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  1. It makes it harder to OC the GPU, I tried @3.9GHz but it was not stable only at 3.6GHz
  2. Yeah check your cooler, My 8700K hits 5Ghz @1.35V at 75C under full synthetic load with a H100iV2
  3. Looks good tho, just check with pcpartpicker for compatibility
  4. Have you used pcpartpicker or its equivalent?
  5. So earlier I did a 2400G overclock to 4Ghz with a GPU OC to 1600Mhz and I have a new achievement. 2400G - 3.6Ghz@1.25V & 1700Mhz GPU OC at 1.125V Stable after an overnight run in AIDA stress test and Average 1080p Medium: 70FPS in Fortnite 95FPS in Overwatch bot battle 50FPS in PUBG 65FPS in Warframe Any other I should test? Using a Gammax 400T FYI with a push pull config
  6. No, the 2400 combines onto a single CCX since it uses the rest for the iGPU. Yeah the latency is a thing...
  7. Can you manually reach and copy the files you want? You could try a drive partition and then copy the ones you want to the new partition and when done erase the old part. Or just reinstall Windows, download the programs you need and slap your hand when you are about to do something bad
  8. May I ask why? Is it single thread perf
  9. Do a system restore, I have done it and only my login credentials were reset
  10. I excluded some of the niches I did not know about like the sound stuff...
  11. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/K7rRKB I could not find an optical drive but I recently bought one for 50$ Canadian so add that to 1100$ for a total of 1150$.
  12. I mean after a 24h stress test