking off was the Surface Go, but that's already 450€ and I have to get a typecover and a pencil, so it'll probably total around 600ish€. Are there more options I have yet to find or are there other budget friendly tablets that are good to take notes on and have a paper page sized screen? I only plan to take notes during classes, so as long as you can write on it (and feels as close to paper as possible), any tablet will do...
  6. In HWinfo the Tdie or the Tctl temperature @nick name ? Cuz the Tdie with 72° would be fine, but the Tctl did hit 92°C... Google result told me that Tdie is the important temp, did I find the correct response?
  7. I mean mine crashed at 1.4 and 4GHz anyway, so I'll just leave it at that. Is Aida64 fine aswell? Or should I check with prime95? I won't play around with offset.. while on auto, the bios told me that the CPU pulled 1.44V, so with 1.375 that's a lot lower, so I do think it won't matter if I lower the voltage even more when idle... How do you set your fan curve? I have a Dark Rock 4, kinda maxing out at 75°C right now (I think I have a faily "slow" fan curve that kinda kicks in at those temps), but in Aida one of the two CPU-temps was closing in to 90ish, so I got a bit worried that I might have a wrong fan curve...
  8. I'll leave it at 1.375 and 3899 mhz for now. Question about Aida 64: If I stresstest with it, at what temperature should I start to worry? Also which one is the relevant temperature in aida: CPU or CPU Diode? I'll try if I can run some games for now, if everything works, I'll try do a aida64 over night and hope for the best
  9. ok, victim found (you seem to have some experience with ryzen OCing Questions: - is it possible that a previously badly mounted CPU cooler could've caused my previous OCs to fail? I replaced it with a different one that was imo easier to mount and apparently for the first time I instantly was able to run my 1600x at 3.9 ghz with 1.4V through a R20 without crashing - Why is HWmonitor showing that the CPU-voltage is at like 1.35 while running R20 even though I did put 1.4 in the bios? Is this a concern/a issue with my PSU or perfectly normal? - if you have a MSI board: how exactly does the offset-OC work? I don'T quite understand what values I have to insert (currently looking that up, but if you know the answer, I would appreciate it. )
  10. Well, is the 1st gen Ryzen really that bad in OCing? I think I tried 3.8 or 3.9 at like 1.4 volts or maybe even the official "save voltage" quoted by ryzen with 1.45 and it still failed...
  11. Well, I only intended to swap out the CPU as I am fairly limited by my budget and the 200€ is probably the limit of my personal christmas present, so even if 3600 mhz memory would be better, I probably will still stick with my current one.
  12. Well, guess I'll get myself a 3600 for black friday/christmas then... Was already thinking about it, but this reaffirms my decision
  13. It's 2x8. Does XMP-profiles affect the results of CPU overclocking? Or are memory and CPU overclocks independent? About the GPU-overclock: So if I tone down the OCs, they might still work and I just have to test around?
  14. Ok, my PC is a msi x370 gaming pro, 1600x, 16gb 3200 cl16 rgb trident z and a Gigabyte 1070 Gaming. I have run into several issues/questions. Question 1: Can I use XMP for the memory (currently manages the 2933 xmp) if I manually OC the CPU? I am asking this because I did not even get to OC the 1600x to 3.8/3.9 GHz, it always kept crashing/failed to boot. Question 2: Is there a possibility that MSI Afterburner somehow manages to OC (and my 1070 seemed to run stable in kombuster with a OC of 150 mhz core and 350 mhz memory) and then fails to apply it in games? I tried to launch cities skylines after that, and at first I got in the menu at 10 fps and failed to load a map and later the game did not even launch properly. After restarting, everything seems to be fine again. With both attempts of OC so far I ran in a wall, so I am kinda annoyed because I "went by the books" and still failed in CPU OC (never got even 3.8 GHz running), GPU OC (ran in kombuster at the above clocks but failed to load cities skylines) and the only thing that somehow worked out so far is the XMP-selection for 2933 mhz (and even then I am annoyed because I was hoping to get ideally the 3000 mhz or maybe even the 3200 mhz out of my memory... If someone can help me out with tips, videos/tutorials or some info if there are programs who have issues with e.g. afterburner, feel free to post, appreciate every help I can get. youtube tutorials about OC I watched and tried to use for overclocking: and and
  15. Yeah, thanks for the input, I however already did order the Dark Rock 4 and installed it. I am amazed how silent my system now is and that the Dark Rock apparently keeps my cpu 5-10° cooler than my old 212 Hyper turbo...