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  1. Must be my sister from another mother!
  2. Could always be worse: they could be a redhead as well as a dirty bogan!
  3. Does Capture 2018 support multi-GPU? If it doesn't, you won't get any added performance out of an SLI-setup. Also, have you checked if it's actually the GPU that's under the heaviest load when using that software? If it's the CPU that's going through the heaviest load, you won't benefit from an SLI-setup then, either.
  4. A drive being slow isn't a failure, so no, you won't be informed of such. As for the rest, FreeNAS can use an SSD for caching and does most of the things you mention, but it will treat all the drives in the array as if they were the same size as the smallest drive in the array (except the cache-SSD), so if your drives are of random sizes, you won't get all of their capacity.
  5. In my opinion, no. Just install the games on your SSD or buy another SSD for games. All the hassles with caching-schemes and such just aren't worth the trouble.
  6. What do you mean? NAS-boxes are not an enterprise-solution.
  7. I can personally attest to them happening, yes.
  8. If one looks at all the various ways humans use kisses wrt. people they are not in a sexual relationship with, I don't think it's even particularly unusual. Have you ever e.g. browsed through the Wikipedia-pages for all the various kinds of ways people greet each other or say goodbye? There's a shitton of ways of doing that and...most of them seem to involve kissing in some manner!
  9. I wouldn't imagine #1 is anything to worry about. Maybe it was in the past, but many of the big NAS-manufacturers seem to let you take this disks and just chuck them in another box if you were e.g. upgrading the box to a newer model nowadays, all without any special hassle, so replacing a failed box should work exactly the same. Besides, Best Practices(TM) states that you should have a third copy of all the data anyways, so whether the box can just be replaced as-is or not shouldn't matter.
  10. Why? Most people don't care. One person giving a kiss to another person literally only affects those two people, so it's not an international issue, either. Hell, it's not even national. In fact, it's not even city-block wide issue.
  11. You need to learn some media-criticism skills. That is, don't believe everything you see/hear/read and keep in mind that 99.9% of the time, if something sounds too good to be true, it is not real. When it comes to tech like PC-parts, USB-drives/-sticks etc., if the thing has much, MUCH better specs than other similar things while costing less, you can pretty much guarantee it's some sort of a fake or scam. And yes, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. are chock-full of scams and fakes, so always assume anything you buy there or see there is fake.
  12. Those Synology-boxes are quite appealing, I've been eyeing their stuff for several years now. That said, they are WAY too expensive; you can put together something three times as more capable for one-third the cost if you're willing to just use a standard PC for the task. I just can't afford to buy those at the prices Synology is asking for them.
  13. About the same as last year....that is, I don't give a shit either way.
  14. In most cases, a lot. To get similar speeds as with gigabit wired, your router would have to support something around 1300Mbps 5GHz WiFi, your PC would need a WiFi-card that can do that as well, your PC would need line-of-sight to the router and you still might not get anywhere near the speed simply due to interference. Load-times wouldn't be nearly as good as with a directly-connected HDD, if you were using wireless.
  15. Could be anything -- your CPU, GPU, RAM, some random crap you've installed. Try downclocking them all and see if it still happens. If it does, you could e.g. try reinstalling Windows without all the crap you seem to have installed at the moment and see if it still crashes. As for making it run better, check e.g. Hardware Unboxed's optimization-guides on Youtube.