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  1. dunno i was asking , i was thinking of buying a pair since the headband on my hyperx is comming lose
  2. nop europe and i dont rly care about colour accuracy to be honest plus i prefer 24" monitors since im kinda closed to it
  3. thought of getting one since i moslty play cs:go rb6 and fortnite and i can hit 240 fps on all those games and future proof i guess
  4. what about AOC AG251FZ their both at 350 even though the stand is ugly
  5. any thoughts on the the Dell alienware AW2518HF 240hz im intrested in 240hz and its the cheapest one around
  6. nah i have the board like 3 years or smthing
  7. so my 2 memory slots on the mobo are broken and only the the b1 b2 work which are single channel is there a way to configure it somehow to make it dual channel ?
  8. aye i see should i rock a 8700k with an asrock ?
  9. which one should i get for 144hz 1080p gaming with a gtx 1080
  10. yeah im leaning towards the lg one the only downside is it doesnt have many reviews
  11. Bob the Bob

    BenQ Rl2455

    how much should i sell my used BENQ RL2455 for ?
  12. so i guess its worth investing 40 euro more for 1080
  13. should i buy a 1070ti or a 1080 the difference is 40 euro for 1080p
  14. the next cheapest is the AOC G2460PF for 260
  15. 230 euro its the cheapest 144hz
  16. Bob the Bob

    LG 24GM79G

    anyone got any thoughts on this monitor ? its the cheapest one in my place but have only 5 reviews on amazon so im not entirely sure if its any good
  17. plus it says the router is not supported
  18. im not entirely sure how this works
  19. So i have a pirelli router and im trying to figure out how to limit the speed ppl can download with through wifi , the only thing i found so far is how to restrict different type of formats under the firewall section , http email send etc etc but nothing about bandwith limit , is there like a program i could download that would do the joib ?