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  1. Forgot to mention that im running a 5ghz oc at 1.3v fixed
  2. Temps before delid sat around 80-85c while doing a torture test. now with LM delid im getting on avg 75c but the thing is I have a dark rock pro 3 cooler which has a 250w tdp. and my cpu has a tdp of 105w under full load. are these temps normal or is something wrong?
  3. Ok I guess I will play it safe and just use decent thermal paste and wait until someone like gamersnexus or ltt do a video about it
  4. Ok I these are some good points but would you know why there are alot of people with opposite opinions? like the videos i attached?
  5. Right now I have a gtx 1080 with a blower cooler and once speed goes over 50, it gets super loud and it runs quite hot. So I'm planning to buy one of those after market accelero coolers because i hear that they do better than some of the custom aib board coolers (asus, and msi etc) and definitely better than my current cooler. But I was thinking that while i had the opportunity, I could use liquid metal instead of thermal paste. I'm definitely going to do it for my cpu because I have seen many people recommend it. But I feel there is conflicting evidence to say that its a good and bad idea. Here is a video saying its dumb - And here is another sayings its good and can result in up to 10c drop - I really dont care about the risk involved with warranty and stuff and I have taken apart 3 video cards and changed the thermal paste. but what do you guys think i should do?
  6. Gthu11.7

    $399 aud for 144hz or $499hz for 240hz

    I got the hardware to push 240hz but i guess the 144hz option is the way to go. Does anybody have a know a good 144hz moniter
  7. I have been mainly playing overwatch and csgo on a 60hz 21.5 in moniter for a good while now and was wondering if i should go for a 144hz or straight to a 240hz because this website has one thats only @100 dollars more than a 144hz Asus 144hz moniter - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/22711/asus-vg248qe-24in-widescreen-144hz-3d-monitor Viewsonic 240hz moniter - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/22711/asus-vg248qe-24in-widescreen-144hz-3d-monitor