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  1. WereCatf

    Cheap Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

    A Logitech G710+ apparently has Browns. I've got the G710, which has Blues, but otherwise the keyboards are identical, as far as I know; what I like about the keyboard is that it's not exceedingly "gamery", while still offering good backlighting for the keys and very good typing-experience. It's also not horribly expensive.
  2. WereCatf

    Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

    So, you're just looking for some readymade thing that's plug-and-go? Then I don't have anything to suggest. I'm more a DIY kind of a girl, I'd just use an ESP8266 or ESP32 with a hall-effect sensor feeding to an OpenHAB-server.
  3. Doesn't Floatplane charge you a fee per channel? Like e.g. you need to pay a monthly fee to watch the LTT-channel, then another fee to watch Bitwit's channel and so on? At least that how I've understood their pricing to work and that makes it wholly unappealing to a lot of people and therefore not a good alternative for Youtube.
  4. WereCatf

    Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

    Hall-effect sensor.
  5. #!/bin/bash cd /home/comp/ ./srcds_run -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 1 +mapgroup mg_active +map de_dust2 -port 27050 -tickrate 128 Save this as e.g. /home/comp/runcs.sh and make it executable (on the command-line, you'd make it executable with chmod ugoa+x runcs.sh), then run crontab -e, and at the bottom add @reboot /home/comp/runcs.sh Explanation: cron is a program that basically executes stuff at certain times, crontab -e allows you to add or remove things for it to run. @reboot tells cron to run the following command when the PC has finished booting up, so your CS-script will run then.
  6. WereCatf

    GPU and CPU bottleneck

    A bottleneck would be a situation where one is holding the other component's performance back, but if neither is holding the other back, then obviously there isn't a bottleneck, either.
  7. You possibly dropped some paste in the socket, you might have bent or broken some pins, it might not have been seated down properly, a solder-join might have come loose on the mobo and any number of other things.
  8. WereCatf

    GPU and CPU bottleneck

    No. You can have both appear in a single game, for example, but not at the exact same time.
  9. Personally, I love VMs; you only have to maintain a single set of hardware, you get lower electric bill, depending on one's configuration, it's really easy to re-allocate the resources for the VMs whenever one needs and so on. The only downside is that if the machine goes down, it takes everything running on it down with it. I don't see that as a very big concern: just make sure all the hardware runs stable and pop a UPS on it and all should be well.
  10. WereCatf

    Suing a harassing players in video games

    Depending on what the other person was saying, one just about might be able to sue for defamation, but... eh, I would hazard a guess that the chances of actually winning in court would be rather miniscule. That said, I am not a lawyer and I am only spouting things from what little armchair-insight I've gathered over the years and I could be entirely off the base here.
  11. WereCatf

    Copyright claim from Linus Tech Tips?

    This happened to some other Youtuber as well and Linus and Luke explained what was happening in the latest WAN-show: basically, Youtube has apparently been fiddling with their ContentID-system, making it more aggressive and it's now throwing these things around much more haphazardly. @LinusTech should remove the claim IMHO, even if you don't really care about your video anymore. It's just in bad taste to leave such hanging.
  12. WereCatf

    Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

    This is exactly what I do: I like Sonoff's hardware, but I replace the firmware with Tasmota and control them and query their status over MQTT with OpenHAB, and I can access it all over the Internet as well.
  13. WereCatf

    16x2 LCD Letters Are Very Dim

    You need to supply the LCD 5V on the VCC. Supplying 5V on the GPIO-pins isn't going to make it brighter.
  14. WereCatf

    a solar system but not solar one!

    Like I already suggested, check the inverter next. Personally, if your intention is to really bring the power-draw down, I would still replace the PSU with a Platinum or a Titanium rated one as well.
  15. WereCatf

    a solar system but not solar one!

    Well, that is pretty typical thinking; humans are by their nature all sorts of dunderheards and will generally "latch" on to specific brands, locations and people, giving those preferential treatment for no other reason.