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  1. What I mean by previous is where you swipe up to pull up the navigation bar, and select which one you want.
  2. So I updated and I couldn't see where the options are to change the navigation bar to the previous version? I hope they haven't removed it.
  3. If it's used in only one LC then go with the t5. If you need speed or aren't moving it around then the 860 is probably your best bet.
  4. Hello! I am looking for a good Outemu Blue keyswitch keyboard, and I just want it to be solid black, have a normal US layout (not the tall enter thingy) and a white/RGB backlight because yay for being blind. Thanks for the help!
  5. On my motherboard there's an HDMI in port, but I can't fingure out how to use it, and searching it brings it no answers My motherboard is a azrock z87 extreme4 with a GYX 1060, and I'm trying to run my Switch through it.
  6. Honestly never realized that was an option as mos tof the time I thought it would have costed more. Apparently not
  7. Alright then. Looks like I'll have to do something custom to cover the rest of the card, or do mineral oil. Thanks for the help!
  8. Uh I believe mine is a single fan and I remember seeing something about the single fan not being reference, but knowing my vision I may have been wrong
  9. Title. Basically I am planning to either do a watercooled normal PC or a Desk PC and was wondering whether there are any universal blocks that work? Also before anyone comments, yes I know watercooling a 1060 isn't the best and I should just upgrade, but honestly i'm doing it for looks, not performance.
  10. Oh ok. I was referring to the pump and rad. I just used the wrong terms.
  11. Sorry, I misphrased it. I meant to say a mineral oil submergedPC, like Linus did,
  12. Basically you will need to buy either 120mm fans (usually they come with the aio) or you need to buy adapters. Also keep in mind that some cases may not be able to fit a 240 rad.
  13. Basically I wanted to do a budget mineral oil PC, and was wondering whether you can use a copper pump with an aluminum pump?
  14. He as an eVGA 500w PsU, so that should be fine. Although this is coming from someone who uses a free 1000w psu.
  15. Yeah, sadly sounds like a dead Ethernet port. Maybe if you have a spare one, try putting in an ethernet card or using another device with the cord to test?
  16. For Christmas I was planning on upgrading my brother' PC or building him a new one This is the current PCPP link for the new system, minus the case and PSU https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3cC6LJ The used would involve replacing every part but the 500w PSU, case, Ram, and maybe cooler He mainly wants it for art stuff and MH:W He currently has a G3258 and an rX 460.