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  1. Have considered getting a projector for several years now but its always seemed like a big hassle to set one up. A short throw projector like this would be absolutely perfect for a home setup so you wouldn't have to run crazy long cables up the wall and across the ceiling. Finger's cross that I win one of these bad boys.
  2. I've got a CODE Keyboard with MX Clears that I can't imagine replacing with anything. But this keyboard would be great for my brother.
  3. Just want to jump in and give a big shout out to LinusTech for taking all the extra time to come in here and respond to everybody that he has and to try to clarify what is going on as much as he can. I should also remind him that he probably needs to get some sleep because I understand that they are filming the new Scrapyard Wars all week this week and he needs to get his rest so he doesn't forget to factor in the cost of the whole machine, and not just the GPU when determining price to performance :). But seriously, when i saw the the new Vessel pay thing yesterday I was only slightly "upset" because I wanted to know if there was a better way to give LMG my $20 instead of giving it to Vessel. But if their partnership with Vessel means that they are able to create something that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to fund then I saw that is great news. Anybody that is acting entitled about not getting shit for free need to grow up, stop acting like a spoiled 12 year old. Seriously. If you don't think Linus and all the people at LMG don't work their ass off to create content then you are out of your mind. Do they make mistakes? Sure. Could they make more stuff? Maybe. Could they make better videos? Probably. But this is the real world, its not perfect. They haven't even been in their new office for a year and they have had a lot of growing pains. It wasn't that long ago that the whole show was Linus and Slick in a garage wearing multiple sweatshirts and a jacket talking about computer stuff. They have come a long way. Just want to add that I hope you guys keep up the good work. I have really enjoyed watching a lot of the content that you guys put out. Scrapyard Wars are an absolute joy to watch. Holy Shit and the Workshop are both great newer formats that I have enjoyed. That Fallout build was crazy, not to mention the Christmas build with glitter. Just keep doing what excites you and I am sure that excitement will shine through.
  4. Appreciate the response. I can understand technical limitation in terms of being tied to using different platforms. My guess would be that the only way around that is to start hosting video files on your own servers to either stream video or allow people to download them and that is obviously just not an option. The only other partial option would be to keep videos unlisted and send the links to Patreon subscribers but those links would just immediately get shared everywhere so it would negate itself. Maybe a year from now YouTube will have more options on how content creators can provide videos to subscribers. I could easily see myself paying another small fee to subscribe to specific channels for extra content, not sure if that is the direct YouTube even wants to take, though. I guess for now paying the $20 to Vessel isn't the worst thing ever. Also, am I the only one that find the teespring sweatshirts unwearable? You keep mentioning (and wearing) that fancy new sweatshirt from whatever fancy manufacturer with that fancy logo and fancy pockets. Is that ever going to become a thing? I totally want to buy one.
  5. At the top of the forum under "more" you can go to the Store page. There are bronze, silver, and gold badges that you can pay for.
  6. I think $20 a year is a totally reasonable price but I just wish there were other/better options to give me the same benefit as getting LMG content on time rather than one week late. I support ChannelSuperFun on Patreon, have purchased a sweatshirt (though that sweatshirt from Teespring has to be the worst sweatshirt I have ever purchased, literally can't even wear it), pay for YouTube Red (watching LMG as well as a dozen plus other people's content in addition to music streaming), donated to the big crowdfunding campaign to move into the new office, etc. etc. I am not opposed to paying for content, especially quality content that I enjoy and spend plenty of my time viewing. I just wish there were a better option than to give that money to Vessel and continue to use their crap platform to watch LMG content on. Sure, they have come a long way in the last year but they are still ages behind Youtube in pretty much every single way, especially when attempting to use on my phone. Removing ads for paying is a huge step. I really just wish there were I way I could pay Linus the $20 directly and get the content on-schedule. More than likely I will wait for my free year to expire and get sad when I realize I have to wait 2 whole weeks to get a new piece of content (outside of WAN show) and end up paying the $20. I won't want to, but I won't have any other choice.
