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  1. Hey, I'm thinking of getting some "true wireless" earbuds. Anyone some advise. Tbh I'm mostly thinking of the galaxy Buds Live but i'm not quite sure. There's a lot of choice and it's not as if you can just try them out. I like to listen to all sorts of music but mostly it's something similar to "Unlike Pluto", "Fytch", "Tones & I", etc. I'm a bit of an audiophile and enjoy good quality music. Yes I like a good bass to the song as well but not blasting and crippling my ears open just to hear it. Noice canceling isn't a top priority but I would like to hear my music instead of trains and city noises when on the go. Preferably without needing to set music "too loud" (earsbleeding loud to hear it over the background). The reason i'm thinking of earbuds: It is "compact" and easy on the go. I've owned the JBL inspire 700 and was happy with the sound quality. Off course it was often a bit of a struggle to get them in ear comfortably but yea. Any advise / help is welcome. Kind regards.
  2. I'm checking some out myself. In my opinion it really depends on what you want and need. Like for sport you'd need to account water resistance and hope they don't slip from sweat. In general that shouldn't be a problem. Do you want ANC or PNC or none? What kind of music? Are voice-calls or podcasts important etc? Do you wanna wear them for extended periods of time. What phone do you use? Personal preference. etc. These are all things to consider. When you got that completely sorted out you should focus on those that are ideal for your goals. For example: If you really need noise cancelation, the Sony XM3's are the ones to go. Unfortunately these are a bit more than 200. If you want to wear some long and comfortable that fit with a daily lifestyle go for Samsung galaxy buds live. These should be around 170 to 180. They would be ideal for sporting as well. They are not completely closed off so you'll be able to hear some of your surrounding without compromising sound/music quality.
  3. Hey, I'm considering to upgrade my laptop (currently MSI GT72 6QD Dominator pro with integrated gtx970m 3gb gddr5) to the newer model (MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator pro with integrated gtx1070 8gb gddr5). Now I read the MSI GUS 2 is coming to the public soon. The thing is I'm still hesitating if I should go for the upgrade or just buy an MSI GUS 2. So I was wondering if you guys knew if there are any drawbacks to the eGPU compared to an integrated (dedicated) GPU. As example: Is the performance of the eGPU as strong as it would've been an integrated GPU? Does it has output lag? etc. I would like to know what your opinions are about this and what you would do if you were in my place. (Not considering money as an influence. Let's say it would both kost about the same eventually). Anyway thanx for taking your time. (a link to the eGPU: https://www.lowyat.net/2017/122333/msi-gus-may-be-the-external-graphics-enclosure-weve-been-waiting-for/)