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  1. And the temperature goes to 100ºC It most likely is overheating.
  2. I'm talking about this setting: And in fact, with the setting on Optimal and the PC just starting, the CPU Speed goes over 4.00 GHz (on task manager).
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. I'm not sure what you mean by clocked at, by this is my cpu's speed:
  4. Hello, Community. My system randomly reboots if I have the BIOS setting to High Performance. BIOS setting, not to be confused with Energy Setting (this one is also on High Performance). Does anyone know a way I can troubleshoot this to see what's causing it? Some details: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX I thought about updating BIOS but that seems like an advised action. What do you guys think? Thanks for your time! EDIT: More details: I'm on a fresh install of Windows (1 week ago) with a new SSD and the problem already existed prior to this.
  5. I still have my old keyboard. I've tried using it again and it doesn't happen with it. It only happens with this new one. Thanks.
  6. Hello, community. I've been feeling this kind of lag since I bought the keyboard and I'm wondering if it's just a crappy keyboard or if I can do something about. I'm only getting triggered now because I'm working at home (you know why) and, as a programmer, I type a lot. Today, I decided to take notes to better explain what happens. While writing, the keyboard lags and repeats the last character. For example, while writing "gaming", it lags and comes off as "gaa". Here are my notes: gaming -> gaa id_parent -> id_parr max_inscricoes -> max_inscricoee about- -> abouu wondering -> wonddg I have tried to reproduce the bug myself, but I can't. It's really random. I have also felt this a little while playing games. Sometimes, when I realease the "W", my character walks forward 1 or 2 steps more... Windows 10 64 Bit Mars Gaming MKXTKL Blue switch. I have sticky keys turned off. Feel free to ask for more technical details. I'm getting annoyed to death. Thanks for your time.
  7. That was it. Pressing the white points through, before actually pushing the pins down solved my overheating issue. I instantly noticed, the heatsink is now not moving not even a bit. You saved me time and money. Stay well, my friend
  8. Could you please take a look at this video I shooted and make your judgement? https://youtu.be/eui1oRR_SB0
  9. Hi. Yes I've done that type of test. Every fan inside the case is spinning perfectly. Any more ideas for what I should look for?
  10. Here it is a video to show how much the heatsink moves: https://youtu.be/eui1oRR_SB0 Thank you for your time.
  11. Hey. Thanks for your reply. I already did that and I tightened it as best as I could but I'll be honest, I'm not sure it is perfectly still because it can move up and down by a few milimeters. (it doesn't move to the sides though) I pressed the pins as best as I could and rotated them clockwise and I heard the "clicks". Actually, I'll record a quick video showing how much it moves so you guys can give your opinions. brb
  12. Hello, community. I will give you guys full details of what I've done: I bought some new RAM this friday. It was a pack of 2x 8GB. I removed the old ones (2x4GB) and put the new ones into place. I also took the time to reapply the thermal paste and make some dust cleaning which I haven't done in some months. I turned on the PC and it gave my a blue screen and after some tries, it said that the CPU was overheating. I thought I hadn't applied the thermal paste correctly so I tried removing it and reapplying it again. I actually did exactly like Linus: Install Thermal Compound Paste as Fast As Possible The blue screens were still coming up and after some tries the CPU overheating as well. I was told a brilliant idea to try each RAM at a time. I could identify that one of the new ones was malfunctioning, as the PC would turn on with one of them but not with the other. I'm going to the store this Monday for them to give me some new ones. I placed my old RAMs and the PC booted nicely but the CPU overheating issue persisted. I'll link you a video of the CPU overheating in less than 5 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YebgL-jx444 I don't know what I did wrong. Did all those tries with a malfunctioning RAM make some damage to the CPU? Thanks a lot for your time.