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  1. WereCatf

    Will you check price after you made purchase?

    Same. I'm not in the habit of doing impulse-buys on gadgets/components/etc., I always try to check well what I'm buying and if it's worth the asking price, so if I then proceed to buy it, I've determined it to be a good enough buy for me and I don't care what happens with the price afterwards.
  2. WereCatf

    ISP speed and Netflix quality

    The difference is just $3, but you get 15Mbps more bandwidth; personally, I would go with the faster package.
  3. WereCatf

    ISP speed and Netflix quality

    UHD-content on Netflix requires 25Mbps and anything non-UHD requires even less, so you should be fine.
  4. One of these might work for you: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/stealth-or-hide-running-program-from-appearing-in-taskbar-or-traybar/ Do note that I have not used any of them.
  5. WereCatf

    Thermalelectric Energy For PCs?

    This. Our current technology has an efficiency of only something around 2% - 7%; we might just about be able to run one, single fan with the electricity generated, if the CPU was under full load and was one of the really power-hungry models.
  6. A UPS combines both AC and DC quite neatly in a single device: it converts AC from the wall into DC, which is then used to charge the lead-acid batteries up, and if there's a power-outage, it fires up an inverter, which converts DC from the batteries again into AC to supply power to any devices connected to the UPS.
  7. Only if you tell them. That said, inform the police and perhaps call your telco, too, to let them know of this and ask if they could block the number.
  8. WereCatf

    Mini version of wifi kabel

    At a glance, it looks like an RJ11, which is used for telephone-lines.
  9. WereCatf

    Hitman 2 is free right now on steam!

    It's a demo, not the full game! It apparently only contains two tutorial-missions, nothing more!
  10. If there's a short on the HDD, it can break your mobo when you power it on, so no; if the HDD has shunted current through to your mobo and broken it, removing the HDD won't magically unbreak it.
  11. Out of curiosity, did you use a vacuum-cleaner? All of this sounds to me like you broke your HDD and there's now a short in it, which causes the mobo to fail.
  12. Never tried this, but give it a go? http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-remove-a-sticky-surface-from-rubber/
  13. OnePlus-phones are quite close to stock, and Nokia-phones are fully stock, as far as I remember.
  14. All RAM in your system will run at the speed of the slowest sticks, so it does matter to an extent. Also, you don't say if the 8GB in your new computer is one stick or two: if it's one 8GB-stick and you whack in two 4GB-sticks, you won't get to take advantage of dual-channel.