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    Honolulu, Hawaii
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    Anime, gaming, computer hardware, coding, being a noob c;
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    College Student


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    GTX 1060
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    120 Samsung SSD
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    Razer Deathadder and Raze Naga

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  1. KawaiiRaven

    new phone

    Oneplus 5t. Screen is bigger than 5.5 but exactly the same wide. Just taller up and down. Has as everything else you mentioned and it’s a top performer. Plus I heard Oneplus has a big India market. Body isnt light but it’s durable and thin fastest quick charging of all phones has dual cameras has SD slot and 2 sims battery life is great, not as good as the 5 but still 6+ hours And, it’s only $499 (compared to $800-$1000 for flagships)
  2. KawaiiRaven

    Help with First build

    What benefit then?
  3. KawaiiRaven

    Help with First build

    I mean some do... A case is a case. Hell you can have it in a box as long as there's ventilation. Not everyone needs to have it look nice.
  4. KawaiiRaven

    Apple Reportedly Cutting iPhone 8 Production Already

    I call it the iPhone 7s because the only change is that it's faster (S means speed btw) and it can "wireless" charge or for people too lazy to plug a cable in, takes longer to charge and you can't put it up and still have it charging. oh, it has a glass back but 99% of people will slap a case on it, basically making it impossible to tell if it's the 7 or 8. (again, another reason its 7s not 8) Camera is better but that's consistent with the S models.
  5. KawaiiRaven

    Help with First build

    I mean if you use another cooler, then the only real purpose of the case is to keep dust out and air in/out. Cheap cases can do that. Expensive cases just look nice and have lights. Cheap cases have bad PSUs or Coolers but if you use your own then why not use a cheap case.
  6. Eh edge doesn't have extensions and the capability to block ads. (well at least when it came out) Hate me for blocking ads but they are SO ANNOYING when I'm trying to download anything and there's like 10 "Download" buttons and 9 of them are ads. Not to mention ads that get in your way or slow the webpage down. I unblock for sites I support and have a YouTube Red subscription so I don't get ads anyway on there. I wouldn't use edge. Just get good antivirus and have common sense.
  7. KawaiiRaven

    Can i take my pc with me to airport ?

    If it's very expensive and you don't need it immediately, it's better to mail yourself the expensive parts and bring the case. GPUs and CPUs are small and shouldn't cost much to mail
  8. KawaiiRaven

    Can i take my pc with me to airport ?

    Yes, with my experience of transporting my PC from California to Hawaii, it's all good in the USA. I can't speak for any other country's regulation or airline. I was on United. Some airlines have weight limits or additional policy (Like batteries for example). But a PC is perfectly legal to be transported on luggage in the United States. (Oh you might want to empty liquid from liquid coolers)
  9. KawaiiRaven

    GPU backplate

  10. KawaiiRaven

    Laptop w/ 144hz?

    It can from what i've heard but I don't think many games can run on the dell Inspiron at 144...unless it's CSGO or something
  11. KawaiiRaven

    Replacing my Nexus 6P

    The LG V30 is great. Fast, decent OS, and it doesn't have the curves of the fragile S8. It's also pretty durable so breaking it won't happen hopefully.
  12. KawaiiRaven

    Can i take my pc with me to airport ?

    In check baggage, computers don't have to be taken apart for additional scanning, that only applies to laptops that are carried on. You won't carry on your PC so it should be fine but I suggest taking out the expensive components and putting them in the original boxes if you still have them. PC cases aren't designed to be shipped and the parts aren't usually held on well enough for this type of transport. But the CPU should be okay, your GPU might be better off packed separately since its heavy and not held well, and probably expensive.
  13. KawaiiRaven

    Razer Blackwidow X or Ducky One TKL?

    I'm very happy with my Razer keyboard and Mouse. I thought it was expensive at first but I had them for 3 years now and all I did was replace keycaps. It's probably not the best value but they last a long time and the colors look awesome as well People just hate that they can't afford them so they get some chinese mech on amazon for $50 and say its just as good.
  14. KawaiiRaven

    College Future Proofing

    BestBuy typically sells pre-built cheap generic PCs. Not ones for enthusiasts. Plus, I think it's just 5% off of what they profit from.
  15. KawaiiRaven

    College Future Proofing

    Yeah get a PC and get a chromebook or cheap windows laptop (With decent reviews) for note taking and stuff like that