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    i7 7700k
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    MSI Z170A Gaming M3
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    16GB @ 2666Mhz
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    GTX 1070
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    NZXT S340
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    1TB SSD, 1TB HDD
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    NZXT Kraken x62
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  1. oh wow yeah, I can see the difference
  2. what is your cheap monitor? and is the one on the right the predator?
  3. I have a gtx 1070
  4. ldmendes7

    Which monitor

    I am deciding to upgrade to a high refresh rate for gaming, and I want 24 inches as I play CSGO, and as I own a 4k currently 1080p is too much of a downgrade so I would like 1440p. However with these 3 (24", 144hz and 1440p) there are no models with an IPS or VA panel, only TN. So I have narrowed it down to these: Number 1 Pros: Looks much better (imo) Cheaper One of the Nvidia supported adaptive sync Number 2 Pros: Up to 165hz (165 vs 144 is negligible though) G sync However as I currently use an IPS pane I think the main decider is which monitor has the best colours, closest to an IPS (as they are TN). I know some TN panels are significantly better than others and some TN panels can almost look as good as an IPS. So which monitor do you think has better colours?
  5. That's not quite how monitors work, I wish they did but. Lowering the resolution of the monitor won't allow you to overclock the hz further, even though its running at 1080p for example if you downscale it. It would still be pumping out 8.3M pixles(4k) So if it cant run 4k@100hz it wont help lowing the resolution. Hope this helps
  6. I have a 4k monitor and only a GTX 1070 and its fine. That little beast pumps out a solid 60 fps in 4k in pretty much every title with high(not untra) settings. CSGO ( my main game) gets 130+fps on max settings. It really depends on what games you play. So what games do you play?
  7. yeah 4k tv's are great, but when you get 4k in only 27 inches, your eyes fall in love. Its all about the pixel density. Especially because I have my monitor quite close to me
  8. Thanks for the quick reply’s. The reason I want to squeeze the 1440p into 24 inches is because I currently have a 4k 27inch and 1440p 27 inches looks disgusting to me after 4k so 1440p in 24 inches has a more similar pixel density. I really want 144hz for gaming and I’d rather not spend $1000 on a 4k@144hz The dream monitor. And I can’t stand the poor colours on a TN. So I guess I’m stuck for now
  9. The title says it all, I’m trying to find a 1440p monitor with a 144hz IPS panel and 24 inches. However I cannot find a monitor with these 4 requirements. Are there any monitors out there following these specs?
  10. Ok, I might get two single monitor arms because I will have more maneuverability and it will put a smaller amount of pressure on two point shots instead of just the one pressure point with the load of two monitors.
  11. I have a 24” and a 27” monitor that I want to put on a Dual monitor mount and the desk I want to get is the IKEA Linnmon. I am just wondering beacuse that style of desk is quite cheap, will it be sturdy enough to hold the dual monitor mount?
  12. I have two monitors, a 1080p 24" and a 4k 27". I am just wondering if I buy a dual monitor stand like this, will the differently sized monitors fit?