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  1. Turning it off completely saves some power, ergo lower utilities-bill, but other than that it doesn't matter which one you choose.
  2. WereCatf

    In house game streaming

    I see no problem with playing even fast-paced games, as in my tests it only added like 16ms latency. Maybe if you're some sort of a "professional" player the 16ms might matter, but I find that a little hard to believe. As for gigabit....Hell, my hubby and I were visiting his relatives on the other side of the country, 400km away, a couple of weeks back and we were using Remote Play just fine over a 4G-connection. That wouldn't have been particularly good for fast-paced twitch-shooters anymore, but it still only added about 60ms latency, so it was fine for Ass Creeds and whatnot. I was actually seriously impressed by how well it all worked and the hubby loved being able to play games his laptop wouldn't natively be able to handle.
  3. WereCatf

    In house game streaming

    The client is basically just decoding a video-stream and not doing much of anything else, so it really doesn't require a lot. I have an absolutely fricking terrible laptop using the AMD E1-6015 APU, which is such a slow dual-core CPU that it literally cannot play even solitaire without lag, but.....it does have hardware-acceleration for decoding H.264-video and so Steam's Remote Play works perfectly well on it! I did test it just out of curiosity and it ran beautifully. You can also use Remote Play on a Raspberry Pi, which isn't even an x86 - device in the first place!
  4. WereCatf

    What water bottle do you use?

    Yes, you are. For drinking water, that is; the glass has nothing to do with it.
  5. WereCatf

    Is HDR worth it?

    Eh, personally, I don't agree. I've recently picked up RDR2 on the PS4 and HDR looks fricking gorgeous. That said, not a lot of games seem to do HDR right just yet.
  6. If you get an Intel CPU with iGPU in it, you can take some of the load off of it by signing up for Plex Pass and enabling hardware-transcoding. That'd use Quick Sync built into the iGPU for decoding and encoding of video and thus it would reduce the load on the CPU quite a lot. The downside is that Plex Pass isn't that cheap.
  7. Find some local nerd at e.g. a hackerspace, pay them $20 to solder two ceramic caps there and you're good to go.
  8. Nope, those are ceramic capacitors. The card would most likely work without them, just might be unstable. Wouldn't be a difficult thing to replace them, either, as long as OP didn't rip the pads out.
  9. WereCatf

    Cheap Network Switch for GAMERS

    I agree with Mr. Banana Hammock @Bananasplit_00 there: that's a perfectly fine switch and will cover your needs without a hitch.
  10. WereCatf

    Selecting a router for 3000sqft

    Oh, as for the routers: you don't need anything particularly fancy. Also, don't fall for marketing-speech. Just check that the routers you buy can do both 2.4GHz 802.11n and 5GHz 802.11ac, and that all the LAN-ports (and if there is a WAN-port) are gigabit. Even to this day many manufacturers boast all sorts of stupid-high numbers for WiFi, but LAN-ports are limited to only 10/100 - speeds, meaning that actual Internet-traffic over WiFi will also be limited to that -- don't fall for this, always check the LAN-port speeds.
  11. WereCatf

    Selecting a router for 3000sqft

    You can tell them that they have a choice between shitty speeds/no connectivity at all or running a couple of Ethernet-cables.
  12. WereCatf

    Selecting a router for 3000sqft

    WiFi-extenders increase range but reduce speed, but they're cheap, so whether that's for you or not is for you to decide. Personally, I'd get proper routers with WiFi for each floor and connect them together with Ethernet.
  13. WereCatf

    Selecting a router for 3000sqft

    Unrealistic. For such a big house, you really should go with at least one access-point on every floor.
  14. WereCatf

    Continuously discharging battery bank?

    Yup, this is how most power-banks work. The ones I have require ~70mA+ load to stay on, for example. I do have one no-brand Chinaman power-bank that happily lets you sip as little as you like, but I can't remember where I got it from. As for the fix.. well, you could e.g. fashion a circuit out of NE555 that powers a resistor through a MOSFET ever 20 seconds or so for 0.5 seconds or something like that. It's a pretty crude solution, but it'd work.
  15. WereCatf

    Arduino I/O like expansion board

    Using it via PCI, serial, SPI or whatever -- it'd still work the same; you program the device to act as an expansion and you write a program on the PC to tell it what to do and/or read stuff from it. The only difference would be speed, not functionality.
  16. WereCatf

    Arduino I/O like expansion board

    You can achieve the exact same thing just by programming your Arduino with a sketch that reads instructions from serial and on your PC create a program to send those instructions to Arduino or read pin-states and such from it. I mean, Arduino is literally an "expansion card" if you program it to be one.
  17. It can take a week to fully dry. An hour...well, if you pour coffee on your table, has it dried out in an hour? No, no it hasn't. There's a good chance you just damaged your laptop further. What you need to do next is to wait at least a couple of days before trying it again.
  18. WereCatf

    We GOT the Chinese Game Console!!

    I want Mr. Fake Gaben @GabenJr to do more Tech Linked.
  19. Did you let the laptop dry before turning it on? Or did you just go "oh, I spilled electrically conductive liquid in my laptop, but I'll just proceed to turn it on while there's still that liquid inside it!"?
  20. WereCatf

    Laptop ssd put into desktop pc

    Of course. It's just an SSD.
  21. WereCatf

    The newest windows update doesn't suck (entirely)

    Yeah, that's why I asked; I have to go and edit the captures, if I use that, and thus that's an even worse option. I'd really, really like to be able to just capture specific window and have it saved into a file without any extra steps involved. Perhaps someone on the insider-track could suggest that an option for them to implement?
  22. WereCatf

    The newest windows update doesn't suck (entirely)

    Can this Win+Shift+S somehow be made to save the captured image to a file automatically, instead of having to pop it out of the clipboard and so on? It just automatically storing the image to a file would be useful, it'd save a bunch of redundant steps -- especially if you're doing what I am doing, ie. where you need to capture a long series of pictures.
  23. It seems other people have had the same issue and on https://www.reddit.com/r/pop_os/comments/aduzbg/upgrading_1804_to_1810_python3_install_is/ someone mentioned that they fixed it with the following: apt-get -y remove --purge python2.7-minimal apt-get -y autoremove Might be worth trying, though take a backup of your VM first.
  24. WereCatf

    Has anyone used a vaseky ssd before?

    From what I've seen, Vaseky is just a typical Chinese budget-brand; their stuff generally works and, while it's not the fastest stuff, it's also not the slowest, either. May drop dead as a rock all of a sudden, or may work for 20 years without a hitch -- all depends on one's luck. Personally, I find them quite appealing, though I probably wouldn't use them to store anything that I couldn't get back if the drive went bad, like e.g. would be fine for Steam, OS and such. Then again, I use Nextcloud for backing up automatically anything that I would miss, so it wouldn't be an issue for me, personally. No personal experience with them yet, though.
  25. WereCatf

    Should I Prefer Flash Drive Or External HDD?

    I agree with this. External SSD > external HDD > USB-stick, in that specific order.