  7. I can't speak for long term for the OPO as I have only had it for a bit over a month now. In terms of receiving updates it has been slow to get 5.0, but there is an Alpha build available from OnePlus (not Cyanogen). Of course, the OPO is very easy to unlock and root and install custom ROMs on, and it doesn't even void your warranty so it is likely that you will be able to keep the phone up to date for quite a while as there are already a handful of different builds including CM12. In terms of ease of keeping it up to date, and the duration of receiving those updates the iPhone would likely be the phone to go with, but if you aren't worried about getting into custom ROMs or aren't worried about getting updates ASAP then the OPO would be a good choice. As an alternative you could pick up a Moto G for $180 and a bridge device. I used one for a couple of months after my Nexus 4 broke while I waited to be able to get a OnePlus One. While the Moto G is definitely slower than the OPO it wasn't so slow that it bother me at all, and it has an amazing set of features for the price. Front facing speakers, microSD slot, solid 5" screen, acceptable battery life, and some nice little Motorola apps; easily better than the Nexus 4 in every way. You could get away with using the Moto G for 6+ months until something comes along that you really want to get as soon as it hits the market. Just throwing out some options.
  8. Tutorial Link This is the tutorial that I followed on the One Plus forum. It has all the steps needed as well as links to everything you need to download, pretty straight forward. The only additional piece of advice I would offer is to utilize the ability of "Shift + Right Click" to add a "open command window here" option to the context menu so you don't have to type something like "cd Desktop/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools" to change the directory to run the fastboot or adb executables from the command prompt.
  9. It all depends on the circumstances. The way tech and mobile tech goes you can always wait another 2-3 months and there will likely be a better phone. What phone do you have right now. Do you need a new phone today, within a couple of weeks, or can you wait 4 months? Outside of the ASUS Zenphone I'm not really sure what is coming in the next few months, tbh. What I can say from having the OPO is that I haven't found another phone on the market right now that I would prefer to have over it. For the price, it absolutely beats everything out there. I was worried it would be a bit too big but I adjust to the size within the first day. I am actually worried I might have to find a different phone as I am moving states next week and Tmobile coverage is terribly spotty where I am moving but am really really hoping AT&T coverage will be good enough so I can keep using the OPO. Worst case scenario is that I have to move to sprint at which point I really don't know what phone I would choose. For me the OPO just hits all the sweet spots that I like in a phone: very close to stock Android experience, feels great in the hand with the textured back, plenty of storage that I don't have to worry, 5.5" display is more enjoyable than expected and 1080p is good enough as I have never been crazy about stupid high PPI, which also results in better battery life. I have gone two full days of normal use without charging. Is the One Plus One still worth it to buy right now? Absolutely yes. Is it the most "future-proof", highest resolution, fastest, most RAM? Nope.
  10. I also have a phatom glass protector for my OPO and from my experience I didn't have any bubbles in the center but on each edge I could see tiny little squiggly bubbles in each of the corners for teh first day before they went away on their own. The downside is that the side of the screen literally cracked in the first hour, I just pulled it out of my pocket and it was chipped. I am planning on requesting a replacement but I since I am moving states next week I am going to wait until I get a bit settled as it works great otherwise. I am sure everything will go well as my first experience with their support went well.
  11. Invite sent to thekeemo. The ASUS Zenphone 2 looks like a pretty compelling buy. Do we know when they are coming out?
  12. I have an invite to anybody who wants one. currently have less than 3 days left on it.
  13. This happens every year leading up to award season, a bunch of studios send out a bunch of DVDs with movies to get buzz going in hopes of getting nominations and awards and somebody gets a hold of them and puts them online. It is a part of the year that I always enjoy. With online streaming becoming more and more popular, it would be interesting to see if the Academy could put together a streaming site, or go through an existing service and sell some sort of "Oscar Ticket" where you could watch all the movies that are nominated in all the different categories. It would be especially useful for finding foreign films, shorts, animated, and documentaries that are often much harder to even find in a store or online. Even if they charged something like $50 I would personally probably pay for it every year because I would go through and watch the majority of the content. Of course getting licensing agreements from all the studios would be the hardest part, I just think it would be beneficial the everybody as it could also remove the need to mail out any DVDs which would prevent those movies from leaking. Of course, somebody would then just be able to rip the video stream using software so there is that whole issue.
  14. RAM disks have been around for a while and it seems like the major set back of it being simply too expensive still holds true, especially with SSDs these days. You can buy 32GB of RAM for about $275 + $30 for software leaving you at $305 total. There are a handful of SSDs in the 500GB range available around $300, that would seem like a much smarter investment in money for general use. Especially consider the fact that a lot of games coming out these days are bigger than the 32GB would allow you to load you will still not be able to load full games into your RAM. Furthermore, if you are really going after massive speed consider getting a PCI-Express SSD. They are more expensive than SATA SSDs but if you were considering paying $300 for 32GB of storage I don't think it would be much of a stretch to pay $200 for 128GB or $380 for $256. Of course it would be interesting to see some benchmarks. Compare and SSD to PCI-E SSD to the Dimmdrive and see how much loading times actually increase.
