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  1. Syced RGB on ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS?

    But you have to use one controller
  2. Syced RGB on ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS?

    It will work. I have the same MOBO and my aura sync RGB cpu cooler works like a charm but I am not using a controller. I would double check with support.asus.com as well
  3. pc is very much broken

    Check your CPU pins, RAM slots for damage if not then try with an alternate drive to check if you haven't already
  4. Ryzen 5 2400G BSOD during install Windows 7

    If you really want to use Win7 and not deal with this I would create a VM for win7 and use that in conjunction with Win10
  5. macOS v Windows 10 v Linux

    I do not agree, have you properly used a recent mac?
  6. Hyper 212 Evo

    I have a Ryzen 2400G which I plan to overclock so I am looking for cpu coolers, can I use the hyper 212 Evo since on amazon they support AM4 and in the pictures there looks to be the same mount needed to adapt it to the AM4 socket. Is my assumption correct
  7. hey guys this site helped me and it might help you

    Thanks! I have been dying lately since I need to upgrade my 780Ti for my streaming pc
  8. Temperature problems i7 8700k

    Well I see you have an AIO and I personally think that it has kicked the bucket/died I have the same problem with my Threadripper, I used the H110iv2 and it died after a week. I returned it and made a custom water loop. Good Luck!
  9. I would however recommend going to atleast 1.3V
  10. Its just a little glitch do not worry it is actually going at 100%
  11. Need help choosing a GPU for a budget build

    1030 performance or You could go with that idea
  12. Need help choosing a GPU for a budget build

    You could try get an 2200G/2400G and after updating your BIOS sell the graphics card and your R3 1200 and if you have a bit of cash left over you could buy more RAM 2200G - $99 R3 1200 MV - ¬$50 750 MV - $60 8GB crucial ballistix - $82 ¬$92 cost or a profit of 10 if you skip the RAM or more with a good sale
  13. Gaming Headset

    Looking for a good set of gaming headphones for under $50 from amazon. Recommendation
  14. So i just bought the ASUS prime B350 Plus and I wanted to know how I would update the BIOS without the CPU/GPU. Or does the ASUS prime B350 Plus come out of the box updated if they are ordered from amazon
  15. "This accessory may not be supported" iPhone 6s

    It is the thing you are trying to charge with, the iPhone is trying to interface with it or it is not in compliance with Apple policy. Try change the adaptor you are using to fix this