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  1. @Blasteque Thank you! Tried a ICE forum and no response yet. I would consider the brands you mentioned. In fact I am more towards RF since the specs is equal to Alpine and cots less.
  2. Hi, Please recommend me the best sounding subwoofer options available for under the seat subwoofers for Honda CRV 2018. Appreciate your help! BUDGET: $300 Number of subs preferred: 1 Size preferred (if configuration allows): hideaway/ underseat Power to be used (which amp(s): preloaded/ built in Goals: adding bass to stock speakers. Listening habits: Rock, jazz, hip-hop, Pop, alternate rock, mix of generes. Preferred brands/subs/whatever: Rockford fosgate, Alpine, JBL & whatever is best. Kicker is widely available and reviews but not sure if it's good, I see a lot of units dead after few months of usage. I am more inclined to Rockford Fosgate and Alpine. But really don't know how they sound and reliability. I wish they had demo in Bestbuy or somewhere but they don't. The irony is, I had a 10" enclosed subwoofer in a hatchback and now owing a SUV but looking for a hideaway subwoofer to save space. ?  Bestbuy will be my installer to have my warranty covered. 
  3. Hi, I recently got a HP Spectre 13t laptop. The first time I switched on the laptop I had a screen which said Disk error & it diagnosed and fixed the issue. Since then everything seems to be normal expect for a high fan speed issue. 5 mins into setup and logged in the fan kicked in full speed for about 10 mins. The laptop base got very hot nothing on the top part. When checked with customer support, for Disk error could be due to loose SSD connection or OS issue. With regards to the fan issue, he said it would be bcos of the softwares being updated. Was not really satisfied with the response. Being a brand new laptop would you guys suggestion to keep it or return this and get another unit as replacement? Will this be an issue in future? Thank you!
  4. @xDylanio, If you haven't played the game, I would say buy it. It's totally worth it for the price and the game is awesome! Console FPS game play might differ Vs PC but you will pick it up in no time. I have the PS4 version myself and build my PC yesterday, planning to get the PC version.
  5. @ФÐ|invader zim, Oh man! Deceived by the cut outs under the monitor which clearly looks like speakers. And I though I remember seeing speakers mentioned in the manual/website. My bad. Thanks for the correction.
  6. I guess displayport transfers both video and audio data.
  7. The model is , Dell s2716dg. Guys I mentioned that I can see my monitor speakers in the sound settings.
  8. Hi guys successful built my PC and everything is working fine. Except for the audio. I currently connect my monitors through Display port in Gtx 1080ti. The speakers do not output any sound even though the audio equalizer in the sound preferences shows it playing by moving the green bar up and down. I currently do not have any speakers. Connected with Microsoft agent through remote access, all she did was install the and reinstall the same driver multiple times and at last said have to do a in person fix. Which she said was could resolve the issue which might have corrupted file and so on. But the OS and drivers are barely a day old and did not want to mess my system with some agent who does not know what the issue was. Do you guys know what could be the issue? I can see the monito s displayed in the sound preferences and set as default.
  9. Thanks! I am going to have my one Nvme drive connected and disconnect the rest.
  10. @Enderman, Oh! I have connected all my drive up and ready. Can I not choose on which drive to install the OS?
  11. @straight_stewie, ok, I am planning to install the OS in one of the NVMe drives.
  12. @dalekphalm, Thats the reason I did not consider Kaspersky. Looks like Bit defender has a good number of trusted users.
  13. @ZM Fong, Thats in my list along with MCAfee & Norton.
  14. @straight_stewie, I have Asus Maximus hero X wifi version and installed a Samsung 960 Evo 250GB & WD 512Gb. Is it still possible?