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  1. I'm trying to find a monoblock for the Gigabyte X399 Aorus Pro, but sadly I'm only seeing the EK monoblock's for the gaming mobo.
  2. Oddly, LTT just rolled out a video on this for a series called "Bad Cooling Ideas". . ..
  3. I knew I recalled someone doing a peltier loop video before, albiet the liquid is well....
  4. Anyways, what sort of waterblock are we talking here? I'm wondering if we have to worry about condensation with the waterblock to cpu contact point.
  5. Cant wait to see your "proper" gaming rig when its finished! I'm so glad modern enthus PCB isnt green or yellow or borderline neon red.
  6. Would this work with a 1950x, if so would their be any major changes?
  7. Different work environments, but when this happens to my friends video editing machines its because bad updates causing issues with drivers esp USB ports. If you can simulate the work loads with out having anything other then keyboard-mouse plugged in it will narrow somethings down.
  8. When did this start happening? Bad software update perhaps? Out of curiosity is there anything plugged into a USB port?
  9. Thanks Much @DocSwag, I will look around for more updated info on that mobo with the fugly name & look. It should be called the X399 Mega Hella Fugly!
  10. I think the ASRock might have the edge here then. https://techstunt.com/why-asrocks-ultra-quad-m-2-card-is-better-than-asus-hyper-m-2-x16-riser/
  11. Yep, I was looking at the Asus & ASRock cards.
  12. @GoldenLag 100% want to have some overclocking going on here. I also would like to pair the CPU with the best RAM speed & CL wise. Any idea why the Meg only has 100 Mhz going on with the Maximum FSB/bClk frequency?