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    Gaming, Entertainment, Welding, Friends
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    I like to hang out with friends, play games with anyone, and I like to entertain others by making youtube videos and live streaming on twitch.
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    DualCore Intel Core i3-3240, 3400 MHz
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    ASRock H77M
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    8GB DDR3
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    nVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
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    NZXT s340 (Blue/Black)
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    ADATA 128GB SSD, WD Blue 1TB HDD
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    450W PSU
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    2 AOC 24inch 1080p 60hz
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    HYPER 212 EVO
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    Cooler Master Pro L White LED
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    Steelseries Rival 300 Black
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    Astro A50 Wireless Headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. Sorry, kinda forgot to include that haha it's an Xbox one controller. Also btw, my controller that I've had before works fine but I got the new one cause I like the look of the white controller better than the black one. The white matches my setup
  2. I bought a controller from a friend cause he got a new one and he had no issue with it. However when I connect to wireless adapter on PC with it, it constantly disconnects every couple minutes. The light stays on as if it is functioning properly but it's not. I have to take out battery, put it back in then turn it on again. Idk what makes it do it cause it doesn't happen all the time. Any suggestions?
  3. I recently got the MSI Optix MAG241C from amazon and it is an amazing 144hz monitor for the price. Its just odd that every once and a while (random?) the display seems to slowly dim, then it will get bright again slowly in just a few seconds. I think it happens when I open a game but I can't test it right now. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this "issue" with any other monitor. Its annoying only because I don't know why it does this. Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks for reading.
  4. My friend used to be able to play games just fine with his 144hz monitor. He has an i5-3570k paired with a gtx970. his cpu temps are in the 40ish while idle and like 50's while playing games like rainbow 6ix siege and forza horizon 4. In Rainbow six siege he's getting like 30-40fps while playing. He gets like 90-100 normally in rainbow six siege and it will now stutter and drop to 30fps. Anyone know why his cpu is acting this way? It also is at like 20% usage at idle
  5. It's a rose will 650w certified gold. And I just bought the ram. I can't get it to the 3200mhz because ryzen is retarded. Also why wouldn't I be able to do 144hz with my CPU? That doesn't make any sense. I get 200+ in rocket league and csgo at Max settings as my PC is right now.
  6. I want to buy a NEW (not used) graphics card that will crush in 1080p @144hz that will be able to play everything at least high settings. I planned on getting an rtx 2060 because I don't need a 2070 or a 2080 or anything crazy like that. Right now I'm pretty set on a zotac 2060 but I was wondering if my cpu would bottleneck that card or not. Right now I have (in meshify C white) Ryzen 5 1600x @3.7ghz Corsair h150i pro rgb 360mm MSI gtx 1060 3gb 32gb Corsair rgb pro @2133mhz (won't let me go higher) Samsung 500Gb sata SSD Hitachi 1tb hdd (I know some of these aren't necessary to be listed, just wanted to list everything)
  7. Its not doing it to any of my friends and its not my internet connection.
  8. I'm in a discord call and the discord window appears to be shwing up in like 15 fps, but it doesnt make my game lag. I have hardware acceleration in discord turned off. It just started doing this a half hour ago. It didn't do it earlier when I was in a different discord call, then it started doing it before my buddy got off. Now it won't stop.
  9. Okay. It's a z370 msi pro carbon
  10. WIll any DDR4 Memory that fit into last gen z270 boards fit in the new z370 boards? I want to get this exact set and I don't know if it is compatible for sure, I just wanna check to make sure https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232475&cm_re=g_skill_trident_z-_-20-232-475-_-Product
  11. Everyone on here is treating the i5 like it's a piece of junk when it performs very well. up there with the i7 7700k. Performance is slightly better than the 1600x and I'm already set on buying what I'm buying.
  12. Anyone around the Gold 2 rank want to practice and go for freestyling with me in doubles? bored and looking to play. I have discord as well.
  13. I don't know if I will have enough power. I already got my psu, its a 650watt The i5 will preform fine, I figured someone would tell me to wait for the new one. I know the newer one will preform much better, but I'm only gaming at 1080p 60hz I'm going to upgrade to 1440 144hz eventually, and maybe then I'll get the new cpu and mobo but for now I just want to buy the 7th gen i5