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  1. Ran out of space on my 128GB SSD... how to clean it up?

    It's the " Since surely there is some junk programs somewhere or something causing this large use of space. " - part that I was objecting to: only you can know the answer to that, no one else. We can only offer some very generic suggestions, which may or may not help you enough. But I'd try Disk Cleanup first, Windows has a tendency of keeping tens of gigabytes of old installation-files for the major updates around and if you haven't cleaned those up before, that might just be enough.
  2. Ran out of space on my 128GB SSD... how to clean it up?

    You do realize that people can't magically know what you have or don't have on your SSD? It's your job to know what you have, not anyone else's. That said, one of the easiest things you can try is to open Explorer, right-click on C:, then select Properties and from there Disk Cleanup -- do remember to click on the option to clean up system files and remove all old Windows-installations and backup-files.
  3. Pro tip: if your marriage is dependant on something like that, it's not worth sticking to it.
  4. I've never played Runescape, but that happened a lot in WoW on RP-servers at first, sometimes either resulting in a divorce or being the result of a divorce (guys looking for a rebound-girlfriend) The sad thing is, many of those people actually thought it could work like that; they figured that if you just shower a girl in-game with gifts (and possibly IRL-money, too) long enough, they'll fall in love with you. Obviously, such a thing has abysmally low chances of actually working and most of those in-game "girls" weren't really girls. People can do some stupid shit just for some attention.
  5. Eh, World of Warcraft and Runescape before it caused the same thing, so nothing new in that regards. Besides, people who were going to divorce anyways will find a reason to divorce over, one of the reasons being games is quite irrelevant. *shrug*
  6. Fingerprints on a cpu

    Like Crunchy there said, I wouldn't worry. I've never bothered to care about such, but if you do want a shiny, clean surface, isopropyl alcohol without any additives in it (don't buy one that includes additives in it) is your friend for removing grease, including fingerprints.
  7. who also travels with 2 laptops? or am i just crazy?

    Sounds silly to me. You could just run Linux and Windows in a VM for when you want to use some of their software and use a USB-to-VGA - dongle for those presentations.
  8. There's a +5V low-current wakeup-power going into the mobo at all times and this low current quite likely kept the protection-circuit inside the PSU latched, once you first tripped it with the HDD. You would've been able to reset it just by unplugging the PSU and letting its caps drain too, though.
  9. Yes, you could blow a PSU by plugging in a device with a short in it. As for what does it have to do with the 24-pin connector, well, it happens to be connected to the PSU. As for the HDD's PCB -- most times, you can't see shorts with a naked eye. You can't for example see if a diode has gone bad and is now simply a short.
  10. DIY modem/router/wifi

  11. DIY modem/router/wifi

    No, I don't deal with enterprise-level hardware. Link to what? A WiFi-card? Practically all modern WiFi-cards can be used as APs, there's no point in linking to any specific ones.
  12. DIY modem/router/wifi

    I very much doubt that, but go ahead and explain your rationale. Unless you're willing to buy enterprise-grade hardware at thousands of bucks, no. Besides, it's much simpler to just use a pre-existing cable-modem and just connect to it over Ethernet and have the PC function as a router instead. If you mean whether one can use a WiFi-card as an access-point, yes, it is possible.
  13. In general, yes. As for VP8, VP9 etc.: that depends on the GPU, they are not MPEG-standards. As for the other MPEG-standards: again, that depends on the GPU.
  14. For first question: no, not really. I mean, unless it's the kind of thing that encrypts your files and then demands payment to unencrypt them, it will want to leave as little evidence of it behind as possible. As for the second: "trojan" does quite literally tell you the vulnerability that was exploited -- the user themselves.
  15. It'll only slow down the charging of the battery because some of the power that'd otherwise be used for charging will be spent on running the device; it won't break or damage anything and is perfectly fine to do.