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  1. If you are 100% certain that the card works, it may simply be that the card has no UEFI-support and your mobo's BIOS refuses to initialize non-UEFI GPUs.
  2. Could always just ask him. In all likelihood, he wouldn't bother answering, since he is a busy guy and has better things to do than to answer every post aimed at him here, but I suppose you wouldn't lose much by giving it a try. That said, the latter part of your quote was kind of interesting in this context, since that is what average people tend to consider as one "being a dick"; I have Asperger's syndrome and tend to just say things out in a concise and direct manner and people constantly think of me as "being a dick" -- including here on the forums, which is kind of a bummer at times, since I am just trying to be helpful. Linus, apparently, doesn't seem to think that way or at least has not shown any reason to think he does. One can only guess as to what sort of behaviour he'd ascribe to someone as "being a dick", but whatever it is, he does seem to be rather capable of dealing with atypical behaviour without immediately flagging that as "being a dick."
  3. There's no single OS that I consider the best. That said, currently it'd be something along the lines of: Desktops and laptops: Windows 10 Servers, embedded devices, limited appliances: Linux Microcontroller-devices: bare metal or FreeRTOS Phones: Android Tablets: Android
  4. I did watch it. It was a single game, not indicative of any sort of a trend to be expected anytime soon. Besides which, we do not yet know how RTX IO will play into such.
  5. I have yet to see anything credible to indicate that 8GB VRAM, let alone 10GB, won't be perfectly fine for the next 5 years or more.
  6. First of all, without inspecting the whole PCB, there's no good reason to assume that that damaged corner would be the reason for it to suddenly die. Secondly, do you have the tools and skills to solder SMD-size components, plus a source to get replacement-components from? If not, then no, there is pretty much no way for you to get it working.
  7. Your PC's RAM has absolutely nothing to do with the GPUs, there is no such requirement.
  8. Yes, you most likely can have them in the same PC, though it's not guaranteed to work. Also, no, only 8GB would be in dual-channel. Why do you need 64GB in the first place, tho?
  9. You could buy an ant-trap from almost any home-supplies store and place it close to your display. That'd hopefully attract that ants into it. Then, proceed to find where the ants are coming from and block their access into your house.
  10. Personally, I don't mind the basic idea, but I am concerned about the taste/quality of any food made out of typical humans; we tend to stuff all sorts of horribly nasty stuff down our gobs, there are plenty of people who keep poisoning themselves with cigarettes and the likes, then there are fat, lazy slobs like myself and so on -- I don't see any way of making anything actually edible out of most people and which is why I view fertilizer as a much more practical approach.
  11. I tend to upset people when I tell them that, in my opinion, burying people in graveyards is a huge waste of time, space, money and nutrients. It'd be far more beneficial for everyone (except the people who make money off of graveyard-burials) to use human corpses for e.g. making fertilizer. To take the idea a step further, it shouldn't be optional to let the dead be harvested for organs and used for medical research, either -- any leftovers could still be used for fertilizer or whatever, as well.
  12. There's about 0% chance that you can just replace the OS on it, mate.
  13. Because Windows initializes several of its components in a different way, depending on the mode it's installed and booted in.
  14. You quite possibly will have to reinstall Windows in UEFI-mode.