  15. I would love to win one of these. I have thought about buying one multiple times but its a bit hard for me to justify the price. While having something super tiny the size isn't the most important part for me since I would just hook it up under my TV but this thing would be a lot of fun to play around with.
  16. So when did you guys stop doing benchmarks with overclocked GPUs? Has this been discussed before and I just missed it or did this just happen? I was personally a fan of you guys just overclocking everything. Was it just a concern over the "chip lottery" and having some cards overclock well and other cards not?
  17. This was a great video and write-up. Seriously awesome to see you guys doing these kinds of benchmarks. Even though I'm not into video rendering and that kind of stuff and have no need for that kind of setup it is really interesting to see. My friend was just telling me how great it would be to see how RAM has an effect on video game development. He mentioned to me that a lot of the time he would have multiple programs all running at the same time, Unreal Engine 4, photoshop, and ndo and ddo all at the same time. He says that he is constantly at 95% RAM usage when working on that stuff.
  18. This is actually pretty interesting for me to see. I was hoping somebody would put up a comprehensive look at driver optimizations across nVidia and AMD but I doesn't seem like anybody is stepping up to the plate. These benchmark graphs from AnandTech are pretty disappointing. I only have my personal setup with a GTX 660Ti but I have been thinking about doing a driver benchmark for a while because I recently started playing Skyrim after upgrading to a 1440p monitor and was surprised to see the performance of the game increased from what I remembered despite moving up in resolution. So, my plan right now is to reinstall Windows 7 and benchmark a series of drivers for my single card. I will start with release drivers for the 660Ti, go to R331, and then the newest beta driver. That will give me a decent 3 points of data just comparing the drivers from nVidia. I would also like to implement a second phase of the test where I compare only the newest drivers with Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 to show any performance increase that might be had there.The last part of the test that I would like to have time for is to underclock my CPU, an i5-3570k down to something like 2.0GHz to see if the driver optimizations have a lesser, equal, or greater effect on low power CPUs. As for what to benchmark. I am thinking StarSwarm, Skyrim, Bioshock: Infinite, and Thief. The biggest reason for picking these is simply because I already own them. I could also throw in 3DMark of Heaven. I would do Crysis 3 or BF4 but at this point I simply don't own either game. Would any of you guys be interested in seeing this kind of benchmark, even with it limited to a single card? Is there anything important that I might be missing when I test this?
  19. I am personally not a big fan of the idea that every system requires an aftermarket CPU heatsink/fan. Sure, they are quieter and can keep a CPU cooler than stock I don't think those are your biggest priorities with lower budgets. To me, putting on an aftermarket heatsink/fan on a CPU that can't even overclock is damn near insanity. I have a 3570k and ran it using the stock heatsink/fan at stock speeds with absolutely no problems and had no issues with audio levels (Define R4 case). If I wasn't planning on overclocking my CPU which I have now done I would have never installed anything other than the stock fan. Im not trying to convince you that the stock cooler is great. It isn't. But it is adequate. I don't know what your total budget is for the whole rig but it is very likely you will be better off putting that $30 into a better CPU or some other component or just saving the money.
  20. This new card seems very compelling for its price point. PCPer has a video/article about how you can take a fairly cheap PC and increase performance drastically with the 750Ti without the worry that the PSU won't be able to handle it. The thing that REALLY excites me about this new chip is the size and power consumption. Mini ITX is finally getting more and more attention, especially with Steam Machines coming out. My big issue with all the enthusiast ITX cases being shown off is that they are all WAY bigger than I would want. The whole idea of ITX is to get as small as possible, IMO. So imagine having a case that isn't designed to fit a giant GTX 780, or even a dual slot card at all. The 750Ti is also just the first Maxwell card that we are seeing, and it is still on a 28nm process. Also realize that the 750Ti is able to play games at higher resolutions AND framerates than an Xbox One. I would find it fairly reasonable to see a very small Steam Box with a 750Ti or similar chip in the near future and the whole system could cost the same as or even less than an Xbox One.
