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  1. 1700x does not come with a cooler. thnks for the reply :)
  2. £33 for the esports £44 for the H7
  3. From one review ive seen the H7 did over 7c better
  4. That one will fit but its not as good as the H7
  5. It does when I've measured it lol
  6. Just found the Raijintek LETO PRO for just £35. ?
  7. Not for a good price no or they are out of stock as id need the rev 2.
  8. Both are priced the same here in the uk. at £45 To go on a 1700x cpu what ones is the best bang for buck. Really cant deiced myself So would does the community here recommend FYI height restricted in my case to 155mm tall for an air cooler.
  9. jc89

    Amd rig half way done

    Current components. Msi x470 Pro Carbon motherboard CIT Blaze cas " not all that bad for the price" Drevo X1 240gb ssd "will have to see how long this lasts" My old Samsung 1tb 2.5" hard drive Corsair txm750 Gold PSU Msi GTX580 Lightning "just a place holder for now until i decade on what else to get" Possible future components 1700x if the price goes down to 150GBP Cryorig h7 plus "quite hight restricted int his case to about 155mm" 16gb 3200Mhz corsair RGB
  10. In a bit of a pickle getting ready to do a new build. first time in 6 years. I will be able to afford a decent x470 motherboard (MSI gaming pro carbon) and 2700 x in month or so But would it be best to see what x570 brings and Ryzen 3000 series. Or maybe even wait another couple months onto to see how much the prices of the current stuff goes down?
  11. jc89

    Has my laptop PSU killed my Laptop

    Still dont see why the laptop would not power on it was fully charged. I leave it plugged in over night. If the PSU had just been out putting the wrong voltage i assume the charging just the charging circuit would have gone. But not the rest of the laptop with it. When i got home later in i will check the voltage of the battery. Oh and there was no smell from the laptop at all. I know what dead electronics smell like. Ask my old lga775 board haha
  12. So i went to turn on my laptop this morning and nothing. Was gaming the night before. Noticed there were no lights on at all on my laptop. I removed the power jack took out the battery. Put the battery back in but left the power jack out. Still noting, plugged the jack back in nothing still. Checked the fuse on the plug and its good. Got out my multi meter and it read out just shy of 50V, should be at 19.5v. so has the power supply killed my laptop. Laptop is a Gigabyte p25W Just over 3 years old Did not know where else to put this
  13. So i have a budget of £850 to £950 ish max and just cant decide on what config i want. I was going for the Core P5 case but it looks stupid with just air cooling, As i dont think i could fit a good water loop into my budget. The main things i cant decide on now are the CPU i7 6700k vs i5 6600k and the GPU. And as for the GPU im not bothered if its from red or green team but i am leaning towards the 390 though. And there are just so many motherboards out there i cant pick one. I would prefer to stick with Gigabyte or MSI but im not stuck in my ways. Would like this to last me 3 years my current rig is nearing 4 years old now and is just about past it now for gaming at any decent settings. So what would you guys put together with the budget i have and would prefer to get all or most from one store because of shipping. NOTE: I do not require a psu as i will be using the HX1050 from my current rig. And not set on a case but i think setting aside £70-£90 for it is about right. EDIT: Forgot to add i dont need a hard drive for mass storage.
  14. Im trying to work out if the Thermaltake core P5 will let me put in a H100 or variant. I just cant tell if the tubes are long enough for mounting. As you can see in the image the fan/radiator mounting pint are quite a distance from the cpu. I am thinking i will have to mount it sideways though.