  21. 1. Don't get the new Dell 24" 4K monitor. It is not for gaming. At 4K resolution it is limited to a 30Hz refresh rate. 2. I am excited for 4K. I just made the jump to a 27" 1440p korean import and love it. I am still adjusting to the pixel density and the massive amount of screen real estate. I think that even at 24" that 4K would look great to have. 3. I think we might actually see a lot of monitor companies just skip 1440p and go straight to 4K. 4K is going to be the new big marketing thing that everybody is going to talk about. 4. I think we are going to see the price of 4K Monitors come down at about the same rate as GPUs that able actually play games at that resolution. If you wanted to push 4K right now you would probably want dual 780 Ti in SLI to get solid framerate, which is something like $1200? Those people can probably afford spending $800 on a monitor. It might be 3 years before a card in the $300-400 range will be able to push games at 4K at 60FPS.
  22. So I ordered the display and have been using it for a few days now, almost a week. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the purchase. For $250 I got an x-Star that is in absolutely amazing condition compared to what I thought I was getting. The monitor was reported as having a dead pixel in the middle sector, and a bright pixel in the right center sector. I have gotten close and really looked for them using solid colors on screen and can't find a bad dot anywhere. As far as backlight bleed goes there is a bit in the top left corner but i had to turn off the lights in my room and put a solid black screen up to see it easily. It isn't that bad, IMO. In darker scenes I can see it if I look for it but it doesn't stick out. All in all I feel like I got a great deal on this thing. I was expecting a couple of bad pixels and moderate backlight bleed and got a panel with no noticeable bad pixels and only slight backlight bleed. I am still getting used to the increased pixel density. It is just ridiculous how much screen real estate this thing offers. I definitely need to get Skyrim reinstalled with a few mods and lose another 100 hours of my life.
  23. I will say right away that I totally understand why a company would want to make a product like this, and I can understand the initial excitement for a totally modular and very easily upgradable PC. This will obviously be considerably more expensive than the current "traditional" PC form factor. I am just not sure the simplicity and the performance increases one would get via upgrading would be worth how much I imagine something like this would actually cost. You have to wonder what the target audience for something like this is. It reminds me of the ideas floating around to have a modular smart phone, which I believe is equally doomed to fail. From a mainstream perspective, most electronics or "disposable" in that you buy a device and use it until it doesn't work or isn't "good enough" anymore. That might be something like 2 years for a cell phone or tablet, 2-5 years for a laptop, or 5+ years for a desktop PC. By the time a device feels too slow or stops working it often just doesn't make sense to replace parts or upgrade bits and pieces to get a little bit more life out of it, buying a whole new system is often the smarter choice in terms of price per performance. Upgrading to an SSD, increasing RAM, or even installing a fancy new GPU might be smart upgrades depending on specs, but a lot of the mass market people this would be too advanced. They would likely require somebody else to do it for them. In this instance I understand that the ease of just plugging a new block in would be great for them. But would this same market be interested in spending potentially double the money upfront? The more price conscious option would be to spend half as much on a PC now, and then the same amount of money on a PC in 3-5 years time. A fully modular PC like this clearly isn't for the PC enthusiast that already knows how to build a system on their own. Those people will realize that it will be way more cost effective to build their own machines. So maybe the current market for something like this would have to be people that have lots of money, but don't want/can't build their own systems. It would target the audience of the boutique PC market. People that play games or simulators and want a super high end rig, and want it to look cool as fuck and be able to run anything you throw at it. But even with those people, would they necessarily be interested in purchasing something that they could upgrade themselves? If they had a $4k rig built for them wouldn't they just pay somebody to upgrade it for them if they ever needed it? So maybe something like this would be really useful for production or enterprise use. Maybe a small studio has a computer that they 3D render or do video editing on. I guess I could see how it would be useful to be able to just slap another GPU into a rig and get more performance out of it. If you had 100 office computers the task of going through every one and upgrading something like a CPU or GPU or whatever would be quite daunting. I guess even with maintenance it isn't a huge deal when you are just at home but if you have to maintain many PCs it would become a much simpler task of just pulling one out and popping a new one in without having to open up a case and deal with any sort of cables or screws or anything. I think if a more modular design became affordable it would be great for those enterprise scenarios. At the end of the day, the major issue for me is open vs proprietary. Linus talks about this a bit in his video. If Razer tries to keep this proprietary then it is totally dead in the water. Absolute waste of time. However, IF all the companies could get together and have an open standard then it could become useful. I think I had a much more negative view of the idea project Christine before writing this post. I still think it is likely pie in the sky, and would be too expensive. But, I think it is a step in the direction of things to come. Maybe we could have something intermediary where certain things like mobo, CPU, and RAM are all locked in place but the GPU, HDD/SSD, and front I/O are easily upgradable in a fashion similar to what Razer is showing.